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  1. TTT exploit on map subway

    adding a prop to block the corner should help prevent the exploit, i havent tested it out due to everyone not voting for the map etc, Thank you very much for your help @ab.
  2. [TTT] Ace's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Reinforcing rules, helping out new players is what everyone should do, its not being a "wanna be admin"
  3. TTT exploit on map subway

    Thanks @ab. for fixing ttt_desperados exploit! :D, right there in the corner next to the trash bags is the exploit making you invinsible.
  4. [TTT] Ace's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1 Ace is one of the people who are more than just a 'regular', ace is a helpful and enthusiastic person and always helps out on the servers, infact some people even thought he was an admin. Ace really deserves admin, he is one of those people who stand out from others, everyone knows him. He has the maturity of a grown man and is never immature. Good luck ace my friend, hope to see you become an admin
  5. [TTT] Dr. Kittens's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1 kittens deserves admin once again, altho i havent seen him on TTT he knows all the rules and remembers them like the most important speech in the world
  6. +1 Queeno has dedicated himself to these combat servers, he is one of the regulars of all these servers, everyone that plays on combat servers know him and that he deals with situations calmly and responsibly.
  7. +1 i believe that we need an admin for the combat servers, i have seen to much hackers, exloiters and people with +right on retakes
  8. [Complete] ttt_bathroom

    its on the dev server,
  9. TTT exploit on map subway

    I have also found another exploit on the map ttt_desperados, brand0s witnessed the guy get into a place where he was literally inside a rock, he was dealt with. Screenshots http://imgur.com/8As6U6C http://imgur.com/8EpIfOP http://imgur.com/ehkxRJ4 http://imgur.com/ACwqEjB Please remove all these exploits asap, Thanks
  10. TTT exploit on map subway

    yea, basically the demo starting from the second half of the whole demo, we found some exploits, Malala and I were showing Berk the exploits cos some people have been using them
  11. TTT exploit on map subway

    In a game of TTT i spectated a guy after i got killed, i saw him ontop of garbage bags and literally being invinsible from being shot from the chest up on the map ttt_subway. I tried to show Berk but we kept getting killed and the map changed, i have a demo of me frantically trying to shoot the guy but he doesnt die, its a new exploit found and people will be using it in the future. Demo: http://fastdl.streamline-servers.com/fastdl/BrendanD/8592/demo/auto-20160426-1830-ttt_subway.dem.bz2 Tick: 116250 to roughly about 125000 I hope this spot gets removed as the guy who accidentally found the spot killed 4 traitors when they kept shooting at him. Thanks Berk for the help.
  12. [CSGO]Nuclear Option

    vertigo should have been removed ( ¬ ͜ʖ ¬ )
  13. Forum Name: dinkEd In-Game Name: dinkEd Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:88893098 Ban Type CT-Ban Which server have you been banned on? JailBreak Server Map Name: forgot When were you banned? 04/18/2016 Ban length: 69 minutes Who banned you? Tig Known admins on at the time: Tig, niloc, Rossage What happened? I thought i saw ct knife vent i then followed him but got stuck inside the vents, only way out was to knife a vent, i was about to slay but someone had a LR'ed me so i broke the vent out. I know what i did was wrong, i learnt from my ct ban but the ban for 69 minutes was yesterday and i have not been unbanned.
  14. Combat Surf

    #combatsurf #DrKittensCombatSurfAdmin2K16