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  1. delete

    i agree that adding in the special rounds are a great idea to keep things fresh and interesting. Also in my personal opinion i don't care about gameme points so i'm neutral on turning off the points system on fun rounds
  2. +1. Active player and really nice guy. Admin Material for sure.
  3. In-Game Name: eS.o Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:68036543 Age: 16 Server Playtime: 235 hours. Which Server are you applying for? Combat (AWP, Retake, 1v1 Servers) Why would you like to become an admin? As a well-known and long-time player of the Banhammer AWP server I would like to apply for admin position to keep the server running smoothly and keep it enjoyable for everyone who plays. I believe I could help keep the community clean by getting rid of any cheaters/scripters that potentially join the server and also cut down on the abuse and discrimination people receive by others when playing the server. I can also respond to any rule breakers efficiently and effectively with correct consequences quickly instead of having to make a ban request and potentially let the offender keep ruining the server longer. If I become admin some of the main problems I would like to combat are reducing the amount of obnoxious microphone spammers and players using SLAM or other music playing programs as they can be somewhat distracting and disrupt the match. Ghosting and disrupting gameplay by delaying are a current issue and with admin I can help the server to run smoothly and respond with correct actions. With having the most playtime on the server and 2nd overall on the leaderboard, I believe I can really make a difference as I am respected and a well-known player within the AWP community and have many regulars on my friends list who can keep me updated if any wrongdoers come onto the server so I can react appropriately. I can also manage special rounds responsibly if they make a return, maybe have one once a map or something along those lines to keep things fresh and interesting. I would also be keen to participate in testing new maps that we could potentially add to the server to keep things up to date. Overall I believe I would make a good addition to the admin team for the AWP server as I am very active, would be willing to help others and enforce the rules to make sure the server stays fun and healthy. What time(s) do you normally play? Weekdays - 4:00pm to 11:00pm, Weekends 10:00am to 12:00am Who will support your application? Queeno, Wombraider, TheTicklishPickleWickle, Softdrinks, BananaLewis, Smeagol, Salar_Elite, Black Ice, Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? No. Are you familiar with Sourcemod? Not too much.
  4. B Hopping on AWP

    I really like how it is now as it makes the rounds go quicker and gives a little bit of challenge to practice your shots on some hard targets but thats just my opinion.
  5. +1 Confident and mature. Always follows the rules.
  6. Huge +1 Super nice guy and always doing the right thing. Easily has the potential and skills.
  7. [JailBreak] Softdrinks's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1 Great guy. See him on the server lots and has helped me loads when i first started.
  8. [AWP] Many features still broken

    Thanks so much ab! absolute legend!
  9. [AWP] Many features still broken

    Thank you ab!
  10. Hi guys, Can someone please fix the Awp server? The issues stated below have been going on for over a month now and are extremely frustrating to deal with. The voting system is currently broken as you can never "extend map" or when the next map comes around its never usually the one people vote for. !rtv is no longer working. Very annoying when you cant change off a bad map. No way to kick or ban blatant hackers when they join. Thanks, eS.o
  11. Suggestions for the AWP Server

    As a frequent player its so annoying playing on bad, broken maps. Please get the voting fixed asap. +1 for getting new maps in and playing them. Back when voting worked it was pretty much awp_lego_2 the whole time so i feel like new, refreshing maps will perk up the server. Thanks! eS.o