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  1. [CSGO]Operation Hydra Extended

    My parents banned me from playing CSGO for 18 months, 4 weeks into the Operation. Can I get my money back? Yes I’m talking to myself... No I’m not crazy.
  2. Rules Draft

    Well that's the thing. If I were a new player and I wanted to be a shit head, I'd probably exploit what is not said. Then the community would have to go through the endless cycle of re-doing rules, stopping loopholes, making each jailbreak session into a death camp where you can get shot without fucking up, then the server number declines and we end up back here...
  3. Rules Draft

    Just fix the colour of this text. Rules seem fine. If guards leave gunroom, but forget to grab something, can they return? If so how many times are they allowed to return excluding chasing rebellious T's. I'm totally gonna be the shit of the community and find loopholes!
  4. [L4D]Left 4 Dead 2 - Update

    Assuming you are implying that the bot shouldn't have posted, The bot's name is "Valve" and he is literally giving us a news update. Your point is invalid
  5. What do you want to see next?

    More player models with big titties if the ffaDM has a vote system so we can vote for headshots only etc. that'd be fantastic. This one may make it feel more like mini games-->. and if a VIP was on, they can use VIP vote to switch on different power ups like, more armour on all players for 2 minutes for harder killing.
  6. Jailbreak Mapping Contest

    Was planning on learning how to make csgo maps over the holiday so I could attempt at making a Jailbreak map. Seems like this is good incentive
  7. [COMPLETED] Jb_battlements_final_1

    DM me the map secrets bossss!
  8. No need for me the re-state what everyone else has said. You deserve it heaps mate +1
  9. No Hand

    LOOK MOM, NO HANDS!! Common glitch ever since the glove update. Give it a few rounds...
  10. [Jailbreak] SaveTheSheep's Admin Application [DENIED]

    #PromoteTheSheep +1 should, can, and will get the job done.
  11. Tricking While Transporting

    Don't have much time so I'll just write quick. I love it as a T or CT. When I'm a T it's enjoyable watching so many being slaughtered when they make a mistake, even when I'm killed off I may get a bit salty, but I wasn't paying attention. Makes me more alert for next time. When I'm a CT it's very fun catching out those who do mess up. I guess its like simon says and even that game is a bit off when it comes to rules. Some orders a okay, and some a just downright horribly executed. (just like my essays I've given examples of good and bad when I'm supposed to be focussing on good.) please don't get rid of it ;-;
  12. Lighten, you're an awesome member of the community. Socially, you'd be fantastic for the less-than-popular community of Jailbreak. I've rarely seen your admining side (coz I neeeevvvveerrr break the rules). Honestly though you are an awesome dude and would be able to control a crowd when people get messy and start breaking rules. I was veering towards neutral but I genuinely believe a +1 is deserved for you Lighten. Just keep the banter light (pun unintended.) And I absolutely love the blue and orange theme. so MEGA +1
  13. Non Prewarn Server

    Oh okay. I thought it was like a replace the current one. Okay cool then.
  14. Every time I've seen the map crash is when a CT backstabs a T while they are both in the air
  15. Non Prewarn Server

    Purely my opinion, not trying to be a bitch. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"