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  1. [Combat] alFa's Admin Application

    Hey alFa your app is great and you'd seem like a great candidate for being an Admin but I'm pretty sure you don't meet the Admin application requirement of having at least 10 posts on the forums: Just check this post out next time Also I would consider maybe removing your e-mail address and personal details. With your full name in the e-mail address plus your location, it might be a bit too much personal info to put out there.
  2. What do you want to see next?

    Glad to see the server will change, it's a great idea.
  3. [Jailbreak] Smally's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Thank you Saber for your feedback, when I say that intend to be more active regardless of the outcome of this application, I truly mean that. As I've said before clearly the server inactivity previously has made it difficult to be active, and with the current state of the servers day-to-day population it has made it far easier to be active playing with people and the game, whereas it's almost impossible to play with no one on the server or even one. So just to be clear, my activity on the Jailbreak server hasn't been due to the Admin applications opening, but rather due to the other aspects of Prokect Bare-Bones making the server a more active place. Thank you for your feedback Turtle, whilst I don't agree with you in the sense that it's "only my friends +1'ing [me]", because I believe that those people +1'ing me, as well as those who aren't, are giving me valuable feedback on my Admin application, I still appreciate your feedback.
  4. [TTT] Kaz's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    +1, whilst I'm not a huge TTT player, on the times I have been playing and been on, Kaz has been there many times enforcing rules and making sure the server is running smoothly. Good luck on your application
  5. [Jailbreak] Lighten's Admin Application [DENIED]

    -1, I agree with quite a few things that Skarecrow has said in that you can't control a situation on the server appropriately and seem to yell and shout to try and solve the problem or situation. Your understanding of the rules is shaky at best, I can definitely see that a lot of these +1's are coming from people who you are friends with already which doesn't really give an accurate indication of how you would serve the Jailbreak community as an Admin. I hope all goes well with your application ?.
  6. [Jailbreak] Smally's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Cheers Bodes, I really appreciate that . Thanks for your feedback
  7. [Jailbreak] Smally's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Ah that means heaps dude, I really appreciate that. Thanks so much for the feedback.
  8. [Jailbreak] Smally's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Haha thanks BananaKing! Thanks for the feedback
  9. [Jailbreak] Smally's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Thanks Softdrinks! I appreciate that
  10. Project Bare-Bones Phase 3

    I agree in a sense, but I think if this rule was removed then CT's could just take away/pick up weapons around the map, making it harder for rebelling T's to rebel, but then again an Admin could swap said CT if they're doing it on purpose or being a lemon.
  11. [Jailbreak] Smally's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Thanks Fillipe, I really appreciate that. Thanks for the feedback Cheers Late, thanks for the feedback man Yeah I can see where you're coming from, and I understand. The reason for said inactivity over the past month (and activity after the apps opened) has been due to a high school work load during the start of the year. With holidays coming up and the work load being reduced I can see myself being more active over the coming months regardless of the outcome of my Admin application, as well as the server having a low population is a contributing factor (I know that the server population (often at 0 over the past month or 2) isn't an excuse to not be active, but I am merely saying that it is a contributing factor as well the high work load). I appreciate your feedback Snapz.
  12. [Jailbreak] Smally's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Thanks Jordan, I appreciate that. I definitely plan on being more active in the coming months regardless of the outcome.
  13. In-Game Name: Smally Steam ID: STEAM__0:1:60310334 Age: 17 Server Playtime: 18 days and 2 hours Which Server are you applying for? Jailbreak Why would you like to become an admin? I’d like to be a part of the Admin team for a few reasons. The first being is that I love the Jailbreak community and the BanHammer community as a whole, ever since I started playing Jailbreak a while ago I’ve always admired Admins for being able to control the server and make it a really great place to be on and have fun whilst maintaining the rules, and I hopefully would be able to play that same role on Jailbreak to the best of my ability, as well as keeping the server active and helping entice new players to the server as well as helping retain the existing player base by being an active and attentive Admin. I believe I could provide some fresh ideas and insight for the existing staff/Admins for the Jailbreak community and server, and I would not only be willing, but to be committed to help implement the new changes for the server. I would look forward to help the entire Jailbreak team and community with implementing these new changes going forward. I am looking to help outside the server (map testing etc.), helping the server get back into the swing of things and helping implement changes as seen in the Project Bare-Bones post. Being a Trusted member on the Jailbreak server has taught and shown me a quite a few things, it’s shown me how to handle a server to the best of my ability and to control a situation when it gets out of hand, whilst having the powers that a Trusted member is good, it has limited my impact that I can make within and on the server, as having limited powers can be detrimental to the servers overall vibe or feel, and as an Admin I feel that I could provide greater control over a server as well as making it fun for everyone on the server. I’d appreciate any feedback that the Jailbreak community has to offer. Thank you for reading. What time(s) do you normally play? Usually for a couple of hours on weekdays, but during the weekends I usually play for 4-5 hours each day, scattered throughout the day. Who will support your application? Lateko, Chosen2k, Fillipe, Bodes, Abnormal Pickle, Redacted_, Jordan, Lach3. Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? Being a Trusted member on the Ban-hammer jailbreak server. Are you familiar with Sourcemod? I am somewhat familiar with it through experience in the server as well as being a Trusted member, but for things that I am unfamiliar with I would be willing to learn.
  14. +1 Whilst late may be young, he never fails to display a very thorough understanding of the rules, as well as appropriately dealing with rule breakers as a Trusted member. Good luck late!
  15. [TTT] Fillipé's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    +1 Fillipe is a great player, is always helpful and contributes heavily to the TTT server from what I've seen and heard. Even when on Jailbreak he's really helpful. I can imagine he'd make a great admin.