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  1. Playable Jailbreak

    Do you have any idea of when this will be available?
  2. Tricking While Transporting

    Tricking in Transporting could be a map game/activity like Simon Says?
  3. Having to say "Rush" and should it be removed?

    I think this is a good idea except should only be applied to when unstacking in-between beacons. I find a lot of new players have trouble remembering to say "No detours or delays" when they want the T's to unstack in-between two beacons, but have no problems with saying "Go to this beacon without detours or delays and Button Freeze". Maybe a rule change to say that "No Detours or Delays" is automatically implied to any unstack order?

    This is a good idea but as pointed out there would need to be a cool down timer as it would get unnecessary spam