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  1. @Malala The new negev now has extremely different uses. It makes prefiring an angle extremely worthwhile and is now the best weapon to counteracting rushes. The random shots is a worthwhile tradeoff for the little to no recoil after that stage IMO.
  2. Good to see that they removed the edited versions from competitive in order to avoid the fuckup that was the R8 launch.
  3. -1 for lack of skill. Literally the worst awper I've seen in a while. +2 for being a great trusted and deserving of the admin position on both servers. Good luck Chosen.
  4. Is the 2nd best trusted around, has a quick trigger finger so good admin +1 plz don't leave me u were here for like 2 weeks ;_;
  5. Shitter is helpful to me with dealing with general troubles on the server, would like to see him with some responsibility to deal with them himself xd. Easy +1 for me
  6. TTT too?
  7. Is active and friendly while on, enforces rules. The app is short but nevertheless but we need more active admins so it is a +1 from me.
  8. Isn't LR period at 3 people though? But it would be cool to see triangle beacons even if they would be somewhat pointless.
  9. Falchion Vanilla. Not much but looking to trade up.
  10. The problem is that there is little to no incentive to sit on an idle server waiting for people to join. You can sit on there for 10 minutes and nobody will join, or get a few who leave after a few rounds. With few players on, the game isn't as fun unless everyone on the server agrees to certain rules. (gentlemen's agreement eg. Deagles only, FFA) This is an issue that needs to be addressed as it really does reduce the number of people that join while server pop is low or idle. Alternatively, it's just because it's not school holidays as Robert has mentioned. But average server pop has fallen drastically from what I can tell from this time last year.
  11. this ThatRugbyGuy compilation??
  12. a working quidditch game would be mad tbh
  13. In-Game Name: Kazbolt Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:100690738 Age: 15 Server Playtime: 13 days, 20 hours. Which Server are you applying for? TTT Why would you like to become an admin? I have received permission from Broseph as I am under 16. I would like to become an admin for several reasons. First of which, to give back to the community who has given so much for me. This community has given so much and this is my opportunity to give back. Without the dedication of our admin teams I would have never have become so dedicated and passionate for these servers. Without the guidance of the admins I would have missed out on meeting all the people I know today. This is why I would like to join the admin team. I want to be the reason that new players stick around and become active members of our community. Especially as school holidays approach, the number of new players will increase. Enforcing the rules as well as ensuring the fun experience that kept me here is the most important role of an admin. I believe that I would suit the position of an admin for a few reasons. One, is that I always try to make myself easy to talk to and to approach. From the past year I have spent as a part of the community, I have learnt that this is essential for expanding the player base and ensuring a good experience for everyone. Not only do I believe that I am easy to talk to, but I believe that I provide the experience to put towards the role. I have experience with a large range of situations, ranging from metagamers to minor offenses and I believe that as an admin I could utilise my skill-set to benefit the community. I also believe that as a regular member of the server, my powers are extremely limited. To deal with rulebreakers I only have access to Ban Requests which can be time consuming and ultimately unnecessary, or the voteban system which is also difficult to correctly utilise. I believe that as an admin, I would be able to correctly and efficiently use my powers to maintain an enjoyable environment. I also believe that I will be able to effectively fulfill the role as an admin through my ability to listen. This is another essential part of being an admin, as it helps prevent a toxic playerbase. For these reasons, I believe I would fulfill the role of an admin. What time(s) do you normally play? 4pm-8pm most weeknights, 12pm-7pm most weekends. Most holidays I will play. Who will support your application? Malala, eye ken, Savethesheep, Zesty meme cafe, JAr JAr, Fillipe, Shitterlord and probably more who I haven't named. Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? None current. Are you familiar with Sourcemod? I am familiar with some basic sourcemod commands, but I am willing to learn more.
  14. ttt

    Expanding the map rotation isn't going to attract attention and direct more traffic to the server. However it would be nice to see old maps get fixed and then re-enter the map rotation, with the removal of underplayed and unwanted competitive maps. I also disagree with the skins, as from what I can tell from skins on the server atm is that they can cause frequent rdms, despite the rules to prevent it. But on server traffic side of things, a renovation shouldn't do much. Regulars will appreciate it, but I really doubt a larger map rotation or skins will have any impact on it. However, as a regular I would appreciate an expanded and revamped map pool, along with some additions to traitor and detective shops. Increase of unique would make the game feel more versatile. #bringbackskyscraperslayers