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  1. HUGE +1 Magic. is one of the best trusteds and he should become admin.
  2. clue sucks the only good thing about it is that the rounds go so quick =^)~~~~
  3. +1 respecful and willing to help other players
  4. +1 knows the rules and helps out when he can
  5. maybe ak and r8
  6. +1 respectful and helpful
  7. +1 he is very respectful and has become more connected to the server
  8. pls guys
  9. the one hit knife if good for people like me that are silver because u don't have to shoot
  10. thanks for telling me that
  11. if u jump at the wall on tower it sends u into this wall witch is hard to kill people in can u pls fix im sick of bugs on this map:) thanks for pleb for showing me this so a could take a screenshot
  12. there is a bug on this map where you spawn under them map
  13. yes bu sometime i have joined and it autoslayes me for joining
  14. u know how in JB u can respawn i think that TTT sould have that but only in warmup so if u join late u can just respawn
  15. +1 he knows the rules enforces the when he can and is NOT an overall cunt