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  1. Jailbreak Mapping Contest

    Hey guys, the deadline for the contest just got extended, you got 1 more month to create a map ! Deadline : October, 1st
  2. Jailbreak Mapping Contest

    Just started mine btw ! http://gamebanana.com/wips/47156 (good to advertise the contest on gamebanana haha)
  3. Jailbreak Mapping Contest

    22 entrants, competition will be really interesting !
  4. Jailbreak Mapping Contest

    Oh yeah, small translation mistake haha
  5. Jailbreak Mapping Contest

    But it's working, right ?
  6. Jailbreak Mapping Contest

    Should be fixed
  7. Jailbreak Mapping Contest

    Good luck everybody !
  8. Jailbreak Contest Project

    I will need an answer before the 20th guys !
  9. Jailbreak Contest Project

    Hello guys ! Contest will start in 2 weeks and I have to end the preparation, We made a website : https://mappingcontest.rebels-corp.net/ We are looking for sponsors, atm we got pulseservers "6 GB server for six months. This is valued at $270" I need a final confirmation to know if Ban-hammer want to join this contest to set the cashprize & make final banner for maps! I remind you that joining mean : Sharing the contest, Judging maps and giving 50$ to winners at the end to winners. In addition, even if BH doesn't join, mappers playing here can still participate to the contest, it's free Thanks for reading, hoping that you will confirm your participation
  10. [Map] Crash Bash Tournament

    Hello there ! Today I present you my Crash Bash Tournament map ! It's a csgo map playable with 3 friends (so 4 players), a mix between coop and mg ! You can subscribe and try the map ! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=946677486&tscn=1497451579 Have fun
  11. Jailbreak Contest Project

    Because tons of russians upload awp map on the workshop everyday lel
  12. Hello there, Firstly I’ll introduce myself, I’m Raphi, mapper and co-leader of 1st French Jailbreak, and I’m here to talk about a project I’d like to share with your community. As a Jailbreak player, I know that our players love having new map in the maplist, I guess it’s the same here haha. The problem is that, it’s really long to get new GOOD maps, and an idea came to my mind : Why not organizing a Jailbreak mapping contest ? Na… I’m barely the only mapper on my server, even if we offer good prices we won’t have a lot of entrant… Then I remembered that gamebanana was organizing good contest with lots of entrant, the solution was here : Sharing the contest with a maximum of community to have a bigger visibility and, obviously, more participant. I’m sharing this idea with few servers and 6 already joined us ! (Prestige gaming, sG, Tangoworldwide, Skynetgaming, Thoraxgaming...) The contest will work like that : Let’s imagine we are 8 servers partipating to this contest, we will all be equal. Every server will give (for exemple) 50 euros/dollars for the price pool (It’s only an exemple, I’m not here to ask money don’t worry haha), at the end of the contest, each server will judge maps (obviously, map NOT coming from mapper of his community) and each rate will count for 1/8 of the final rating. Each map will have to put a banner containing every community name. (Atm it looks like this https://imgur.com/a/xqqHk) At the end, mappers are awarded of the pool price. The project is now well established, as I said we are already 7 communities, and we have a discord conversation with leaders. I already wrote a prototype of the thread of the contest https://pastebin.com/hLdVvGw5 I'm inviting you because, more communities we get, more map we will have ! If you are interested in this contest, just add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198009234051/ I hope we will meet again guys