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  1. +1 person u can relie on and is always helpful. (bad a boujee)
  2. HE HAS 11 POSTS DEMO!! DON'T TALK SHIT OR ILL " First off, fuck your bitch and the clique you claim " +1 Man, always happy to see another Admin Application from such a really nice member of this WONDERFUL community we call our home. I'll stop being cheesy now, good luck dude you got my full support. <3
  3. Wheres the dislike button?
  4. +1 chill guy, never seen him do anything wrong hopefully you do get admin if not bad luck and hopefully you get trusted. PEACE
  5. +1 WAS the first person to ever talk to me, be friends with me, was really welcoming and he has taken care of me since the first day I came on the server. He has been an online brother to me, he is very respectful nice and caring. I don't know how he has stuck with me even tho I have argued with him and been a dick to him. he doesn't hold grudges I think haha, but on a serious note he done well as a community member done well as a trusted member and I am 110% sure he will excel in being an admin. RESPECT BROTHER
  6. +1, Really nice, mature and funny. Perfect for the job in my own opinion. GL bud
  7. +1. Is cool and generally a nice person especially on jb. stop abusing me fgt
  8. YEAH, bring it back.