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  1. [TTT] Fillipé's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    +1 Filipe is always active and really helps the server a lot. A lot of people know that TTT server is losing some of its regular members but Filipe stayed loyal to it, still following and enforcing rules by heart. *NUFF SAID* Please if you're going to comment at least leave a rating. (which is a MUST) You can't just post anything for fun.
  2. HUGE and EASY +1 for me. Master is *obviously* a matured person and is suitable for an admin position, whenever I am on AWP server, he never break any rules and he always tries his best to control the server if there are any rule breaker. Even in the past when he was a regular on multimode, he does the same thing. GOOD LUCK!
  3. TTT - The case for more "Trustmins"

    I understand where you're coming from. But as what brekkie says, alot of Admins / Trusteds have life commitments, and no one can assure that some upcoming Admins / Trusteds would be available 24/7. However, as what Broseph and Kakashi has said, just notify someone from the forums / Teamspeak or even your friend's list if you have an admin / trusted on. Take note, (in my opinion) Trusteds can do stuffs limited to the people only on the server. So whenever someone RDM and leaves avoiding slay. We still have to put up a ban request, so it wont make any difference on the decline of ban requests. Also, if we (trusteds) know that they deserve a harsher punishment than our limited-time bans, then we still would want to contact and admin to let them handle it themselves (or even put up a ban request).
  4. TTT_Skyscrapers

  5. TTT_Skyscrapers

    Nice map features so far, can't wait. Only suggestion (not really necessary) : Run boost spots you know it
  6. TTT rule update suggestion

    In my opinion, if you use your common sense.. (which porkchop has already said): .. you won't need a rule that states the obvious. I don't think the "mermaid room" in deadhouse is a big problem AT ALL, I mean, deadhouse is a big map, what are the chances that you would just STAY in the confines of mermaid room and then suddenly some random innocent commits and activates the trap, and I am 99% sure that a T won't waste his / her T round just by going inside the mermaid room where people rarely stays in. Admins, Trusteds and even Regular players are trying their hardest to warn everyone in the server about the button in rooftops. How would you guys think a newly added rule which every new player rarely reads would do better than a personal warning from Staffs and members? However ^this could be a thing that could be done, (not that urgent though)
  7. [TTT] Dr. Kittens's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1 Based on what I've seen with your attitude in the forums, you are well suited to be an admin (once again?) in TTT. You also are a smart guy so I don't think getting to know the difference of CSGO ttt and GMOD ttt would be hard for you. Hope to see you in TTT soon. :v Just so you know, I'm always innocent
  8. [JailBreak] MNSFLD's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Neutral As I started to play JB regularly 1-2 months ago, I have seen you on a lot of times, so I agree that you were active that time. BUT I have also seen you abusing these so called "squeakers" in JB. I, in deep honesty, am shocked that you are 23 and you pick on these little kids, not only them but anyone who tries to correct you (not an admin) , you pick a fight with them. My rude comment aside, I also have seen you enforce JB rules last time, and I respect you for that. You said so yourself in your app that I don't think the community doesn't mind you being super BLUNT and STRAIGHT TO THE POINT, it's just that (in my opinion) you get mad easily at certain people and that makes them mad as well, hence why you have this kind of reputation. I voted neutral because you have a decent amount of knowledge in JB rules. You can be easily "raged" but I think you can change that attitude of yours soon. GOOD LUCK M8 PS : You can't post an application and aim for TRUSTED
  9. [JailBreak] eye ken thpell's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1 VERY MATURE for his age. He really knows the rules of the game and he never break one of them intentionally. Suited for admin. GL c:
  10. +1Some people might say I haven't been in JB long enough to judge JB admin apps, but this rating is my opinion based on what I've seen on the person whilst im in JB. Matured person, suits admin role. At first when I started playing JB I actually thought he was an admin.... Great knowledge of rules and enforces them throughout the server.
  11. [JailBreak] lanky_man's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1 Some people might say I haven't been in JB long enough to judge JB admin apps, but this rating is my opinion based on what I've seen on the person whilst im in JB. Lanky is a really matured person, I haven't seen him broken any rules and I always see him enforce rules in JB. Obviously he is active and I always see him try to help new members learn the complex ruling of JB.
  12. [MultiMode] ✪ Stars & Stripes ✪'s Admin Application [DENIED]

    Neutral Since I've started to play multimode, I see a lot of mic spammers and immature people, and YOU are #1 on my list apparently. :v I was about to -1 this honestly, but since I never play multimode regularly nowadays, I do not know if you truly are true to your words. << By this I meant, Have you really been matured enough to be recognized as someone who is suited to be an admin? I don't quite understand what you mean by this but you cannot apply for a TRUSTED position. These application forms are only here if you truly want an admin position, not trusted.
  13. +1!!!!! VERY MATURE, has been really active on Multimode and knows the rules very well. He is respected by each and every member on the Multimode server when he's on. still sucks at combat surf... c:
  14. +1!!!!! Mature, knows the rules very well, respected by everyone in Multimode (except cheaters :v) and definitely ready to have an admin position for the Multimode server. GL ZINGUH c:
  15. +1 One of the players who really knows the rules by HEART, he is respected by all members of the community, and I know that Queeno is a guy who really deserves an admin position on the servers he loves and care so much.