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  1. [Jailbreak] Snapz's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    +1 cunts always ready to crack open a cold one for the boys active little irishman good @ games thinks hes a better bhopper than me from yemen
  2. [Jailbreak] DiamondEdge's Admin Application [DENIED]

    hey man. can u delete this guys app it obviously states 9 derogatory terms of my kind that we do not appreciate any more -1 this app is clearly an ad for bunnings warehouse like wtf guys can u Operations Manager do something about this -1 This is actually my minus one because i saw what youve done to Snapz. So i believe DiamondEdge is unfit for this role because hes been very inactive for 3 years and hasnt been up to date with all rules and needs to get a grip with all the new players and make relationships lowkey none of this made sense
  3. i dislike the way you comb your hair at night. because we are friends can i perosnnaly turll u that oyur physicla appearance doesnt matter to me because id comb your eyebrows anytime you would like. 55coby55 i know you said 'random isnt always funny' but i belvie i will miake somthing laugh because i spelpt alot of thing rwong on this post persoanl comment towards lanky_man





    P.S. my name a Geoff em purple wiggle

  4. [Jailbreak] Smally's Admin Application [DENIED]

    -1 Only cing your friends +1ing you. I agree with saber
  5. [Jailbreak] SaveTheSheep's Admin Application [TRUSTED]

    Hey Bananaking, can you please clarify muture, I do not understand the meaning of this new word. Plus One from me, seen this man on the server multiple times this week, always bring joy to the server and giving it an all round good vibe. pce l8 nigges
  6. [Jailbreak] Goose's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    +1 Boosted me on fortify + cool guy he shot up a convience store & he blew off ur front door, he then walks into class & fucks your mum in the ass
  7. Project Bare-Bones

    I mean if we are all on the team speak sitting around doing nothing we could get a few cunts on to try and populate one of the servers, I fucking hate KZG and Invex JBs all it is are fucking 9 year olds screaming into there mic constantly. I'm actually being srs on the forums this time.
  8. [Jailbreak] Lighten's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1 activity
  9. [Jailbreak] turtle12345's Admin Application

    Cheers for the feedback already boys Well, I see where you're coming from i believe i am making GREAT improvements.
  10. [Jailbreak] turtle12345's Admin Application

    In-Game Name: turtle Steam ID: STEAM_ Age: 19 Server Playtime: 60d 50 minutes Which Server are you applying for? Jailbreak Why would you like to become an admin? Honestly for me, it is just the simple things about admin; It isn't so much WHY I want to be an admin, it is more of a 'what can I do' as an admin to help the server, give back to the server, and ensure its smooth running. It ranges from calling days like HnS, HG or a Zombie Day, to keep mixing rounds up. Being able to remove players who have been glitched into a wall or floor and are stuck, so they can continue there round and not have there fun spoilt by things not of there control. Another large factor is obviously freekills, which we are all prone to at given stages, and some people feel they can slip past the net unnoticed without a slay or consequence, and I often find myself in steam chat speaking to an admin or trusted member alerting or discussing someones actions, so they can in turn investigate and deal with accordingly. All in all, I love what Ban-Hammer, and the BH community has built here, and the regular players I see on, day in and day out, making it the friendly, funny and always outrageous place I have come to love and spend my time at. I want to help that community in every way I can, and I feel this would be a good start. What time(s) do you normally play? Every day i play atleast 3 hours Who will support your application? cZ, Jeko, Figglet, Trigga, Joe, Azied, Jav, Tez, Carter, & !dMT Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? Yes, I've played multiple minecraft servers & recieved admin Are you familiar with Sourcemod? negative
  11. [Combat] Chosen's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1 cool beans dude
  12. *Special Day* Third Person Day

    /fp amirite
  13. Secret Santa

    can we bring back anarchy prison kid?? mad skin thx
  14. [Jailbreak] Magic.'s Admin Application

    =1 pretty good admin!
  15. [RESOLVED] turtle12345's Ban Appeal

    Forum Name: turtle12345 In-Game Name: turtle Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:92810964 Ban Type CT-Ban Which server have you been banned on? JailBreak Server Map Name: jb_clouds_v4 When were you banned? 04/04/2016 Ban length: perm Who banned you? green Known admins on at the time: green What happened? So I was banned for not helping my warden on clouds which was completely incorrect, as I was running around at pool and ump area because the rebellers where roaming somewhere in cells and I was checking the teleporters to the main island while trusted was carrying the remainding Ts. As Scorps was away at main cells and I was not with trusted (but I could still see him if he needed help) he was alone at the extreme climb teleporter, as he saw me at the bhop/ump area he instantly assumed that I was not helping warden and banned me for 30 minutes. Later that day green came on and permed me. Its been 8 fucking months from a silly CT ban. As green said in the last ban any major fuckups I will be permed but this was not really my mistake and a misjudgement from trusted. This probably will be denied because of all the mic spam, all the abuse, all the shit I do and the fact that green is unactive and wont reply to the post