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  1. -1 Thinks he is funny but is actually really annoying. Disrupts rounds constantly by saying dumb shit like he wants to brush my teeth.
  2. Tricking While Transporting

    The only people who fall for the tricks anymore are new players who just leave the server instantly. No reason to have it.
  3. Project Bare-Bones Phase 3

    A lot of you here are suggesting to change the tricking while transporting rule to try and make the game less stale and give another way for the guards to kill the prisoners. I get this but isn't there already a way to do this with simon says? What's stopping anyone from moving the prisoners around in the simon says games to different map games using different phrases and such to trick and kill them. I just don't get why changing this tricking rule is all of a sudden so wanted when nobody ever does this in simon says. I'm guessing it's just for convenience of not having to say simon says or to try and catch the prisoners off guard making it easier for the 'trick' to actually come off. I must have a different opinion on this stuff to you guys but I play jailbreak to have fun and banter not to try and show off my intelligence and attention to detail on the wardens orders. Plus if I was a new player coming on the server and was just running to the bullet shots or beacons like the warden said and then just suddenly die because they said some bullshit I would probably leave. I can still definitely see everyone having some fun if this rule was removed but I feel like its more likely going to just end up with the guards trying to trick the prisoners every round and nothing ever actually happens. This can't be the case as spamming the beacons can possibly crash the server. So you don't want some guy in the middle of the night when no one is on and just crashing the server. If there is enough people to have the warden system activated and someone spams the beacons there is normally a person who can contact someone to ban the idiot. Not 100% sure what you are trying to say here but if you are saying that guards have to warn prisoners with a primary out, they are going to die every single time. Plus imagine having 10 prisoners running around with primaries out and having to order all 10 of them to drop there weapons. Would rather just shoot them. I like a lot of the suggestions in here and I'm not even completely opposed to the tricking while transporting rule but just thought I would give my alternative view on it.
  4. I think we can all agree that sometimes Lighten is a bit of a twat, but I believe that Lighten is the most committed person I have ever seen towards the jailbreak server. He is extremely active, involved in the community and has a good understanding on what new players and old players want to see changed on the server. Although sometimes lighten brings his up points like an idiot and sounds like a dickhead, I think he would be a great new admin to help start this revolution of bringing the servers back to life. I think Lighten has a great understanding of the rules, but more importantly knows how to have fun and when something has gone to far. Everytime I'm on the server with lighten I feel that he makes the server a more fun and enjoyable place simply with his dumbassy-ness . Basically what I'm trying to say is that although he is missing a couple of brain cells his heart is in the right place.
  5. Triangle Beacons

    Just use 3 sides of the square beacon
  6. [JailBreak] Angelina the Wog Cat's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Mate you are a top lad and a great player to have on the server. You always make people laugh and have a good time, but I don't think admin is for you. -1 for now man.
  7. Everyday I come onto the Jailbreak server I consistently see zach giving advice and helping others. This is normally done in chat with zach explaining basic rules to newer players and just genuinely being a swell guy. I believe zach would make an excellent admin with his thorough understanding of the rules and sheer dedication to helping others. +1 from me.
  8. In-Game Name: dog Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:89981777 Age: 16 Server Playtime: 22d 02:37h Which Server are you applying for? JailBreak Why would you like to become an admin? Simply put, I want to become admin to help and improve this community. This may be done in many different ways with it being enhancing the gameplay (special days, freeze bomb, etc) or even just punishing players that break the rules. Throughout my time playing jailbreak I have become a regular player who has a good understanding of each rule. With this experience I currently try my best to support any new or old players. This may simply be explaining to newer players what the term ass on bars is, explaining to them why they were killed or that they are camping a medic or vent. Additionally, I play this server way to much than I should which makes me very active with a lot of playtime. Although this is said way too much, there is simply times when I play that there is no admin on to help or assist with gameplay. I constantly play on hours of around 7pm to midnight where there is constantly no admin (Jaay is normally on after these times) or trusted member on. During these hours many players need help, whether it is that they are stuck in a wall and need an admin to teleport them out, or even a beacon and health for a unique minigame. I constantly play at late hours and feel that I could fulfil the role these hours are missing. Whilst playing jailbreak I constantly see players breaking the general, CT and T side rules. This may be a player who simply doesn’t know the rules joining the CT side to a player full out abusing another player. When seeing this I do my best to sort out the situation being that of a normal player, however, sometimes more authority is needed. If I was to have admin powers in these situations the problems would be sorted out easy peasy creating a better atmosphere for the whole server. What time(s) do you normally play? I’m currently in my final year of school so time must be put aside for studying and assignments. However, I still play around one hour a day or more on the weekdays around 4pm – 5pm. On the weekends I play whenever I have some spare time so my playtime may vary, but I am consistently on around 7pm – 2am. Who will support your application? A few people who specifically asked me to make this application were: dank, Bodes, eye ken thpell, Skarcrow, Lanky Hopefully there are more who I haven't mentioned. Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? I was moderator of a TTT server Clarity Gaming. This server had around 20 people on at good times but was shut down after I was moderator for about 5 months. Are you familiar with Sourcemod? A bit, but I'm pretty rusty.
  9. Mangaroons Prison | Ideas and Feedback

    What the fuck was that video lol and yea I get what it is now
  10. Mangaroons Prison | Ideas and Feedback

    Looks good. Just want to know what shape dodger is. Is it like the crusher games on Jaay's map? Because I'm assuming that's wall crusher.
  11. JB warden mute

    If people are constantly talking over the warden you can individually order them to stop. If they continue to mic spam over warden after the warning you can kill them.
  12. Simon Says

    Absolutely couldn't agree more. This is exactly what pissed me off about the game. Everyone trying to one up each other on who can trick the most t's with their random bullshit orders.
  13. Simon Says

    Although I do slightly miss simon says on shitty maps with no map games (electric global), overall the amount I and others got freekilled made jailbreak ultimately less fun. However, I do agree that when done right, simon says was a fun intellectually challenging game that brought another experience to the server. Overall, I wouldn't cry if it came back, but I prefer jailbreak without it.
  14. [WiP] jb_hop

    About to stab yourself in the screenshots?
  15. [Finished] jb_chambers_1a

    A suggestion of mine would to be make the theatre possibly more visible. I understand that you have created it using the lights as a spotlight effect, however I think it would be more beneficial to make it lighter or possibly have an option to adjust the lights to this darkness for a talent day or whatever. Additionally, for the climb the platforms blend into the ground and metal thingy. This may be because of the weird blur in the middle of the photo, but if not it may be nicer to change the platforms to a lighter colour. Other than that the map looks like it's coming along nicely.