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  1. Renovate TTT

    Rebuild The Map Rotations Adding new maps (complete or 50 to 75% Rebuild ) Random player skins every round , have 3-5 player models that randomly get selected from for all players ( tired of the same old terrorist give me a bill Cosby once and a while ) we have a fedora for the detective i believe atm. Having a system where people could customize their hat (only issue being that people could then use the hats to deter-min what detective is alive without seeing his name.but i don't see how it could effect game play feel free to point me out if i missed a reason) Rambo Being implemented But like a lot of people say ttt like any other game has phases where its played a lot or not at all and atm it just seems to not be played hopefully with school holidays on the way we might see some server pop increase.
  2. [RESOLVED] KreePz's Ban Appeal

    note. both vex and kree bans have expired and have today come on to ttt and rdmed and meta gamed again .... players are now both banned for a month
  3. [TTT] Fillipé's Admin Application [DENIED]

    I would support Fillipe For a trusted position to see if he Could handle the responsibility of admin. If he was to be accept for admin i think a fair amount of coaching will be required times i have been on with fillipe he has been a responsible and rule abiding player. Although yes he is young that should not be a factor considering we have a admin and trusted at the moment around the same age. +1
  4. [RESOLVED] KreePz's Ban Appeal

    sorry didn't see this yesterday. during my t round your friend VEX Called a kos on me saying he saw me kill a guy (false) but at the time i had assumed he had seen me and i didn't notice. he then proceeded to rdm 2 other traitors. Once the map had ended i watched the demos and found that when i was called kos by vex he was on the other side of the map and i had killed you moments before he called the kos on me. this to me was clear meta gaming by you and vex something vex tried to cover up with " naa i saw you i was just hiding then i ran " players should not be unbanned.
  5. [TTT] edgy pepe's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Before Applying for admin it is always advised to read the admin application requirements post in the admin applications section of the forums At least the recommended age (16), unless they have contacted a Director asking if they can apply (they must include the Director's name in their application if they are under 16). Have you spoke to Any Director OR the ttt head admin (Broseph) about your Application?. I also believe you should have more community support From active admins and players Before looking to apply.
  6. [TTT] Hi I'm Sad's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Hi i'm sad is always watching always recording . Whenever i see hi on he is always directing new players or trying to sorting out rdms if you look at the 2 ban request he has done he provides his own evidence through his youtube channel, although it cant be used as the only evidence it does help get a picture of the situation +1
  7. [TTT] Little Anal Annnie's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Knows And enforces the rules, teaches new Players when they join +1 Would make a good admin or trusted.
  8. [TTT] Sn' Deadshot's Admin Application [DENIED]

    active player who just wants to help out the community we could atleast benifit from him as a trusted till he is 16 +1
  9. [TTT] JAr JAr(Real)'s Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    i 've got to be independent bae
  10. [TTT] JAr JAr(Real)'s Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    Rude..... but i love you
  11. In-Game Name: JAr Jar Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:11389512 Age: 22 Server Playtime: 15days + Which Server are you applying for? TTT Why would you like to become an admin? I am here to reapply for admin as i feel i could be doing more to keep the server a peaceful place and not like twenty-two year olds all fighting over the one Thomas the tank engine toy. But In all seriousness i belive that i would be a better admin now that i have been trusted first and i am regularly active in the server and always jump on when messaged by other players about people breaking the rules. I have been trusted for three months now and i have used it as best i can to help enforce the rules but It has restrictions that make doing that hard. I am reapply for admin so i can deal with rule Breakers a lot more efficiently and still be able to play while doing it. With the trusted system and am using left with asking players to slay than resorting to vote slays if they refuse as the vote slay is slow and must be cast at the end of the round or warm up of the next. This system also only allows me to deal with one rdm at a time and is easy to make a mistake in a punishment one example of this was when I had muted the wrong person for spamming and was unable to un-mute them. luckily this player was understanding and had to rejoin to cancel out my mistake. There have been times that players actions annoyed me to a point of blind rage but I kept my cool and responded in a reasonable manner trying not to abuse my trusted powers. I'm not trying to slam the trusted system it is a good system but it has it limitations that are just stopping me and others from enforcing the rules. So i would like admin so i can do a better job that i am currently doing now and make the server a better place to play and have a good time. What time(s) do you normally play? monday to friday night, and most if not all of my weekend Who will support your application? Chooniey, ace, Broseph, kakashi,little scal,brandos,sn' banter,k Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? trusted for 3 months besides that no Are you familiar with Sourcemod? not really
  12. [DENIED] Tracy's Admin Application

    tbh don't think i have spoken to tracy much but he is a good ttt plays and know the rules well so he would make a good admin in that sense +1
  13. [ACCEPTED] Broseph's Admin Application

    Late to the party again but +1 Broseph is a great team player and member on the community , him and i are always on the look out for rule breakers #broteam
  14. [ACCEPTED] My Erection❤'s Admin Application

    Late to the party But +1 My erection is a good ttt players and a great member on the community he would make a great admin
  15. [DENIED] JAr JAr(Real)'s Admin Application

    In-Game Name: JAr JIzzLE (JAr JAr) Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:11389512 Age: 22 Server Playtime: 8d 18:15h Which Server are you applying for? TTT Why would you like to become an admin? Not looking to write an essay or repeat myself, but I would like to receive Admin to improve server quality making it an enjoyable and inviting place to play and socialize. I enjoy playing TTT with the people I have met within the community and would like to keep this community a safe, friendly and welcoming environment. Unfortunately, the server has abuse towards younger members of the community. These acts usually ends in a player leaving the server due to feeling bullied and is something I would like to stamp out. At the current moment I try to keep server peace e.g.; requests to stop mic spamming, questioning rdms, explain server rules and stopping exploits. While doing this I seem too meet the response of "shut up jAr." or "you're not an admin jar, you can't tell us what to do.”, thus without an admin able to come on and deal with the issue the server is left to grow increasingly out of control. Thus I am applying so I can have the ability to respond to these issues. I believe it is the responsibility of every community member to enforce the rules. I understand the challenges and responsibilities of being an admin and keeping a cool headed as to not over step and abuse the privilege. I don’t have any experience with source mods but I can learn fast and not afraid to ask for direction as to make the right choice. To simply put it I’m applying for admin due to TTT being an unsociable experience when no admin is on. While some people on the server like myself try to control and keep the peace while no admin are on, it becomes difficult when the response is, "You’re not an admin you can't tell me what to do". I don't believe you should need an admin to enforce the rules but it seems to be the only way with some of the people on the server. Thank you for Reading JAr JAr What time(s) do you normally play? weekday afternoon, weekend during the day Who will support your application? Broseph, porkins, chooniey, little anal annie, bizon guy, my Erection, Brandos Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? no Are you familiar with Sourcemod? no