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  1. Here are the ban details. The website is called csgo.global @scaR
  2. +1 active enforces rules, great trusted, laddd
  3. I dont think it is an issue with the map, probs just the ct and t knifing issue or maybe just a coincidental vital plugin crash.
  4. @Anthonyy It would be worse for an admin to change everyone's POV. It's just the same as the director's "force name change" plugin, where it works individually but when they try to toggle all the servers name's and it just scrambles them into random things like jdpiajwdpw and iw9jd9wa. @Dr. Kittens :3
  5. 2nd best wow, DDTB. <3 I will always be here bb
  6. Thanks everyone for the support, I really appreciate it, I wish there wasn't a like limit 😀
  7. Very active, very mature, extensive rule based knowledge, great friend. Would be nice to see him in a trusted position. Anymore need to be said? Good Luck mate +1
  8. Recent change of mind for this guy. Watched him help new players an do his best to enforce the rules. Good luck man +1
  9. Ban evasion is a permanent ban on any alt you may be evading a current ban on.
  10. In-Game Name: Fillipé Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:157030070 Age: 15 Server Playtime: 15d 12:02h Which Server are you applying for? TTT Why would you like to become an admin? Firstly I would like to thank Broseph so much for giving me the opportunity to apply for admin as I am under 16, it means so much to me and I am very very grateful for that. The past 4 months that I have been with Ban-Hammer has been some of the greatest time I have ever had I've met new friends and had a heap of banter with my mates. Since my last failed admin application I have taken full responsibility of what I did and it has allowed me to gain a lot of maturity to help me have a larger insight on many different situations and how to solve many different problems. During my time as a trusted member I have discovered the challenges of controlling a full server. I have adapted to these challenges and have learn when and what the appropriate time and situation had to be for me to have to mute/gag slay/kick/ban a guest or member of the community. These skills are necessary for an administrator for this community to give justified punishment to any rule-breakers who come onto the server to ruin the fun for other members of the community. I always try to explain the rules to anyone who may be new to the community or may be in need of assistance. I always do my best to help the players of this community to ensure that all members are safe from being bullied and/or exploited , may it be on: TTT, JailBreak, Multimode, or any of the Combat servers. As many of you may have noticed, TTT had been 'dead' recently, so the past couple of days I have been getting onto the server as early as I can, even when there is 0 people on, just to get the server up and running. I feel I am very dedicated to the server and this may be because I care for it so much, I would never want TTT to shut down as it was the server that brought me here today. I ensure to whoever is reading this that I am very grateful for what this community has given to me and I would me more than willing and happy to return the favour. Thank you for having the time and consideration to read this application. What time(s) do you normally play? Usually every day of the week, on week days usually 5pm till 9 Weekends 12 till 10 Who will support your application? Bodes, Ace (sorry), Robert, SaveTheSheep, Shitterlord, Sn' Banter Brigade, Smally, RossageRoll, Goose, Eye Ken Thpell, NINETYEIGHT, JAr JAr, JW, K., Spodeyy, Sami, Korrith, Chopper. Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? Currently a trusted member on the Ban-Hammer TTT server. Are you familiar with Sourcemod? No, I have used the Trusted command panel though.
  11. There is already a Development Request up for this so this thread is not needed. Thank you for your consideration.
  12. Sorry, I am just giving my opinon.
  13. Not just being on everyday, I'm just saying that you should start posting more, like suggestions for the server, bugs/errors you may notice or just more posts in general. Sorry I should've clarified a bit more on my original post
  14. No doubt you are an active player in-game! Just try and get more active on the forums aswell, helps you get more involved with the community. Good Luck Sir! NEUTRAL
  15. A lot of people have been saying this was for a talent day, can you please elaborate on the situation at hand so we get a better understanding of why this was said @LateKO, thanks.