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  1. [PUBG]New Vehicle

    Oh shit ty tig
  2. [PUBG]New Vehicle

    Its a nice car doe. Just asking. Do all vehicles go the same speed? I cant see that ve dub van go as fast as the buggy or motor bike @Trusted @Cloud
  3. What do you want to see next?

    welcome back ab.
  4. [Jailbreak] Snapz's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    Jeez snapz. U got tig to +1 you. How much dick do you have to suck for this shit. Anyway. +1 this guy is honestly a sick cunt. He gets weed for cheap. And also can get meth for cheap (psst, from me) ANYWAYS. He can have my admin position.
  5. Added.

    From what ive heard the reason why we have and will continue to have the perth 1v1 is because it is the only 1v1 server in perth. For players in perth. And ive also heard that Q4 isnt paying a single penny for that server.
  6. Come attempt a record on Mg_Courses!

    hello, God, is that you? edit : dude, im impressed with all your videos, +1 subscribed. That shot you hit on DTK Death run. holy frick FaZe Up.
  7. Bare-Bones Q & A 2017

    Clarification Time - Beacon Order or not Rush to my most recent beacon and button freeze. Rush to his most recent beacon and button freeze. Does this mean all his beacons? Rush to my most recent beacon and button freeze. Rush to the most recent beacon the warden has placed and button freeze. Which one is correct?
  8. Bare-Bones Q & A 2017

    There is still a order for cell opening. It is not a freeday. Just the fact they can run away doesn't define that it is a freeday. So yeah. No its not a freeday if you just say "One step out"
  9. Project Bare-Bones Phase 3

    when u do trusteds job for him :P^
  10. Project Bare-Bones Phase 3

    hi low, names lighten The rules i think that should be taken out are: COUNTER-TERRORIST RULES 2.4 WARDENs have to complete each and every order. 2.14 GUARDs may not break and enter any vents (UNLESS IT IS DONE DURING A HUNGER GAMES DAY OR ZOMBIE DAY). However, GUARDs can follow a PRISONERs into the vent to clear that vent. GUARDs may enter a vent ONLY if the vent is open. Many people don't know about the second part of this rule. not many admins follow it by my knowledge. However, GUARDs can follow a PRISONERs into the vent to clear that vent. GUARDs may enter a vent ONLY if the vent is open.<--- JUST LET THEM CLEAR IT! They wouldn't be able to camp it because the ban-hammer will be smacking their ass 2.27 GUARDs cannot kill PRISONERs after the round ends as it would be considered a freekill. Unless the PRISONERs are actively rebelling orders. What skarecrow said, if u play jailbreak for that kdr, GOD. IT should just be a free for all, turn on friendly fire. EVERYONE KILLS EVERYONE FOR THAT COUPLE OF SECONDS. Would add some fun to the end of the round. The end time could be increased maybe aswell for the fight. This would be another reason to survive to the end. 2.29 GUARDs cannot play First Reaction during ANY day. New games plz. Need smart guards aswell. 2.38 GUARDs must be willing to WARDEN should the opportunity arise, refusing to do so will result in a swap or CT ban. ^^ TERRORIST RULES 3.9 PRISONERs cannot initiate or participate in an LR in Gun Room or Medic. So what if they do, Both of them are gonna be in there or out. It will still have to be a fair lr. In renegades medic, A HE Battle would be pretty hectic if u ask me 3.10 CLIMB is restricted for ANY MAP on Zombie Day. no zombie day, no need for the rule. 3.3 PRISONERs cannot use any weapons that are a result of a baiting GUARD. I'm not saying i'm the best ct, and i definitely find myself sometimes baiting and get killed. Its the guards fault, prisoners should be able to. There should be confident guards on ct. Maybe up the time before being able to ct. That will reduce the chance of having a mass-freekiller as well. IM ON EITHER SIDE OF THESE RULES BECAUSE I AM NOT SURE 2.35 GUARDs cannot trick PRISONERs in any way when transporting PRISONERs across the map. (i.e. Rush to this bullet shot on the floor then proceeds to shoot the wall) or (i.e. rush to the bullet shot I shoot, okay here, alright next one is here). 2.36 The WARDEN cannot use trick words outside of games (e.g. All T's when I shoot my AK-47 you are going to rush to my AK-47 shots, then the WARDEN fires his dessert eagle and kills everyone who moved. Scenarios like these are not allowed). Yes this may bring some fun for the guards but! There are more players on the prisoner side. and we need them to put more on. If this rule was taken out. My guess is that wardens would take this way to far and create more problems such as: If someone places down a beacon and i rushed to it without any orders, and i was killed for it. I would be pretty salty, i wouldn't of been any threat towards the guards but they killed me because it would be allowed. I would leave the server. Fuck that shit. Dumbest reason to get killed. Although maybe we can change the rule around a little. I'm not sure about what to change tho. ADD MY GAMES IN PLEASE
  11. In-Game Name: lighten Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:85087854 Age: 18 Server Playtime: 63d 08:10h from 26th of March 2017 Which Server are you applying for? Jailbreak Why would you like to become an admin? I understand this community means so much to so many people, myself included. This server and the community needs to have an enjoyable and friendly feeling to it to keep players playing and donating to continue its legacy. I believe I am able to create an environment that is enjoyable and consistent. I have ran into some difficult tasks of being a Trusted member, such as trying to voteban a massfreekiller. As an admin, i would of been able to deal with the problem right then and there. I believe from my experience being a trusted member, I would beable to control a server while creating an enthusiastic and fun server to play. The role of being a jailbreak administrator would bring on a new bunch of responsibilities, and I acknowledge that and I’m willing to change to suit any new responsibilities to create an enjoyable and fun environment on the server and throughout the community. Given access to administrative commands such as !freezebomb, !health and !beacon and special day commands, This will give me the power to create a fun and enjoyable environment so players, either old or new, will come back the next day. I believe with access to these commands I can bring the love of jailbreak back with games such as Bull Rush and Pac-Man and maybe created some new games for the community to enjoy. To close this application, in summary: Id be glad to be given a chance to become an administrator of Ban-Hammer Jailbreak to make sure the server would still run functionally and make sure that all players have an enjoyable time and come back the next day! As I basically only play Counter Strike: Global Offensive, I am willing to be an active admin and bring peace and justice to the Ban-Hammer community while creating an enjoyable and fun server for all to experience. What time(s) do you normally play? I am always up from 10am to at latest 4am in the morning. Who will support your application? Blobby, Bodes, Anthonyy, Saber, Turtle, Jordan, Veteran Trigga, SeventyS, Mike Nolan, Snapz, Kaz, Magic, SaveTheSheep, Spunno, 1DJ, JW, Tracy, Malala, Boosted, Jaay, Zabby, Yung Mud, Sipher-, Pickle, Redacted, Niloc, Fillipe, Flower, Flash, Goose, Jake.,50 , Spodeyy, dog fudge, Fishlings, Poo, Softdrinks, K., Aurora X99, Zinzo, shitterlord, TheRugbyGuy, Toxicdarthon anddddddddddddddddddd Chosen Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? have had the role of admin on acouple minecraft servers such as HiveMc, but resigned because of school commitments. I have been a Trusted Member on almighty Ban-Hammer Jailbreak for 1 month Are you familiar with Sourcemod? No, but i am willing to learn. good colour scheme? my favourite
  12. [Combat] Chosen's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1, give this kid admin, deserves it, its realy difficult when ur ban requests dont get answered for acouple days aswell, give this kid admin so every lemon gets banned. (including me)
  13. BH Jailbreak's current state

    This is definitly true. Maybe we can remove those maps out of the selection pool. Like all the regular ones. And put some different ones in