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  1. In-Game Name: Magic. Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:61677525 Age: 17 Server Playtime: 61 Days 20 Hours 45 Minutes Which Server are you applying for? Jailbreak Why would you like to become an admin? I would like to become admin so I can assist the server/community further. Currently I am a trusted member, and have been for roughly 3 months. In those 3 months I executed my fair share of hunger games special days, and specific votes, all for the community. I was also demoted for a week from the position of trusted. The reason for this is me being unaware of my position of authority and how I represented myself to the community as someone whom the directorial team has given their trust to, and I have learnt how important for the community as a whole for someone such as myself to portray myself in the best possible manner. After the week demotion, I personally believe that I improved on my self as a moderator, changing so that I interact with the community in the correct manner, while also being able to display myself as a friend to community members that can interpret "banter/jokes". Personally I feel that I currently possess the maturity level to become an admin in this community, and my behavior shows this. 61 days of playtime on Jailbreak has helped me to understand not only in-depth the rules, but the reality of how they're interpreted. Even if my skill as a player is not at an extremely high level I am still able to understand all that is going on, and give accurate judgments on all. I'm regularly included in discussions of senior staff members about the rules, and I've been told by other admins (e,g. zach, bodes) that they feel that my input is something that is really important to keeping the server alive due to my involvement in many friend groups and my overall activity on the server. Much of my time on the servers now are spend helping new players out to start their new addiction, or assisting in fixing players accidentally or purposefully breaking rules. I know that all of my behavior isn't perfect when it comes to moderation, as much of the time I'm left alone to deal with large situations alone. This is something I hope to help fix when I become admin, as I not only have the ability to ensure the game is a better place for everyone without the risk of failed votes or other outside issues, but I will have a much larger input to the community and I will be able to interface with other admins more effectively in such a way that all my decisions are well informed and fair. My past application was been denied due to other applicants being more promising, and although at the time of this I couldn't understand it, I now later see that the reality of it was that I was somewhat immature, and I personally believe that my time as a Trusted member is something that has ensured that this will not be the reason for my denied application this time. I have a lot more free time now that my 2nd last year of high school is complete, and hopefully this can be taken into account when making a decision. What time(s) do you normally play? Everyday, to be specific - After school. Who will support your application? zach, Sly, Skarecrow, NINETYEIGHT, Niloc, and trigga. Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? I am currently a trusted member on Jailbreak, other than that no. Are you familiar with Sourcemod? Yes, I cannot write code however.
  2. Server Commands

    Hey man, i'm assuming you are talking about our TTT server . The reason we don't have a store with player skins or anything that can change the appearance of your character (apart from the detectives hat i believe), is so that you cannot be identified by your player skin or accessories. Helps so that people aren't KOS'd because of their skins/accessories, preventing RDM.
  3. Write a PUBLIC message on trashwangs feed.

    1. Magic.


      god i wish that were me

  4. [Combat] Jacob's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Edit: Changed to neutral because I vaguely remember you (or possibly your one of your team-mates, apologies if this is untrue) letting loose on some kid for talking. Also not sure if we need anymore dedicated 1v1 admins, would like to see applicants that distribute their ingame time across all the combat servers, Goodluck anyways
  5. [Jailbreak] Pup's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1, Mature and helpful, I'd say he does a fantastic job at helping resolve issues. edit: forgot to say that he has been with the community the longest out of all 4 applicants
  6. !hats

    And bring back the Gumby Mask
  7. Name tag: {gray}[6GOD] Price: 1500 Servers: All For: Everyone Name tag: {purple}[{orange}Trusted{purple}] Price: 50 Servers: All For: Trusted+ Name tag: {yellow}[{blue}Trusted{yellow}] Price: 50 Servers: All For: Trusted+ Name tag: {blue}[{orange}1st{blue} Price: 1000 Servers: All For: All
  8. Jailbreak weekend Special days

    In my opinion the special days should be reverted to admin/trusted deciding when we can have the special day until we have a wider selection of special days (I mean right now we have 3 options and 1 almost never gets voted), or we should be randomly given a vote once every map or two to decide the special day. I do quite like the current idea, in fact it was fairly creative and i guess you could say it made the server more democratic, but i feel it just isn't working right now with limited special days.
  9. JB Map In Development

    skipping and soccer
  10. personally feel this is dumb, for example: Sly and Dog had really good activity on the server, now how many hours do they log every week? What i'm trying to say is activity can change easily. Behaviour, attitudes and first impressions usually not as easily. +1 anyway trigga
  11. [Jailbreak] Blobby's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1 if anything i believe Blobby should be recognized as a good/helpful player in this community, Good luck.
  12. [CSGO]Gamma Exposure

    Oh shit

    wat he was trying to help you he was trying to sort out YOUR problem you betrayed him
  14. [TTT] [HowTo] Make good TTT Keybindings

    just for this, the location for your current config was changed about 5 months ago, your current config file is located in ...\Steam\userdata\<YOURID>\730\local\cfg e.g. For me my Config file (found in Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg) had different binds compared to the one found here (Steam\userdata\123355050\730\local\cfg) Note: This number(123355050) won't be the same for you (the number can be found betwee "?partner=" and "&token=" in your tradelink (https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=123355050&token=dVmeEifP) Found this as i was trying to set up binds for myself.
  15. ^^^^^good price, also since its ST FN its way more likely to get sold, compared to a FT Non-ST