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  1. can we actually bring it back
  2. Aircrafft would be good, good with a small amount of people and a lot of people
  3. how do i add colours
  4. wheres the colours
  5. i like how people who havent been on the server much or at all in the past 3 months are judging him. he's definently changed a lot before he ended up getting trusted.
  6. whats the point in the no recoil if you're already dead? as for prefiring you can be rushed, you can be naded out of position or the enemies might even retreat just to make you waste your ammo. you could prefire with the old negev anyways
  7. anyone with semi decent aim can kill someone in 10 shots
  8. yeah making the first shots complete random is definitely a buff.
  9. why nerf the negev there was nothing wrong with it before
  10. map was tested on the server but wasn't added for a few issues loud music you can't stop and vents were too op. think there was another one with being able to pixel walk out of the map and the deathcube being able to escape too easily i believe.
  11. You mean jailbreak day or actual day?
  12. Team collision rounds are the worst everyone just blocks eachother regardless if its against the rules.
  13. +1 before he does this again [Ban-Hammer.net] Vote Slay on Player Malala - going for admin has passed. fillipe is easily one of the most active players who knows the rules. hes easily matured since his last admin app
  14. +1 http://stats.ban-hammer.net/players/csgo10?type=total&range=3&x=13&y=9
  15. plugin already exists and i believe its free