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  1. Hey all, I've been learning many aspects of SDK over the last couple of weeks and decided that I would make an AWP map and hopefully later develop a Jailbreak map. So what brings me here? I just wanted to get the awp community involved and want to know: A theme for the map A name for the map What you want in the map Other Suggestions Thanks for reading and I will post updates and looks for the map after suggestions
  2. I don't really know you well Micheal however, on the rare occasion that I do come on the AWP server I notice your activity and how mature you represent yourself to others. You are always willing to go out of your way and assist players when need be. +1
  3. Kaz Honestly, you deserve admin You have always been dedicated to the server making sure every problem is solved and making people laugh and have a good time on the server. I believe that with the limited powers you have, you have shown you are capable to be an admin so +1
  4. Just two rules that I need clarifying about With rule 2.13 (GUARDs may not break vents (Unless during a HungerGames or shooting PRISONERs). However, GUARDs can clear any open vents whilst completing their objective.) What do you mean by shooting prisoners as in guards are allowed to shoot prisoners they see in vents that will essentially break the vent? or when a prisoners knifing vent and a guard is shooting the prisoner and "accidentally" shoots the vent open? And with rule.(2.42 GUARDs cannot obtain 'map powers/secrets' until LR period. (eg. speed boosts, low gravity, ETC). This includes 'special grenades' that give you additional abilities.) Would that mean that guards can obtain map secrets whenever or are guards not allowed to obtain map secrets at all?
  5. So I made like a little document of all the suggestions put into the Jailbreak rules shown below. It would mean the removal of 13 ct rules and 3 t rules. I also included the reworded rule suggestions.
  6. In-Game Name: SaveTheSheep Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:105091633 Age: 15 Server Playtime: 12D:9H:14 Which Server are you applying for? Jailbreak Why would you like to become an admin? I would personally like to say thank you to the Ban-hammer community and staff (Trusted and Broseph gave me permission) for giving me the opportunity to apply for an administrative role on Jailbreak for the reasons provided below. I am so proud to be apart of a community that focuses on creating a inviting, supportive and cheat free environment. As a player on the server my ambition is to create this environment for not only the new players but regulars. This includes the small actions from stopping a mic spammer, to a player who needs clarification with the rules which I try to enforce when I am active on the server. The administrative role would provide me with the resources to strengthen the Ban-hammer environment and to stop those who abuse server rules. The main requirement of being an admin is to be mature enough to assist the server when a problem arises. I have made sure to report any bugs or rule breakers to admins. When on the server I make sure that things run smoothly and all players are happy, even under pressure I try to resolve the situation as quickly as possible to create a positive outcome. If I was to receive an admin position my objective would be to maintain the Jailbreak server in a respectful and mature manner to make sure the community is served fair and right while also making sure that each and every player are having an enjoyable time on the server. In the last year that I have been playing Jailbreak I try to be as active as possible with Team speak, the forums and Jailbreak itself. With being active on all three sources I am approachable and would be more than happy to talk to anyone who needs help or has a problem with the server. In this time I have prevented bullying from occurring, guided players in the right direction, enforced rules and made sure that the Jailbreak experience is entertaining and friendly. The Jailbreak server has provided me with friendships that have made my time on Jailbreak incredible and for that I want to take a lead and be a leader in the Jailbreak community. Thank you for reading and considering me for admin. What time(s) do you normally play? Monday-Friday 6pm-9pm generally Saturday and Sunday: 2pm-4pm 7pm-9pm Who will support your application? Bodes, Fillipe, eye ken thepell, Shitterlord, Little Scanlon, shortie, Zengelf, Chawkball Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? No Are you familiar with Sourcemod? Yes
  7. Does that mean the removal of the Lara croft skin!?
  8. +1 One of the most deserving person for admin
  9. Jordan, honestly, I've played the server for a while now and ever since I started you helping me and making sure I don't break rules, You are one of the best candidate for admin by far and I believe you will suck dick. Please understand that if this comes around in the wrong way I didn't mean to offend you. You enforce rules and from what I have seen from you as a trusted member you are very confident in how you enforce and demonstrate your knowledge. You are definently ready to step up to admin and if you don't I'm going to be very confused at the the directors especially broseph that silly ginger -1
  10. +1 Very good friend, easy to talk to. Definitely knows the rules. Always enforces them and is very active
  11. I think that we should just say on behalf on the Multimode community that we thank all the community directors who have given Multimode a second chance and putting in the time and effort to ensure that Multimode is entertaining and fun for everybody
  12. +1 everything has been said
  13. @Tig Old Bitties @Tracy Rip *removed the idea sorry
  14. Due to the amount of 'ideas' for special days, I decided to create/ base off other ideas special day ideas. Freeze Tag Objective(CT) : For CT's to freeze all prisoners before the time runs out Objective(T) : For prisoners to survive and out last the CT's before the time runs out How The Game Works: CT's are only allowed: Awp + Knife Normal Movement Speed No Grenades Immunity From damage (same as Hide And Seek) When the CT's shoot a prisoner it will freeze the prisoners in place until another prisoner uses a laser with the button e to unfreeze the prisoner. Additional Information: There are currently other servers how do have this but I was unable to find an available/ Public plug in FireDay *This has been copied from the Unlimitless Gaming Forum Fireday can be played with any numbers of players. An admin makes a vote for CT's. One Ct can be the "Fire Man". The CT that is choosen get's unlimited health by using amx_heal name 99999999. Evrybody will get godmode. Than the cells will be opened. All terror can hide for 30 sec. After 30sec an admin will put the choosen CT on fire by using amx_fire name. The CT needs to run to the terrors and try to catch them on fire, untill all the Terrors are dead. Have also played this before it is very unique, funny and entertaining. These are just some ideas and I understand a lot of people will find problems but there is always a solution. Thank you For reading Save The Shep
  15. If the ratio was 1 Guard to 2 Prisoners it could possibly create a lot of problems for the server. Even now with the ratio 1:3 there is still a lot of player who go on ct, who don't know rules, and don't listen to players on the server to leave ct which then results in an admin being !called. If the ratio was 1:2 there would be more players like this. The server was never unpopulated, this was just the transition for a lot of regular players from school holidays to school and I think many players have been buried with homework on the first/ second week of term and people haven't had the time to play, not that people have quited Jailbreak. I am agree that the server is becoming repetitive and all that but we just need people on ct who think outside of the box, who don't go by the same old. @Niloc is probarbly one of the funniest and fun ct's, whenever he come on to ct people have a good time and a good chuckle which is the type of ct's we need to keep the server interesting but a lot of people are scared to do this as they are scared they are going to get banned for doing something wrong. So if the cells are not open by 11:30 there will be no free day for prisoners but instead all the ct's slay? Would this cut out the Warden Menu feature meaning team games such as soccer could not be played? All in all this is just the questions I have if this comes into the Jailbreak server.