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  1. BH Jailbreak's current state

    Dude. My feelings..
  2. BH Jailbreak's current state

    When was the last time you experienced the community that is Jailbreak? Creativity is very few and far between; almost non-existent
  3. I don't see how it's logical to say "No detours and delays/Rush" when, as Ross said, there aren't any ct's that want you to detour and delay an order.. It just delays the round when the inevitable argument takes place, where one side says that a warden didn't say rush, and the other says they did, which generally ends in an admin having to shut everybody up. It's a straight up nuisance that (In my opinion) has no place in Jailbreak. And yes, you could make the argument that it doesn't take any effort to say one other word, and that if someone is constantly slipping up on saying "Rush" then they shouldn't be on ct anyway; but the fact of the matter is, is that there are a shit ton of wardens, good wardens even, that will fuck up once and a while, and when you have that person that just loves to cause conflict that calls them up on it, and try to delay the round as much as possible, it just messes with the flow of gameplay. Just my two sense.
  4. [Multimode] Demomeister's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Considering I haven't ever played on Multimode, and I am not familiar with the rules of said server, I can't really comment on your knowledge of the rules or lack there of; but I can however comment on you as a person and your knowledge of the rules on the servers that I have played with you on. I have known Demo for about half the time I have spent in this community, and up there with Eye Ken, Demo is one of the more mature guys in the category of younger players; his track record isn't spotless, but it is very clean. He is always respectable and willing to help out the newer players, he knows when to have a laugh and when to take something seriously, and he has a great understanding of the rules in Jailbreak, and if his understanding of the JB rules is at all comparable to MM then I think he would be a great fit for an admin. Usually I would say that it would be a good idea to give him Trusted, but he has never given me a reason to think of him any lesser. I am very glad that you submitted an admin application, and it's a shame that it wasn't on Jailbreak, because I would have loved to see you as a Jailbreak admin, but maybe in another life. I wasn't really able to write as much as I usually would do or as much as I would like to about Demo, because my knowledge of the Multimode rules and server/server meta just isn't there, but I still wish Demo the best! -Jake
  5. jb_deepjungle

    Yeah, that shouldn't be too much of an issue, I'm sure I could find a workaround Edit: You can just make a logic_auto, and in the outputs: add, OnMultiNewRound, name of chicken, SetHealth, 99999 Also, the Trigger does dissipate if you kill the chicken. That'll make the chicken invincible.
  6. jb_deepjungle

    By default the trigger_hurt only affects players. So that won't be an issue. Edit: didn't read your entire message, ignore me.
  7. jb_deepjungle

    It's complicated, yet not.. You take a chicken, make a smartedit flag called "targetname", name it in the value area, then make another smartedit flag called "angles", make the value "0 0 0". Then make a func_movelinear just above the chicken, call it something, then parent it to the chicken, change the speed and move distance to 0. Then, in the smartedit for the movelinear, make a new flag called "parentname" and in the value, put the name of your chicken. The from there you can just parent anything you want to the move linear, like a trigger or a sprite or whatever. If I wasn't making any sense, just message me and I can explain it to you in teamspeak or give you the vmf to the test map I had made..
  8. jb_fallout

    I 'member this map.
  9. [Jailbreak] eye ken thpell's Admin Application

    I think you would make a fantastic admin; mostly because you are one the most approachable members of the server. Many other admins and trusted members, I feel have a stigma attached to them because of their friend groups or because of the likeability of some of them, and the people they hang out with ( <-defamation ;). But you are one of, if not the most likeable person on the server. You are kind to everyone, are always helpful and never refuse to do anything for the sake of your own personal enjoyment; it's always what will better the enjoyment of the others on the server (i.e refusing to give a special day because you don't want one. when the vast majority does), and I love that about you. It is definitely a +1 for me! Good luccc.
  10. [Jailbreak] Fishlings's Admin Application [DENIED]

    I would just like to start off by saying that I think that you are an extremely nice kid. You are always respectful to others and I love seeing that you actually enjoy helping out the newer players, even when said newer players are being toxic. You have an amazing sense of patience and appear to get along well with just about everyone on the server. That being said, I just can't see you at an administrative role in the near future... I feel sometimes you can be immature and have a closed minded outlook on situations and can be quite short sighted when it comes to people breaking rules; I feel you would give a friend of yours a free pass on a rule or two being broken, because he's a mate; I am most definitely wide open to the idea of being wrong on that, but that's just what I get off of you. I feel like you would crumple under pressure and start to use drastic measures to sort out a situation that is a lot smaller than (I think) you would perceive; which I think is an all too common example to give for why a younger person shouldn't be admin, but I do think that is the case... All in all I think that you would be more suited to being given the role of a Trusted member, because I just don't think you are ready to be an admin. But, just like in every case, thought I would say more so for you, I think you definitely have a future in admin'ing on a server such as this one! Best of luck to Fishlings!
  11. Bring back jb_bravo69

    Wasn't a huge fan of the map, but I would like to see some more mappage in the pool of already dull maps with not a lot of variety. +1
  12. Decompiling Maps

    I'm not putting secrets in impossible to reach places...Think of it as a game of chess; if you knew every move the guy was gonna take, it wouldn't be any fun! And it ruins the experience for people like myself, who love looking for the secrets to get the gratification of figuring something like that out. It's not very fulfilling if some kid tells you two days after the map entered the map pool, where all the secrets are and how to get to them... You see where I'm coming from?
  13. Decompiling Maps

    That's just a silly question. A map secret is something that a mapper puts in the map for the user to figure out and could possibly give a player an advantage. A glitch/ bug is something that isn't supposed to be in the map. It says in the rules that when submitting a map to BH, all bugs should be wrinkled out before it goes live. As for the surf map glitches, I don't play on those server/maps, so I am not sure, but if you can see stuff that you shouldn't normally see (i.e NoDraw Textures) then it is most likely a bug...
  14. Decompiling Maps

    I never gave an example to beat out decompilation, my example was for sharing map secrets, and that is what I was referring to in my previous comment. All it takes is a bit of common sense for someone to determine whether someone is talking about map secrets or map bugs... Isn't it a requirement to have a bit of common sense when being selected for an administrative position?
  15. Decompiling Maps

    There are multiple other rules that are very similar, and require some guess-work, such as meta-gaming and offline ghosting. Why is that scenario any different? I never stated otherwise, infact that's why I am making this whole discussion, because I want it to be against Ban-Hammer's rules, and so do many other people.