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  1. Congratulations, You've been selected to be our next Combat Admin. We've seen your efforts to improve upon the issues we pointed out in your last application, and hope you can continue to improve in the future. ACCEPTED
  2. As Tig and Master have stated you're not really what we're looking for in an admin candidate anyway. Even less so if we consider the active sourceban which disqualifies you from applying in the first place. DENIED
  3. Chosen, this application is going to be denied for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, we're concerned about how recent your suspension was, and would like longer to assess where you are compared to then. Our second concern is that you have been Trusted for only 2 months, when we'd rather you wait at least 3 before applying. DENIED
  4. Demo, i'm extremely sorry about how long it's taken for me to answer this application. Unfortunately, we'll be denying this app. We're really impressed with your activity in the past, but we're slightly concerned about the issues outlined above. While it may have just been a momentary mistake it would reflect poorly on us as an Admin team if you were to behave like that as an Admin. DENIED
  5. I'm also pretty sure that it gimps out with CS pretty hard, so if you were to use !tp on JB then go to retakes you'd still have it, which some would see as an advantage
  6. Hey Teknow, i'm sorry for how long it's taken us to process this Admin application. With everything that's been happening recently, primarily the closure and subsequent reopening of the Multimode server, i've tried to give this application time to breathe. What this means is i've left it up to see if anybody else would comment their thoughts. Unfortunately this application hasn't been very popular, probably due to the closure of the server, and on that basis it's going to be denied. In future, if you choose to post another application, I hope there are less disruptive incidents so you have a more fair experience. You may reapply in 3 months. DENIED
  7. Shitterlord, your application is being accepted. Welcome to the team, contact me on Teamspeak to get started. ACCEPTED
  8. Michael, this application is unfortunately being denied. As seen in the comments above many people find you a nice player, however we have concerns about how you deal with certain situations. Between now and any future applications, we'd like to see your conflict management improve. For more in-depth reasoning, feel free to PM me. DENIED
  9. Fillipe, your application this time around is successful. We've noticed your frequent playtime, especially during recent weeks where we've needed it most and we really appreciate the work you're putting in. ACCEPTED
  10. We've recently changed our guidelines for situations like this, and this means that both Wogboy and Clitosaurus are going to be banned for the original 4 days. Your bans will expire on the 30th of January. RESOLVED
  11. Unfortunately this application fails to meet a lot of the board requirements stated here. If you truly want to be an Admin on our servers in the future, put a bit more thought into both your forum profile and your application post itself. Denied
  12. Regrettably, due to the recent closure of our Multimode server, this Admin application will be denied. There will be no limitation set which determines when you may reapply, the only limitation being our current lack of a server for you to apply on. I apologise for the servers closure and hope you choose to stay with Ban-Hammer, albeit on a different server, in the future. EDIT: The Multimode server is up again, so everything i've written here no longer stands, good luck with your application.
  13. Thank you for your application Eye Ken. Congratulations! We've decided to select you as our next Jailbreak Admin. Contact either myself or Kulin on Teamspeak to get started. ACCEPTED
  14. Thanks for your application Magic. This time around we've decided to deny your application to go with another candidate. I don't have much feedback or advice for this application because what you're doing right now is absolutely fine and we'd love it if you kept it up. You're welcome to reapply when the applications re-open. DENIED
  15. Thank you for your application. Unfortunately at this time we'll be denying your application. Currently we believe our Multimode Administration team is really solid and with our current inclusion of FUKDUHLEMONS as a Trusted we're going to see how it performs in the near future. While this won't have been the answer you were hoping for, you can use this opportunity to improve upon the things suggested in the above comments, namely Zingers suggestion for you to get more involved in the community. DENIED