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  1. Decompiling Maps

    Okay it's pretty obvious how the community feels about this. Before shit-posting and derailing starts to take hold, I will be locking this thread. Thank you Jake for the suggestion, if you have any other ideas feel free to post another thread or message a Director about your ideas. We always encourage people to voice their opinions in the community and new ideas are always welcome.
  2. Decompiling Maps

    I was banned for exactly this when I first join the community. @Slasher >.> Regardless this is rather silly. If someone wishes to decompile the map and learn its secrets then by all means, they are allowed. There is no way in hell we can enforce a rule even similar to this without it being outrageously unfair. We'd end up banning people for just using secrets that other people don't about, and that's ridiculous. Literally my reaction when I read this, as well as bringing back memories of being banned for abusing an OP spot on rooftops that got me banned for a week and ended up with JJ having to fix the map himself. Also thx @Kakashi bby you know what you did and I love you for it xx <3.
  3. [Multimode] Spodeyy's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    Damn right I'm first. Git Rekt Doshi & Bodes. On a side note. Spodeyy, despite being young has time and time again shown maturity and has a deep understanding of the rules. Who else but Spodeyy! I would love to see him in a Admin role. I know I'm harsh on age, but then again. It's Spodeyy am I right? I believe he is suitiable for an admin position despite his age. Good Luck Spods. +1 git rekt doshi & bodes he loves me more.
  4. [TTT] Sn' Banter Brigade's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Banter I feel as though you only just recently received Trusted on TTT. I also feel that you are a bit too young to yet show that maturity to really take control of a possible toxic and heated situation on TTT. Granted I may not be as active as I use to be, but I still play. To be quite honest, I just don't quite feel like your ready to take an admin position in this community just yet. Give it some more time. I would like to see you part of the admin team in the near future, but as of right now, I do not think your quite ready. Give yourself more time as a Trusted before you make a jump to the admin team. I know your a good person, and I know you care about the well-being of Ban Hammer's servers. But just not yet buddy. I personally don't think your quite ready. -1
  5. [TTT] Ace's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    Ace The first time you applied I remained Neutral for very good reasons. I am still a firm believer that people under the age of at least seventeen shouldn't have an administrator position because they truly don't exactly understand what it means to manage a server full of people. TTT is one of Ban Hammer's most popular servers and it fills up on a regular basis and like you know, can get extremely toxic. When you first applied, I was under the impression that you didn't quite know what you were applying for, and I believed that you needed time to understand how to deal with that kind of playerbase. So I remained neutral. Since seeing you in the Trusted position for a decent period of time, I've seen you make a few mistakes here and there and not everyone is without their faults. Everyone admins a different way and everyone has their certain kink to the way they administrate a server. That being said I am convinced that you should at least have a shot at being part of the admin team for Ban Hammer TTT. Not only to do administrate the server to the best of your ability with your Trusted powers, but you actively talk and communicate with other people on the forums as well as help share new ideas and your thoughts on the well being of the server. This is generally what is expected of an admin. The step from Trusted to Admin might seem small, but it can be quite overwhelming at first. Though I do believe that you are ready to at least try. You have a +1 from me. Good Luck.
  6. I am creating a jb map

    we all know how much ab loves dev textures.
  7. [TTT] New Innocents & Traitors Win

    This is cool and all, but I'm sure the one we have right now is just fine. Nice effort though.
  8. [Zombie] Lopez Tai's Admin Application [DENIED]

    I will be locking this application until this application has been processed by the Zombie Head admin team and the Directors. It is pretty clear how the community feels about you getting admin. Yes it is true that you're actions do count when your on other servers, and how you present yourself on the forums. Yes, in the past you have acted immature and annoying. Yes, I have noticed you screaming into your microphone on my brief moments on Jailbreak, and my time administrating the TTT server. Yes. I have had to mute you and take action against you before. However, the time you have spent on the zombie server and helping both Nano and I has really changed my opinion about you. You are beginning to understand how to act around this community and I only hope you continue this way. Most of the points people have made in this application do apply to you, and they have given clear points about how to improve on your present-ability in this community. However, you are not the only one who needs to improve the way they present themselves on the forums, (I'm not going to name people, but you know who you are.) Regardless you're help on the zombie server definitively has not gone unnoticed, and whether or not you get admin, I hope you continue to play and help us. However, a point from me. You need to improve the way you present yourself on other Ban Hammer servers and on the forums, that is a given.
  9. [TTT] JAr JAr(Real)'s Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    more like 12 amirite XDDDD. Na all jokes aside when I first joined the Ban Hammer TTT server I legitimately thought he was an admin. Mature, knows how to deal with people and knows his shit. There is no one better to fit the role of admin. +1
  10. [TTT] Sn' Deadshot's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Neutral As I have said on other peoples applications I am very against anyone under the age of 16 or even 17 getting an admin role within this community. There is a huge difference with being responsible and mature to actually knowing how to deal with players and the shit they throw at you especially on the TTT server. Now I haven't had the pleasure of getting to know you yet, but as a TTT admin myself, I know how demanding it is to admin on a full server and be the only one. Personally... I don't think anyone under the age of 16 has enough "experience" to deal with troublesome players. Applying for admin you are representing the ban-hammer community, I'm sure you're well aware of this, however the responsibility that comes with it may surprise you. I'm not trying to make it out to be like some kind of job where you're expected to turn up on the server everyday, but as an admin, you are expected to spend a significant amount of time on the server, and you might have to play even when you don't want to. Not only this but dealing with players that think that they have been wronged. Players will lash out at you if they think they are being treated unjustly, or even if their just complete assholes. The point is, do you really have it in you to deal with that situation in a professional way that doesn't reflect badly on Ban-Hammer? Could you deal with it without getting emotional? Will you ever let personal feelings about a player affect your judgement? I don't know, purely because I don't know you. I jump on the TTT server from time to time and maybe its because your not on when I am, but I have never seen you step up or take action. Maybe that's just me because I've been incredibly busy. Regardless. You say you're fourteen turning fifteen, and to me that is incredibly young. I would honestly say take more time to think about what you're applying for. Anyway, just my thoughts. Good Luck!
  11. TTT Health rule.

    The only acceptable damage you can give and not be killed for it, is throwing Smokes or Flashes at people. This is from what I know.

    This is going way off topic. If you have a legitimate concern about the way the TTT server is at this current moment, message one of the developers. Ab or Kulin can give you a straight answer on whether or not your ideas might work. Alternatively you can message one of the TTT administrators to see if a development request can be made. There is no point continuing to comment on a thread like this just to further the pointless comments. Kittens made a very good point to discuss, and that should have been the end of it. The reason why you are getting this kind of backlash is because this is probably the second/third thread you have made about this particular topic. If it was that much of problem to the server the TTT staff and the developers would have done something about it by now. In future, if your going to make a thread suggesting a function on the server be changed, please discuss your points as to: Why, How, and What we could do to change it to make it better for other players. Instead of rambling and taking offense to every single little comment that is thrown back your way, you should welcome it and learn about what other people think about the topic instead of getting so defensive about it. Locking thread.

    Turn around and... run away? Whats the problem here? If your the last two left and you know he's a traitor with no proof, and he's running at you with a knife... what should you do? Turn around and run away. He's not going to catch you. You run at the same speed... I fail to see how this is even remotely a problem.
  14. Another map exploit on despratos

    This is a source issue with hitboxes. Naturally in custom maps shit like this happens all the time with displacements, and is almost impossible to fix. That sort of glitch happens even basic CS maps like de_nuke and de_inferno. I don't think we can fix something like that.
  15. [Zombie] Doshi's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    You have met the current requirements for Zombie Applications. Application reopened.