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  1. Forum Name: -Sly In-Game Name: Sly Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:42567258 Ban Type CT-Ban Which server have you been banned on? JailBreak Server Map Name: ba_jail_sand_final_beta2 When were you banned? 01/09/2018 Ban length: 250 minuets Who banned you? Lateko I think Known admins on at the time: Lateko, Spodeyy?, Fillipe? I think? are they even admins What happened? I killed 10 T's during Simon says as warden because I didn't know that this rule existed - - When Simon states a new default position all PRISONERs should take that as a Simon Says order. - It was an honest whoopsie! Plus imo the rule is a bit silly, the T's haven't completed an order so I don't get why you would go and make a whole rule just to change it so that it doesn't make sense!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. [Jailbreak] DiamondEdge's Admin Application [DENIED]

    DiamondEdge? More like DiamondLedge. All the -1s are just haters, love your work, keep it up. +1
  3. The Beast

    Sounds alright, you might want to change it up a bit to make it less like the zombie server, though, otherwise, it will just turn into hide and seek. You could do something like the player who gets the beast has a one in the chamber gun where he has a one-shot desert eagle that starts with one bullet and gains another with each kill or better yet if you can find a developer to create this plugin you could make it so the beast can choose from a range of different style power-ups for example - 500hp + 1 in the chamber gun + 1 hit knife - 1000hp + jump boost and 1 hit knife - 1500hp + movement speed buff Obviously you would need to find a way to alter the beast's hp to fit the amount of players on the server but that will be a pain in the ass to figure out, then again its similar to how the rebel works on JB, the T gets more hp depending on how many CT's are alive. Good luck with this though! <3 xx PS: Just make a poll in this thread to see who would like to see this implemented, or just make a new thread with a poll.
  4. [Jailbreak] Magic.'s Admin Application

    +1 Good guy and is good with spelling and grammar and stuff deserves a chance.
  5. [Jailbreak] eye ken thpell's Admin Application

    +1 I can spell are my favour people right before Robert incredible desurf also outstand knowing About ruling; lotsa player are Well companion of i kan spell,
  6. [Jailbreak] Fishlings's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1 Never see him doing anything wrong on the server and is always trying to make the game more fun for others, he's also active on the forums and just seems like a genuinely nice guy.
  7. Jailbreak Chat Tags

    UPDATE Broken store tags have now been fixed (EG. the "[Untrustworthy]" tag) and refunded for players who had purchased them. You will be able to re-purchase the tag if you wish as they are all the same price. Please let us know if you notice any other broken tags or issues with the store. Thankyou
  8. ttt_mc_sky_banhammer

    Hey guys, as some of you already know I've recently completed a TTT Minecraft map. It was live-tested today (9/10/2016). If you do get a chance to see the map and you have any suggestions or find any bugs let me know by posting on this thread, please! Known Bugs/Issues: Add ladders for players who fall off at the start of the map, warmup period. (Fixed) Make monsters and animals able to be picked up. (Working on it) Remove some cover, there are too many spots to hide. (Working on it) Feel free to give me your honest opinion on the map, I'm open to criticism. Thankyou
  9. LIST OF ALL JAILBREAK CHAT TAGS ===================== PLEASE KEEP IN MIND ===================== Not all chat tag colours appear exactly as they do on this thread (Colours may be slightly darker or brighter). Refunds will not be given out to players who do not like the way their tag looks, you will have to use the sell function in game. THIS IS NOT THE THREAD TO SUGGEST NEW TAGS, YOU CAN FIND THAT THREAD HERE: ===================== EVERYONE ===================== [Ban-Hammer] [BigBoy] Ms. Mr. [Asian] Dr. [Jedi Master] [Kawaii ^.^] [God Like] AHOY BASED Dropkick Sithlord [BLOOP!] [1st] [MakeAmericaGreatAgain] Lemon [Weeb] [KFC] TheShyGuy [email protected] [404] Untrustworthy god [Lad] ========================== VIP ONLY ===================== [VIP] NiceMeme [L33T] [Rebel Leader] RebelOrBitch Scripter [Flower Power] That Guy [Brosex] It's Ya Boi [Lord] [SupremeReseller] ===================== TRUSTED ONLY ===================== [Trusted] Blood Crip The Real ===================== ADMIN ONLY ===================== [Admin] [Admin abooser] Blood Crip The Real ===================== DIRECTOR/HEAD ADMIN ===================== [DIRECTOR] [Head Admin]
  10. Dr_simpsons

    Hey Zeng, do you think you could make this clearer if possible? Also, I understand you're new to the forums but we have a section for things like this -> https://ban-hammer.net/forums/index.php?/forum/217-suggestion-bugs/
  11. Fix Ahoy?

    I'm not too sure how it crashed the server, I was never told. But from memory, I think it was when the server loaded the map.
  12. Fix Ahoy?

    Not sure how many of you played it/remember it but an old map that I made was on the server a few months ago and was taken off due to it randomly crashing the server. The map name is jb_ahoy_v2f. Please fill out the poll if you get a chance
  13. Jb_Notch (In beta)

    Hey guys, as some of you already know I've recently completed a Minecraft map and it is in beta testing. It was live-tested today (2/10/2016) and some bugs were discovered, which are being fixed now. If you would like to check out the map on your own private server you can download it from the workshop here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=673787239 If you do get a chance to see the map and you have any suggestions or find any bugs let me know by posting on this thread please! Known Bugs/Issues: Cell doors remaining open after round end. (Fixed) Nether star secret too OP. (Fixed) Creepers in hide and creep move too slow. (Fixed) Some players are having choke issues. (Working on it) Don't be afraid to tell me if you think a map game / certain feature is shit. I'm open to criticism. Thankyou
  14. +1 Zach is always on the server helping out wherever he can even after playing it for so long. He knows all the rules easily and is well known in the community.
  15. +1 Is a nice guy who plays a lot xx