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  1. [Combat] ✪ Greifyy's Admin Application

    +1 a great player who is always polite and doesnt hesitate to both enforce rules and have fun
  2. Jailbreak Contest Project

    dw it will defs happen...
  3. [Jailbreak] Lighten's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1 clearly would make a great addition to the jb admin team, he is very good at controling the server and quite respected too. #feretboydidnothingwrong #lightenwasamistake
  4. +1 been on the server for ages and knows all the rules, already a great trusted and new players will often look to him for guidance. late is also bae which helps alot too. *EDIT* Not sure why people are commenting on how he used to be, rather than how he is now and since he got trusted. A month or two is still a decent ammount of time for change in my opinion really i feel as though half these -1's could be summed up to "we might need a bit more time to judge you based on your position"
  5. [Combat] Chosen's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Ahh ok, i just thought it a bit harsh to be pointing out something thats changed, you are however entitled to your opinion so thanks for elaborating i guess.
  6. [Combat] Chosen's Admin Application [DENIED]

    If i understood where you were coming from i would ask you to expand on your point politely tig, but if you are suggesting that i have not been preforming to the best of my ability post suspension i have to enquire as to why you could even say that, let alone hint it. I even spoke to ab after my suspencion was over and he said somethin apong the lines of "i see the changes you have put in place, keep up the good work" so i hope you can see that from my point of view the fact that you are -1ing seems completely unnecessary. Please dont think that im 'losing my cool ", but i really just don't understand.
  7. [Combat] Chosen's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Thanks everyone who has commented so far
  8. [Combat] Chosen's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Thanks guys :)))
  9. [Combat] Chosen's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Not every lemon, just the sour ones.
  10. In-Game Name: Chosen2k Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:57283080 Age: 18 Server Playtime: 120+ on combat mode and 125+ on Multimode Which Server are you applying for? Combat Why would you like to become an admin? First off i would like to say that I am running for admin on both Multimode and Combat mode. Im already Trusted on Combat mode and have been for the past 3 months, however i feel that as an admin it will be alot easier to both control the server and increase server popularity, as a trusted i have already assisted in clearing the server of alot of scripters and a few hackers as well, but on the odd occasion where a blatent hacker is on the server, i can only ban them for a day. Then i have to either contact a director or put up a ban request, when someone so blatent should just be instantly banned. As an admin i will also be given the powers to mute and unmute, which would make it alot easier to control the server. (There has been an interesting glitch lately where i Map-mute a player, and they stay muted for multiple maps, even days later) i am also extrememly active on both combat mode and multimode which is why i am running for both. Another reason for me running for admin/trusted on multimode is that, on the times that i usually am on, the existing trusteds and admins are usually not. this isnt too big a deal, but there are still players on the server, and almost always a player who decides to ruin if for others by delaying, mic spamming or just being a lemon. While i obviously wouldnt be handing out slay's and kicks all the time, these "lemons" usually think twice before breaking server rules when they see an admin or trusted on. Back to Combat mode, all in all iu just feel that being admin is the next step from trusted, and through my one suspension i understand just where my boundry's are and would overall make a great addition to the Ban Hammer Admin Team. What time(s) do you normally play? No set time, but usually every day in the afternoon. Who will support your application? Michaeltheboy, Bodes Spodey, Hopsin, Snapz, Malala, Mike Ross, Binnzy, Atche Dub, Sipher, Lighten, Yung Mud, MintyFresh, TheRatKing, Fishlings, FUKDEHLEMONS, Azza, Smally, Cloud, eSo, SaveTheSheep, Xenocide, Shortie, P3nguin, Glory, Rusty (VelxinOne), Lateko, Loftsy, Bannanalewis, Kaz, Bannanaking, Drtacojr, K., Master, Jaay, Black ice, Dog Fuck, Chips, Magician, Turtle, Spooky and Jordan. Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? On my mates Dark Rp server, on my mates minecraft server, trusted on Ban Hammer, respected on monumental gaming Dark Rp Are you familiar with Sourcemod? Not really, ill learn it if i have to.
  11. [TTT] Fillipé's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    +1 great guy, knows the rules and a hunk. I mean a really good trusted
  12. [Combat] Master's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    Easiest +1 there is, knows the rules, is old enough for younger players to automatically listen to him, rarely loses his temper and would never abuse his powers, would be a great addition to the ban hammer admin team!
  13. The Knife Bug

    It started a map ago on coldcampus when i won a grenade LR, i immediatly noticed that grenades kept spawning also i went in car game and went to 10000 hp
  14. Gun Game

    What's gungame?
  15. Gut Knife Doppler

    @Blobby please explain to demo