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  1. +1 helpful player on ttt, doesn't need any guidance. i was playing yesterday and got rdm'd, i didn't even need to say anything and kaz was already on to it. kaz would make a great addition to the team as he is fully aware of what is happening in the gameplay which is a great asset to have. good luck
  2. is that you in your picture


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    2. Yung Mud

      Yung Mud™

      yup just me posted up with that mulla ??

    3. Blobby™™™™™™™™™™


      Ye thats underage fuckery right there ima have to tell your dad. oh, shit, nvm


    4. Yung Mud
  3. +1 seems fit & ready for admin
  4. +1 gay pride jordan is semi-retarded; he is very friendly and have genuinely never seen him angry at all, he is always calm, which would be helpful in multiple scenarios on jb in which an admin is needed to step in. gl <3
  5. +1 your colours are fucking terrible holy shit. Lighten is shit at 8 ball pool and has done a good job as trusted alongside lateko & jordan. He is easy to get along with and helps new players on the server. He's been with bh 4 long time and is moderately-respected by most players. Edit: lighten has no life and is available all day, he is stay at home working mother kick him in the forehead!
  6. I am retorted. to be a nice guy i will go with neutral. Yes malala i am that guy who hasn't played <3. lateko before u got trusted u were a dickhead like most, but since receival and nearing the time of receiving trusted you have "changed" and actually been helpful. But do u change just for the power of admin/trusted or genuine, idk. As for a compliment i thought u were immature for your age, but i found out ur 14 so ye im impressed nah but srs, you're trying your best to help server so neutral. Edit: i genuinely like the colour scheme Edit #2: you changed it shame on you, dont be the 4heads bitch
  7. Cells from what i remember
  8. +1 the exposure
  9. +1 to get rid of all the people spamming hg in chat
  10. tbh this would probably be better for the server. In the sense that it will cut down a majority of freekills and reduce a lot of ct bans, less bans = better (Ban-Hammer). Plus it would be beneficial towards new players learning how to ct as they always get confused around saying "No Detours or delays" or "rush". It will make orders quicker & smoother and would probably just make the flow of game play better. +1 to this idea, gg "You didn't say no detours or delays!!!". Side-Note: Might want to add in terms into the rules in the case this suggestion is followed through. i.e. "Goto" - Taking the fastest route to the designated area. Or something along those lines, but a general term should be added (Such as goto) in the case that rush/no detours or delays is removed. but ye this would be cool to see happen or at least trialled maybe?
  11. That would ruin aspects of rebelling and will be hard to control. However, I do believe prisoners who rebel as their lr (last t alive) should be hunting otherwise they are delaying their lr. There is no need to make that a rule, its kind of general knowledge to have one ct giving orders for hot cell, then again the server does inhabit a variety of lemons. But I still don't think it's necessary to have any of these as rules, I do understand your reasoning to them though.
  12. +1/active on multimode and genuinely cares about the server, probably one of the reasons why multimode is still up today. Well written application & trusted would suit him well too.
  13. Personally, I don't think the game should be for lr period, as you know a t could lr at any time so there is literally no point in doing it then... However, I do like the idea of the game and I think it should be done with an odd amount of t's max no. 9 or something where majority wins i.e. 5 prisoners crouch, so the 4 button frozen die or whatever the numbers are. As for triangle beacons, I don't see a need for them but I guess it could open up new games so it would be nice to add them in. But yeah a game explicitly for lr period is kind of useless imo
  14. Sly put it on the server a while back with a few people on including myself. The map is good but cells weren't working (would not open) so he had to tp us out to get out of cells. And with the guns in gunroom not appearing, that is probably a cause of what gamemode you selected, i.e. Custom, casual, etc. Plus i'm pretty sure there is a console command to show guns, so if they weren't showing up with those two methods then idk, but its pretty simple to put some guns in there.
  15. +1 but it will be easily abused, needs to have some form of limitation, as some dickheads continually ask for repeats even though you have, meaning there will most likely be some uneccesary spam of it unless there is a way to control the "repeat request".