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  1. Now thats more like it
  2. +1 Nice friendly guy. Deserves a good shot at admin. Who will support your application? Bodes, Fillipe, eye ken thepell, Shitterlord, Little Scanlon, shortie...... Zengelf
  3. Help me with ct when i did something wrong. If he didnt help me they would have all kill me lol xD. But i haven't been on lately so its a neutral.
  4. +1 Cool Guy. Good Luck dude
  5. Cant wait to play
  6. I think this would be a good but do think it should be tested on multimode before having its own server
  7. Im having second thoughts. Seeing that in the chat was not a good thing. Boy or Girl. Black or White. Race. No one should be abusing another member. Sorry Demo -1
  8. @SaveTheSheep That is actually a really cool idea
  9. This is a cool map Tracy. Make it great!
  10. +1 Nice friend, Helps when he can. Always Respects all players. Edit: I have changed my opinion and have written a new post.
  11. I think this is a cool idea. Im just thinking is it a mini-game? Would it fit the server?
  12. @Dr. Kittens you didnt know? Oh... It has been going on for quite a bit. The new maps are the ones that are glitchy (New Surf_ski and Greatriver). The mini games courses have done that as long as i remember but it doesnt occur all the time. The invisable box in rebel i have heard of, but not seen anyone do. Not sure about bhop aswell...
  13. I would just like to add im not a sever developer but would really like to become one (@Dr. Kittens plz help c:)
  14. @Dr. Kittens Would we be able to set up a vote or something for the community? Edit: Poll Created
  15. @Dr. Kittens I thought it was a thing, I just was not sure. Would we be able to add it to multi-mode just to test to see if people like it for like 1 month. If no-one likes it or they do but dont think we should have it on Multimode (on another server) then we can take it back down. This is just a Suggestion.