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  1. send nudes

    1. Jithr


      -rep shitposter demoted


    2. qq


      lol jithr i want your nudes 

  2. he kinda doesn't want valve taking anymore money from him @chawkball i hv $2.47 in me account, i sell something and buy u dishonored? http://store.steampowered.com/app/205100/Dishonored/ this one?
  3. ur mum is ur dad


    1. Eza



  4. What do you want to see next?

    i wonder who voted no
  5. This is a @KULIN issue, jithr u may need to get gud to be able to overcome this issue, u can do so by being better at overwatch, thanks!
  6. Added.

    We need a PR stunt 👌👍
  7. [H] Keys [W] PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    wow i wonder who the nice gentleman or women was? hmmmm
  8. [Combat] Michaeltheboy11's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    +1 cause he has changed/matured since last time he has applied and with 3 servers, more admins the better i say. Fairly decent amount of hours a week from stats which is great thing to see and defs know the rules of the server. Oh and as the 2nd most active combat admin, i say give him a shot soz i had to for the meme
  9. Knows how to hack with his bhops....some say that he learnt how to bhop before he could walk O.o This guy in my opinion is one of the best suitable admins i have seen on any server i have played on (minus climb xD..... i cri inside...rip climb) He is mature and he can notice when people are exploiting the server and to top it off, he is well known and loved in the combat community and he knows all the rules so... hurry up and give him admin ummmm WHAT????? Great guy to talk to as well and he would make for a great addition to the admin team +1
  10. [Combat] Michaeltheboy11's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Okay so i have been playing on the combat servers quite a bit lately and whenever Michael jumps on (usually already on when i get on) there is a positive and social vibe coming from him which is a great aspect to have. It makes the server more enjoyable for new and existing players which is great because a happy and friendly environment will attract people to stay and bring their friends along which then becomes beneficial for not just the server but for the whole community as well. From my little experience with getting to know Michael, it is clear to me that he is pretty young (at age 14) but when i found about his age, i was astonished. Someone with such a mature voice and his reasoning and decision-making for a 14 year old is quite impressive and his dedication to making the server to the utmost enjoyable experience is great and should be looked upon for all new and existing staff members. His dedication to make the server better is what should be one of the focuses for an admin to have and someone that does this at a consistent bases is awesome =D Only real concern is basically what ace has already gone over but everyone makes mistakes at some point but as long as you know the rules (pretty sure you do anyway) and you demonstrate it to the players on the server at a friendly manner, you should be able to improve greatly as a player and hopefully as member of staff in this community. Don't really need to say this because people have but very well written application +1
  11. [Jailbreak] Magic.'s Admin Application

    what can i say, ? he has been a member of this community for a very long time and he shows positive signs of a very respectable and hard working admin which will greatly contribute to this community. 61 days, hmmmm i reckon u need atleast 100 more to apply. jks honestly u r one of the nicest guys when i have spoken to u and when i first talked to u, i honestly thought i was speaking to an admin so maybe now u can have the tag too? deffs +1
  12. [Jailbreak] Brekkie's Admin Application [DENIED]

    alright, so what can i say about brekkie, hmmmmmmmmmmm When i first saw him, it was on the forums i think and honestly, I thought he was in his mid twenties with the way he presented himself and his maturity when discussing random things or matters relating to ban-hammer, but when i realized he was MUCH younger, i was blown away. This just shows that he has signs of potential within him. I never thought a 13yr old would be so mature and respectful towards the community and knowing that he aids with anything at anytime, it is always good for someone to be very enthusiastic about this community. I have spoken to brekkie countless times and i believe he can handle whatever gets thrown at him. I am certain that he can act quickly and swiftly to resolve any issue as best as possible and if he can't, i'm sure he can contact someone who can since he is very active on the TS server the forums. +1