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  1. [Jailbreak] ♔Globes's Admin Application

    I'm afraid you don't meet the minimal requirements. You will have the opportunity to reapply in 3 months time. DENIED
  2. Drinking Games

    I'll already be out getting smashed. I be thinking of you all though.
  3. [RESOLVED] Kala Brand Ukulele's Ban Appeal

    Basically what you are saying is that you knew you were breaking the rules and now that you have been punished for something you knew was wrong, you want your ban reduced. Why? What guarantee do we have that you won't continue to break rules if we reduced the ban?
  4. [Combat] Dobbo's Admin Application

    You have to wait a minimum of 3 months before you can reapply for admin. Please adhere to the criteria and understand way it is there. If you are denied it is then an opportunity for you to hone your skills and become a better player, so when the time comes when you can reapply you have a much better chance at getting noticed. DENIED
  5. [RESOLVED] Flower's Ban Appeal

    You have 12 days worth of play time on JB. Do you really expect us to believe that you didn't know what you were doing?http://stats.ban-hammer.net/playerinfo/413002
  6. [Combat] Dobbo's Admin Application

    Alright I'm denying this app for several reasons. We have no proof that you have the required amount of time on our servers to qualify for admin on top of that you have been a part of the forums for 3 months and in the last 5 days grave dug and spammed on a multitude of post to increase your content count. The requirements are there for a reason and they need to be followed. DENIED KULIN: You may apply again after 1 month from this date. Make sure your posts are legit, with no spam and no gravedigging involved.
  7. [TTT] Pleb's Admin Application

    Though this app is very well written, better then some people years older than you. I'm afraid I'm going to have to deny this application. You have to understand that the forums are an invaluable asset for staff. It is where all the information and communication comes from. That is why we require a certain amount of presence for those who wish to become admin. Unfortunately before posting your application you spammed a number of posts to increase your content count. I understand that you may truly wish to become admin but the requirements are there for a reason. Try and involve yourself more in the goings on of the forums, not just the server. not only will it show us that you are interested in contributing but you can have an overall better experience within the community. DENIED
  8. Updating the rules

    Why don't you go have a look at this and tell me whether or not you've broken any of our rules. Cheers
  9. (General) Add a music section

    https://ban-hammer.net/forums/index.php?/forum/84-movies-tv-music/ There you go. I've updated our forums to include a music section please post in the correct subforum
  10. [RESOLVED] TheDark0ne123's Ban Appeal

    Why should we unban you? You've given us no reason to prove that this won't happen again.
  11. VIP Features

    At the moment what we can give is very limited in regards to customisable features. This is due to valve and there policies, that is why steal knife and skins where removed from the servers. This being said we are constantly looking for new ways to reward our donators so if you have suggestions we are more than happy to have a look.
  12. Combat Surf

    I can see the appeal in a combat surf server and honestly if it's a 1 month trial I can't see any harm in it. The whole problem about hosting a server with no one to manage it isn't an issue in this case, kittens has more then enough experience with this. It has the potential for a load of customisation which means a chance for a huge increase in revenue.
  13. [TTT] darkskynight's Admin Application

    I never post on admin applications but I believe that its for a warranted reason. You showed great immaturity the other day when I was on the server, as far as I'm aware you didn't even know I was there, which worries me even more. It's completely obvious that some people in this community don't like each other that's fine. However for someone trying to get admin to make fun of someone whose app got denied then told people on the server and posting a link to it, shows great immaturity and disrespect to those involved. You only started apologizing once I spoke up and you realized a staff member was online. -1 You may not have to like everyone but you should be respectful towards them.
  14. [TTT] blahblahbas's Admin Application [DENIED]

    We required you to be active on the forums. Spamming posts beforehand shows that you aren't active nor read the requirements. Denied