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  1. [TTT] Kaz's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    +1 Biggest eshay out, would fit into an admin role very well, would also help with the much needed revival of TTT !!
  2. [TTT] Fillipé's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    Recently I have been pretty inactive myself but from my experience with fillipe either with his trusted permissions or without he has always conducted himself well within the server. Fillipe is always helping newer players and even regulars within the server. Massive +1 for this sk bantsy
  3. jb_deepjungle


    i got a bayonet doppler and my falchion night
  5. The Beast

    Wouldn't mind to see this applied to the server although it's either gonna completely kill the server or fill it up so it's a chance that's gotta be taken...
  6. [RESOLVED] korrith/kusari's Ban Appeal

    I wasn't on the server at the time but the reasoning for the ban may have been the time in which the rdm's took place. Like we're they all in the same round or over 4 different rounds? @NightHawk @Broseph
  7. Trusted

    @jordanaaaaaa as queeno has explained previously, if anyone is ever breaking the rules make sure to either, 1) Record your own evidence or find the appropriate demo and make a ban request on the offender/s 2) Contact a member of staff regarding the issues going on. You could contact them via steam, the forums or teamspeak. There is even a !call command that was implemented. Also there are vote kick/ban commands that can be used only when they are needed most. Note. If these are abused there are further consequences for the offenders
  8. Is TTT Dead

    @Fillipé depends which states everyone are in, some people are on holidays this week some are on holidays in 2weeks
  9. Hey look at my bhops

  10. [TTT] Kazboltr's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Pretty much what ace has said here, A couple of incidents in the past had been involvng you but i do belive you are capable for a Trusted posistion to help show you what is brought upon reciveing power within the sever. Myself and ace have both been in a trusted posisiton and it has shown us the responsibilites needed for mainting full servers. Goodluck with this application Kazbolt, Neutral
  11. [Jailbreak] Magic.'s Admin Application

    +1 always using his trusted privileges to the best of his ability, After his time being trusted he has shown he can look after the jailbreak server. Also V mature Good luck megic!
  12. [Jailbreak] eye ken thpell's Admin Application

    +1 always using trusted powers to the best of her ability's, has been helping me out with the jailbreak rules. Very mature, Deserves admin !!!!!!!! for this +1 our snapchat streaks better never die
  13. Before I played jb And now

    Im the best at Jb, Its clearly evident through my knowledge of the rules, im pretty hard to beat with my 4k minutes
  14. TTT server game rounds

    high speed idk about beacause i feel it would change ttt too much
  15. TTT server game rounds

    @Fillipé well there we go but it was just a suggestion