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  1. I guess i better re-upload that vid...
  2. Best Forum Content: Changed the role name to "Team Leader". (Also, Hall of Shame video got removed for people being a bit upset about it, plus i thought it was a bit trashy and slack and didn't think it was that great of a video. If you want it back, let me know and I'll think about it.)
  3. Jailbreak Update

    You're an absolute legend Trusted, looking forward to JB.
  4. Destiny 2

    Was thinking of getting it, did it improve from the last game?
  5. [Jailbreak] Jordan's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    I think that Jordan has matured over the coming year on Ban-hammer and the servers and that Jordan would be a great admin. I have seen jordan trying to populate the servers and been trying to help Ban-hammer when the player base was fairly low and that shows how much he cares for Ban-hammer and the community. Jordan has a great understanding of the rules and how to have an open mind when it comes to certain situations and how to handle things fair. Jordan has been a great trusted member. Good luck on your admin app! +1
  6. [Jailbreak] Snapz's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    Neutral I believe that you have the capability of being a great admin and that I do believe that you have a great understanding of the rules and how the server runs. But however I don't see you as admin right now as I believe that you are a bit immature when it comes to certain situations and that you might not be able to handle them in a mature and fair manner. I also believe that you intend to be immature around your friends as well and that it might be difficult when having to use your admin powers on your friends when they do something wrong. Yet again I could be wrong about this and I hope I am. So for now I am personally saying neutral, good luck on your admin app! (Edit: +1 for trusted?)
  7. Come attempt a record on Mg_Courses!

    Can I have your autograph Zinger? <3
  8. Phase 3 Rule Poll

    I agree with Tig, it's either a full Yes or a full no to all of the maps. The problem with some of the rules that was current was "you can't do this but on other maps you can" (cannon for example), it should all stay consistent so we don't have nickpicky rules that made Jailbreak frustrating at times.
  9. [TTT] Kaz's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    There have been a few times where I have been on the server and Kaz has been on and I think that Kaz would be a great fit for the admin team. Kaz has been helping others and myself to populate TTT and always tries to do what is best for the server and what is best for everyone. I think the time that Kaz had been with Trusted has proven to me that he can control the server with the power that he had of being a trusted and that he can do a lot more when he gets admin. Kaz is very familiar with the rules and is a respectful member to the community. Good luck to your admin application! +1
  10. [Jailbreak] Goose's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    Goose asked me to vouch for him ages ago and I said yes that I would. Now that the months have passed...I will still say yes to Goose getting admin. I believe that Goose is a respectful member on the servers, Teamspeak and the forums, he is a very active member in the community and knows how things run in the admin role quite well. I think that he has the potential to run the server when under pressure and can keep things fair for everyone. He is well-known in the community and wants what's best for the servers (that's what I look for in most admin apps) Good luck! +1
  11. [Jailbreak] turtle12345's Admin Application

    Copy + Paste No. Nice meme though, r8 8/8.
  12. [Jailbreak] Lighten's Admin Application [DENIED]

    I am personally going to give you a neutral for this. My opinion is that "I don't mind if you get admin, but i wouldn't support you all of the way 100%". I do believe that you have some admin skills and that you have the ability to run a full server. You have been active on the forums and try to do what's best for the servers and for everyone, I like seeing that from you. I also love your activity on Teamspeak and how well you are involved with the community and being able to help anyone in anyway possible. But I think that your attitude to some situations can be handled a bit better and more calm. I'm not saying this with "beef" or "anger" towards you because that doesn't solve anything and gets nowhere, this is just how I see you (and who knows, I might be the only person thinking this and if I am I guess I'm wrong in that). I am just a bit sceptical on how you handle certain things and hope that you can handle criticism respectfully from other people, as people will judge you on certain actions you take (whether what you did was right or wrong, harsh or not so harsh, etc) and you gotta have a strong heart to handle those certain things and not fold under pressure. I am right down the middle, leaning slightly more to a +1, I would just like to see "more" I guess from you and how you handle certain situations. Good luck on your admin app though!
  13. G'day Guys! I'm not talking about the term itself, just the idea of having to say "rush to this area and button freeze". This question has been in discussion for as long as I can remember, personally myself I think that term should be removed as it just adds pointless arguments to the server by people saying "oh you didn't say rush when you told us to go to the bottom of the cell stairs". It just creates unnecessary bickering towards other members on the server just because he didn't say 1 word. The whole idea of having to say "rush" or "no detours or delays" in an order is just an inconvenience to me and is kind of unnecessary. It's like a "no shit" kind of situation. When the CT asks you to go to the location, of course the CT doesn't want you to delay or to detour around the area, so why does the CT have to say "rush" or "no detours or delays". I do not know a single CT that wishes a T to delay an order. This isn't a huge deal and has been discussed multiple times, but I just personally think this should be questioned again and we can also hear the opinions of the people that play on the server as well. I'm not asking for any change or for it to be removed straight away, but I just thought it would be great to discuss this topic with people from the Jailbreak community and see what their opinions are on this.
  14. [RESOLVED] turtle12345's Ban Appeal

    Okay, from what I've read from this information I am okay with unbanning Turtle from this. Obviously Green is very busy and has been busy for a while so I cannot speak for him, plus there isn't any real footage or Demo's from what happened, but if what you had said was true then a permanent CT ban for this instance is a bit too much in my opinion, plus it has been a very long time since this ban. For now I will unban you from CT, but however if anything does come up with some evidence or anything like that, I'll have to talk with the other admins to see what will happen, but in the meantime you will be unbanned from CT. Just message me @turtle12345 when you're on the server and I'll come do it. Resolved
  15. What Is Everyone Doing For School Holidays

    Still doing uni as of now, stressing my heart out. Then looking for work and making my own music still.