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  1. Murder on multimode!? .
  2. G'day Guys! I'm not talking about the term itself, just the idea of having to say "rush to this area and button freeze". This question has been in discussion for as long as I can remember, personally myself I think that term should be removed as it just adds pointless arguments to the server by people saying "oh you didn't say rush when you told us to go to the bottom of the cell stairs". It just creates unnecessary bickering towards other members on the server just because he didn't say 1 word. The whole idea of having to say "rush" or "no detours or delays" in an order is just an inconvenience to me and is kind of unnecessary. It's like a "no shit" kind of situation. When the CT asks you to go to the location, of course the CT doesn't want you to delay or to detour around the area, so why does the CT have to say "rush" or "no detours or delays". I do not know a single CT that wishes a T to delay an order. This isn't a huge deal and has been discussed multiple times, but I just personally think this should be questioned again and we can also hear the opinions of the people that play on the server as well. I'm not asking for any change or for it to be removed straight away, but I just thought it would be great to discuss this topic with people from the Jailbreak community and see what their opinions are on this.
  3. I think that Michael would be a great admin! He has personally helped me and came to me when there is a person using macros, scripts and even walls, has helped with many ban requests over the last couple of weeks and has done well at it. He is a very active and respectful member on the forums and also on the servers, along with Chosen. The two work well together and it shows that Michael has a great understanding of what to do and not to do on the servers. Michael is easily approachable by any member in the community and I think he can do well as an admin even for his age. He has shown maturity and respect to the members into the community in a mature manner. Good luck with your application! +1
  4. Okay, from what I've read from this information I am okay with unbanning Turtle from this. Obviously Green is very busy and has been busy for a while so I cannot speak for him, plus there isn't any real footage or Demo's from what happened, but if what you had said was true then a permanent CT ban for this instance is a bit too much in my opinion, plus it has been a very long time since this ban. For now I will unban you from CT, but however if anything does come up with some evidence or anything like that, I'll have to talk with the other admins to see what will happen, but in the meantime you will be unbanned from CT. Just message me @turtle12345 when you're on the server and I'll come do it. Resolved
  5. Still doing uni as of now, stressing my heart out. Then looking for work and making my own music still.
  6. One of the biggest reason why I really do not like playing Comp anymore, hitboxes are fucked.
  7. G'day and welcome to the forums!
  8. When Eye Ken asked me to support him for his admin application, I immediately said yes to it. Eye Ken has always had a great attitude to the server for new and even regular players to feel welcome and at home on the servers by helping them with rules that players do not know in a friendly and mature matter. Eye Ken can handle a situation in a calm and open-minded matter to help fix any situation from both sides. I believe that Eye Ken would make a great admin with what he has shown to me as a trusted member and would fit the admin team perfectly. Good luck in your application! +1
  9. There are some very good ideas in this thread, but they might sound great on paper and not work practically (in my opinion), but i am very glad that this came up for discussion I am very sceptical on the ideas of the throwing knife on Jailbreak, maybe it can be a chance thing to a player? Just like how we had the suicide bomb implemented on the server (which was really great in my opinion), it might make things more difficult for the CT's though so I'll be 50/50 on that. I do disagree with some of the ideas here, like the ideas of having the betting system on Hungergames. Hungergames should be the objective to win the game and the reward for doing so is receiving a big amount of credits, the people who die on hungergames and bet receive credits doesn't feel right to me, as the people who won should feel rewarded. And as you said it might be easily exploited, good idea though! And yeah i do disagree with the !rsoptout making it non-vip for obvious reasons haha, but i understand your suggestion. Thank you also for adding the bugs to this thread, our admins will look into fixing them as soon as possible NOTE: to the people who just say no without saying why, please come up with proper criciticsm and explain why you don't agree with what Blobby said and not putting in a smartass answer to impress your friends. It's a SUGGESTION thread and Blobby is trying to SUGGEST new ideas that MIGHT work, and if you don't agree with what is said here that's completely fine, but please explain why and not look like a complete fucking twat. I've hidden the posts that added nothing to the original post. I'm not happy with people's attitude in this thread.
  10. Zach to me personally has grown so much over the last couple of months. If you made this application 10 months ago I would be neutral about it, but to me right now you would fit the admin team perfectly. I believe that Zach would make a great admin; always helping people out on the server with rules and does it in a genuin and respectful way. His knowledge of the rules is high, along with his activity on the forums and the server. Good luck with your admin application zach! +1
  11. Unfortunately you do not meet the requirements to apply for admin, these are the requirements: You must have a forum account that is more than 1 month old. Your forum account must have 10 posts or more. You must have more than 48 hours / 2 days of active playing time on the Ban-Hammer Server you are applying for. You must be 16 years of age or older to be considered as an applicant. If you are under 16 please read the Admin Application FAQ before applying. You need a minimum amount of 48 hours (2 days) on the server you are applying for to be considered. You do meet some of the requirements above, but the ones you don't meet are marked in red. You may apply in 3 months however. Here is some advice to help you if you wish to apply next time; Get more familiar with the community so that people can shout you and support your admin application Try to help other people out on the server in an non-aggresive or passive matter, to help people in the simple ways; give them tips, tell people the rules if they don't know Next time, ask a Director to support you in your admin application, any director can be approached if you wish to ask them to support you or not. Good luck in 3 months if you apply. Denied
  12. This is a very well written application! I think Mike Nolan would be a perfect fit for the admin team, for my reasons below: Mike Nolan has a great understanding of the rules Is respectful to members in the community Very active on the forums and on the server Responsible person to the server and enforcing rules to new or current players that are struggling with the rules MIkeNolan would be a great admin for the community and I would support this admin application all the way. Good luck in your application +1
  13. I'd be up for it! Might not do shots as I'll be completely smashed, but I'll take very large sips haha
  14. 101 xD +rep nice guy

    1. BananaKing


      +rep his laugh xD

      funny af

  15. I have had a very long thought about Brekkie's admin application and have been thinking of a response (also, sorry for me not answering your message on steam). I believe that Brekkie has a huge chance of becoming admin and I believe that Brekkie is an amazing person to the community. Sure he is young, but he is very active in the community and has a mature and light personality towards the community. Brekkie is always helping the community with suggestions, questions and ways to make the servers stronger and better. The thing that is on my mind about this admin application is I am unsure how you would handle situations under pressure if you could withhold it or not, that there is a time on the server where things go wrong and I am unsure if you could handle that kind of pressure. (I could be 100% wrong about this, I'm just giving out my thoughts and opinion). I believe that Brekkie should have a shot of trusted to see how things go, as I believe that you have a huge potention of becoming a fantastic admin to the servers. I am putting a neutral on the admin application, but it is almost leading to a +1, I might change my mind in the next couple of days. I am 90% sure that you would be a great admin, but I need to be 100% sure. However, I will be supporting you all the way of being trusted for now. EDIT: After reading all of the responses of this admin application and also reading your admin application over and over itself, I have decided to change my mind. I thought that the application was written out well as I do see you as an ambitious and determined person to handle situations and I think you deserve a small shot of it. +1 for admin or trusted.