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  1. Phase 3 Rule Poll

    what bout tricking while transporting, that getting changed?
  2. Project Bare-Bones Phase 3

    3.7 PRISONERs may not give any fake orders to trick other PRISONERs, it is slayable. E.g. PRISONER says 'We should all be jumping on the spot' when the order is to be button frozen. remove this rule! Will be funny watching people get killed cause of fellow prisoners
  3. [TTT] Map After Restart Vote

    dust 2
  4. [Jailbreak] Lighten's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1 coool dude. good guy, cool persionfg
  5. [Combat] Chosen's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1 cool cool
  6. Special Day Ideas

    noclip day wtf why even, thats so dumb
  7. op but yeah a spec day would be cool i guess
  8. BH Jailbreak's current state

    -make 30+ maps only 20+ -Admin team is alright, more trusted -more maps would be cool i guess -make clouds admin only again or set a time limit as @Tig Old Bitties said. and for fuck sake REMOVE AVALANCHE!!!!!! as alot of people have said and yes i'm just restating it, there isn't really much wrong with the jailbreak server its just that we aren't getting an influx of new players and all the regulars have played enough to get bored i guess
  9. [TTT] Shitterlord's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    Cool dude, active and mature. +1 would make a great admin
  10. [Combat] Master's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    Yes he cares about the server and a good player blah blah, but seems like he's wanting admin for his own benefit and not the servers. Also very pushy, e.g last post ^ so neutral but don't play awp much so i dont really know do i
  11. Adrenaline Record?

    autobhop? what
  12. hg server?

    Could have a plugin that randomly spawns loot crates filled with guns, nades, buffs etc. This way the gun spawns and shit are random so its fair for eryone
  13. jb_deepjungle

    kinda stopped on it for now because of something else, will take it back up in maybe a few weeks
  14. [DENIED] SassyTheSasquatch's Admin Application

    literally no effort put into this shit at all -1
  15. [Multimode] Demomeister's Admin Application [DENIED]

    A big +1 for trusted, the only reason i say for trusted and not admin is because of your age and yes you are mature for a 13 year old but i think trusted will give you more experience before being an admin. You care about the server alot as you can see from all your suggestion/mentioning bugs on the forums.