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  1. First of all, you weren't only banned for a False admin call, you were also banned for your bahaviour and abuse continuing on from the previous day which i personally witnessed and also gave you multiple warnings for (Keep in mind i was being far too lenient). You only have to look at your chat logs to see the abuse and absolute disrespect for trusted members and also others on the server. In future, think twice before being toxic and a general annoyance on the server.
  2. +1 from what I've seen, plenty of experience and I'm sure you'd do great as an admin on either server given the chance
  3. Always uses his trusted abilities to improve the experience on the server, given admin I'm sure he could contribute even more. +1
  4. This is the link to the suggestions thread I got you blobby
  5. Can't say too much about the combat servers but whenever i've seen you on JB you definitely know the rules and are helpful when needed. Most people have pointed out some things you might need to work on but I think you're applying the right reasons (genuinely want to help the community). You would definitely be a valued member of the admin or trusted team so it's +1 from me. Good luck and definitely take on board the constructive criticism others have given you.
  6. I'm silver 2 but give me a dak dak and im basically global
  7. +1 everyone has covered it, but Zachs playtime is impressive with a knowledge of the rules to suit. Definitely admin material and would love to see him part of the team. Good luck mate
  8. Thanks you guys, the support means a lot
  9. Most people have covered it but i wanted to give you my +1. Any time I come on TTT you're always actively monitoring the situation and will always inquire with players on possible rule breaks. That fact you don't only act on the things you see first hand but use all your tools like the logs and players versions of events to enforce the rules is an essential skill to have as a TTT admin; a role you'd fit into without a doubt.
  10. much appreciated guys
  11. Thank you guys for the support!
  12. Thank you guys, appreciate it
  13. +1 One of the most genuinely nice people on who without a doubt actually cares about the well being of the server and the people who play on it. An extremely important quality for admin