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  1. Haha cheers dude <3 Didn't you get scripts when you got admin?
  2. For all that don't know, Minigames Courses are maps that include obstacles and traps that make it difficult for a player to complete the map. With the not-so-recent addition of timers to this game mode players are able to attempt to create a server record for each map in the rotation. Below is a video of myself completing the map Mg_Metal_Course_2 in a server record time of just 53.08 seconds. Make sure to jump on Multimode, even if it is just to say hi; you will find me on it often and if I'm not on all you have to do is chuck me a message and I'll happily join in for a few rounds! Message me for more information
  3. I knew this was coming feelsbadman @chawkball
  4. Come around to MultiMode and enjoy auto bhop while it lasts! If anyone can beat 18 seconds on Deathrun_Adrenalin I will shout you vip for the next month, make sure you get evidence
  5. +1 Master has been a part of Ban Hammer for a long time and during that time I have never seen him break any rules or mess around on either Awp or Multimode. Would be a great addition to the admin team. Good luck!
  6. Neutral. I have already spoken to you briefly about why I won't +1 you, so I will keep this quite short. You are very active on the server and do what you can to help out admins and trusteds how ever I believe that you lack maturity which would affect the way you deal with situations. You know the rules fairly well as far as I have seen and you are contributing to helping the server stay on it's feet, so continue doing what you are doing because it will hopefully rub off on some other members to mention their ideas in further developing the server.
  7. +1 the server seems a bit dead at the moment, would be a great addition I actually still agree with what I said, the server is still a bit dead. I find when an admin comes on the server fills up so much more. You are mature enough and I believe you can handle the role but you need to use your mic more and get involved. I'm sure you are capable but the lack of interaction whilst the server is at its prime impacts your reputation. Besides that +1, you would really be a great addition.
  8. We have this on Multimode as well, oh wait
  9. mm

    I don't believe this needs to be fixed or changed at all. Only on the odd occasion will a T be able to get close enough to a CT from behind the trap pressing barrier. Like Kittens said, it's a feature however it isn't encouraged. All Multimode admins enforce the "no purposely knifing CT's mid course" rule. It is just a general dick move I guess if someone does it on purpose.
  10. I know I don't play Jailbreak but knowing Eye Ken, supporting his admin app is a must. Everything has already been said so I'll keep it short: Mature, fun, sensible, experienced, mass-rule breaker, respectable. Big +1 and good luck! Also put me in the support section, implies I'm important
  11. Lemons has been part of the server for a really long time and with that comes experience and a great understanding of rules and how the server runs. The only thing that I can judge you on is your age, but saying that you are extremely mature, after all I thought you were 17! If I had to choose anyone from the server that is currently active to be an admin it would be Lemons. A lot of regulars and even newcomers respect Lemons and see him as a role model. So to sum it all up an obvious +1 Where's my name in the support section? #banned4lemonclause
  12. Neutral. You are quite mature for your age and you know the rules very well, however I have never seen you really help out the community as such. Don't get me wrong you are always willing to help myself and other admins, but I don't recall ever seeing you help out a new player or enforce rules to help the server as a whole (granted without power it is difficult). Whenever you are on you seem to rarely involve yourself over chat, which isn't such a bad thing but in doing so you stand out to the rest of the server so try and get yourself more involved, that way people will start seeing you as a role model. This was a difficult choice for me, however it would be easily changed to a +1 so don't give up!
  13. +1 I can't think of any thing that would be a negative towards his admin application, he honestly would just fit the role perfectly. I honestly thought you were 16-17 years old, shows how mature you are!
  14. Let me clear this up a bit: The map he is talking about is Deathrun Family Guy. On the terrorists side there is a drop down ladder connecting to the second area of traps. The ladder doesn't actually work so there is no way for the T's to go back to the previous section. Thanks for pointing this out @Zengelf ツ! I haven't ever seen anyone complain about this before so don't worry too much if it doesn't get done asap as it really isn't a big deal.
  15. +1 Taught me how to play TTT, never played it again. Was going to -1 since you didn't put my name down to support you but that's a bit harsh. From what I have seen Ace handles his trusted position very well. He is dedicated to his role and is fair across all players. He explains rules very well which shows he has a good understanding of them and is always willing to help out the fresh meat. Would make a great admin in my opinion! Did you mean responsibility?