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    Could you just make it play a smalll sound like a bell or a bing, which is on a global cooldown of 5-10 seconds or say. It would elminate the problem of making sure the CT"s see it if is combined with a chat message such as [BanHammer] name is requesting a repeat of orders.
  2. [Jailbreak] Map Suggestion Thread

    Most of the map games are copied from other maps. From tower jump you can get in the skybox. 2 maps games are broken.
  3. [Jailbreak] Map Suggestion Thread

    Map is already on main server and has been tested. Too many bugs with it, plus the file size of 145mb is far too large. If you look at the game bannana link, ban hammer is on the thanks section for testing it. File Size too big fastdl didnt work for somone, some hurt triggers dont work on dev, way too big, too poorly optimised
  4. Clouds Bridge from VIP

    Well it would be good if VIP stayed open for 15-20 seconds, not just be inline with cells
  5. Just wanted to make a quick thread in relation to Clouds. If your on VIP Cell you need to have cells open for more than 5 seconds to make it across the bridge depending on when you are whee the cells open. IF there closed after less than ~10 seconds then some T's running across the bridge could inevitable die from falling off. Would we be able to enforce a rule saying that Clouds Cell's musts be open for 10 seconds, or could we possible contact smoGG to adjust the cell mechanism so that the bridge to VIP would only close if there are not T's left on it (similar to how the Gunrroom bridge opens) I am numerous others have died from there, after being inside the house or on the tree when the cell's open.
  6. So here's the same scenario, Someone chooses to do a mag for mag with me as a ct. They get the first mag, so they decide to go inside a really close quartered area and then I dont have much chance of making it past the first mag. Same scneario again but this time I get the mag, and they decide to do it in a place where they have a chance of making it through the first mag. Same for shot for shot. Would it be possible to a menu on the side if you choose shot for shot or mag for mag, and after you first choose the LR neither ct or t gets the random bullet/mag, however once the T has given the rules (i.e. the confies) they can press 3 on the menu and it only then randomly spawns in whoever gets to shoot first.
  7. @ab. There's an announcment along the lines of You are dead play game like /snake /pong or /tetris However, Tetris never has worked for me or is seen to be enabled, if its not there can that part of te announcmnet be removed?
  8. Mangaroons Prison | Ideas and Feedback

    I'm not sure how green but when you add the tele system in, can you make it more like clouds way of teleporting from going from cell island to map island. Like your banteroonies map, every time I try as warden to use the teleport system, my guards and myself most of the time have no idea where the teleports move t's and ct's. perhaps a light and/or an open cage, for each teleport could be used so that it would give an incentive to use the teleport to transport t's. How about having a big see through wall around the buttons, so t's cant chuck nades at the buttons, and to shoot it you can just stand at the top of the ladder? Also could you change the dak dak t's can get in medic to something like a p2000, if cts are retarded and let t's into medic with the dak dak still there it really ruins the round. On your suggestion about adding a gun cell back, I feel as if that would be way too t sided if you had that and vents at the same time, How about having it so the the gun spawns 50% of the time and the vent would only be open and knifeable if the gun did not spawn until cell doors open. Also on your controllable map games, is it really that hard to put a texture on the buttons so we know what they do? Maybe add in a wipeout? You seem to have a lot of space where you have placed dropdown on that map and a small square map game could fit in well. Then again, the amount of mapgames already on the map is immense, I guess like banteroonies not many of them would end up getting played regualry, which may be a good thing if its easy to get to the game. If its not a big deal, it would be cool if there are multiple mazes to select from, as in the current one most just follows the leader and even if you add traps, the players who know its there would be good with it. If the t's didnt know what maze would be selected the winner could be a lot more random and more like an actual maze, where people can get lost and not sure the way. And last comment, updating minefiled would be nice as again the regulars just lead the players through the field, it would be pretty cool if the minefield had like 3 different presets which would be randomly chosen from each round. All those screenshots look great looking forward to this updated map!
  9. [JailBreak] Brekkie's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1 Nice and friendly, didnt think they were only 13 years, seems a lot older than that.
  10. Eariler today, I was warden for twice in a row on jailbreak. In both of those rounds I called a HG, but shortly after I called it 1 person, first the trusted who I was asking for the special day from, then another T, wrote firstly in chat, "you cant someone died" and then slayed themselves. I was wondering first up if that was allowed and secondly if the special day could still be called after they had slayed. Also are T's allowed to do this? T's should only slay if they are being forced to after breaking the rules, and it could be considered as stopping the flow of gameplay, besides being super annoying.