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  1. [EXPIRED] ✪ ✔☢ ✈Pinochet ✈ ☢✔✪'s Ban Appeal

    It appears that Jett and Tehami believed you were cheating. But they have no evidence. The ban has since expired so no futher action should be necessary. I'm going to keep an eye on Jett and Tehami, to my knowledge other players were on at the time who were also using votekick but I believe that was "banter"
  2. cameron's Ban Appeal [EXPIRED]

    Could you link your second account's profile? I'm going to talk to poison about this as well but by the sounds of it, you should be unbanned. Can you let me know of anyone else who was online at the time?
  3. I can't decide!

    I think you should stop being a bitch and get a dlore
  4. [Combat] ✪ Greifyy's Admin Application

    lol In my experience with Greify I found that he is very fun to talk to and I respect him for that. It's because of this I feel as though he does possess the ability to defuse situations between players. Based on my experience playing with him as well as his reasoning to become an admin I feel like greify would be a good fit for the position. +1 ps. ty for the safari mesh lol #bribed
  5. [ACCEPTED] Jaeger's Admin Application

    I personally feel like Jaeger would make an excellent addition to the team. As Meli stated before, Jaeger is a really approachable guy who is very friendly and mature; a very respectable member of the community. I can confirm that his hours are a lot more than the stats page indicates. I have personally played with him for longer than that time and I have no doubt he has experience on our servers. Jaeger is also a pretty fast learner. After getting vip (which I convinced him to do) he asked how to use chattag once. He then had the command down and never asked me again. This is a very important trait (in my opinion) as the !admin command rarely works so we must rely on console commands. I have full faith in him remembering the commands with ease. I can confirm this as it is usually me Jaeger is also fun to talk to. He's very active on Teamspeak and I have never felt awkward being in his presence. On many occasions he as been a second opinion when spectating suspicious players and he is always looking to help out. He's a very fun guy to talk to and I have no doubt he will be able to resolve arguments and talk to rule breakers with ease. Overall, Jaeger is a great fit for a position on our admin team. +1
  6. [ACCEPTED] OSKsurprise's Admin Application

    https://stats.ban-hammer.net/playerinfo/374553 Not sure where you got your playtime stat but your actual playtime (according to gameme) is: 1 day, 06:50:41 hours I have seen you on AWP before and you seem like you really want the position. Plus the ban requests show that you are willing to help the community. +1
  7. I cant argue with your logic goose here have mod
  8. we have sex
  9. hbd shitposter 

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  12. [Combat] POiSON's Admin Application

    **Your steam ID is STEAM_0:1:153412138 btw** I think your app is pretty solid. I can get behind your experience and availability. The only problem is that you have failed to fulfil one of the application requirements but it's not too problematic: Your forum account must have 10 posts or more. Other than that we do need more admins with experience on retakes +1 For the mean time, add me on steam and let me know if there is someone cheating/being abusive and I will happily come deal with it. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Jithr Look forward to meeting you/seeing you around on combat!