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  1. [Jailbreak] DiamondEdge's Admin Application [DENIED]

    -1 Just by the way you have conducted yourself on this app, and the seeming lack of effort in the "why do you want to become admin" section. http://stats.ban-hammer.net/player_histories/sessions/65316 a quick look on BH's relatively helpful stats site and its clear you aren't active enough to be serious about wanting to be an admin. Good Luck with your application but I don't feel you are serious enough about this.
  2. [Jailbreak] Lighten's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Lighten. Lighten is a good friend but more than that, an enthusiastic and dedicated player in this community. Regardless of who you are he is always willing to play a random game of anything, showing he is sociable and able to operate well with a wide range of players. As stated in other response you can be a bit of a dickhead (who isn't at times), but when push comes to shove I know you will be able to handle things. Learn to take criticism on the chin and... you have pure admin material. +1
  3. BH Jailbreak's current state

    Been and gone
  4. What Is Everyone Doing For School Holidays

    Turning 18. Working ... More working, gotta dem monies.
  5. Hey look at my bhops

    sly's map that is broken atm. dont recall the name.
  6. Rules Surrounding Solitary Cells

    Psssttt. There are changes to rules coming soon, this probably doesn't need it's on segment in the rules but perhaps an addition in the vocab section may be useful.
  7. [TTT] Kazboltr's Admin Application [DENIED]

    From what I have seen on Kazbolt on JB he is a very respectful person. I do not play TTT anywhere near enough to be able to +1 this app but because of how respectful and attentive you are on JB I that I would give me 2cents. Neutral
  8. [CSGO]Brothers In Arms

    most accurate shit i've heard in a while

    Look up a way to fix Vac authentication error is a good start. I've had to do it before it takes like an hour(on really shitty internet and slow pc)
  10. Before I played jb And now

    @BananaKing thats the magic of it. glad to see you have had some fun along the way.
  11. [Jailbreak] eye ken thpell's Admin Application

    Immediately let me just say +1 to start out. Eye ken is always helping the server as much as he can 100% of the time. He knows where his boundaries lie and where he needs to remove himself and let an admin sort something. Sheer respect to everyone on the server and I have never seen him abuse a soul on the server in the slightest. I have no doubt in my mind that he will be a great admin and his age means nothing in terms of maturity, he is probably the one of the most if not the most mature active player on JB. He knows every rule off the top of his head and with 60+ days playtime its no wonder. Good luck with this application Eye, you deserve this.
  12. [Jailbreak] Magic.'s Admin Application

    +1 As pretty much everyone has said already, active, knows the rules better than most. Always helping out where he can, brings positivity to the server and knows when to remove himself from situations, a very important quality. 110% should be an admin by now. Good luck Magic. Congrats in advance. Also you should of had this long before me.
  13. [Jailbreak] Fishlings's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Although I have been very, very, inactive recently due to real life commitments, I can say with high confidence that Fishlings is going to make a great admin one day. Now that might not be this time round but believe me, you will make it. During my time on the server with Fishlings, he is always keeping the server positive and helping out players with what is going on regarding situations and why or why not certain rules have been broken. For this I believe Fishlings deserves at least a shot at admin, if not trusted at the least. (only my opinion so probs trash) from me... a big +1 good luck matey
  14. cheers boys. appreciate it loads! Thanks for the feedback.
  15. I am creating a jb map

    Dude how can you not enjoy that Bhop. Its the best/hardest on the server and I'm still yet to beat it. Even though when I'm alone on the server I always put it on still haven't finished.