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  1. I agree with all of these maps, yea craftroom is already on the server. Also I would like ttt_minecraft_ub_a6 to added as it is a highly rated map whenever I put on a vote.
  2. Nice gravedig ur getting demoted lol
  3. +1 Enforces the rules without the use of powers, would be a good trusted. gl
  4. It looks like an awesome map @Sami, sorry I couldn't test it with you there were players on TTT and I had to stay there. Anyway, if you are testing it in the future send me a message and I'll hop on. Also, you may want to add labels to the buttons cause a lot can go wrong from that... IT EVEN HAS THE BH LOGO SO CUTE.
  5. -1 for obvious reasons as stated on his last application, you were also told not to make another one for a while...
  6. @Catch'''' @Malala has a version of canyon that is more fixed, if you or @Tig Old Bitties wanna talk to him about that then go ahead. Also, crummy needs alot of work before it is re added but I'd like to see it back, personally.
  7. Sorry dude, I'm not supporting the application and you didn't ask me if I wanted to in the first place, you do cause quite a disruption to the server and seeing as you have recently come off of a ban for being a general lemon, it's gonna be a big no from me, soz. -1
  8. Also, @NightHawk or @Tig Old Bitties can we go through princess terminal so you can fix the out of map boosts and the one where if you get boosted you die from the kill trigger. I understand if the map creator doesn't allow it It's a great map and people often request it, and as Ace said, can we add ttt_minecraft_ub_a6 as it has been fixed of the bugs and spawn glitches.
  9. good guy, helps out when necessary +1
  10. +1 active, knows rules, good luck comrade
  11. Aye my boi sheep, This guy 1000000% deserves a position of power on JB, this is due to his maturity and attitude towards the server. you better get admin or trusted. <33 +1
  12. I understand that Kaz but we recieve many complaints which are giving us a better insight of what people want, we want to provide for the majority community not individuals.
  13. the new admin command is very useful. the plugin that puts unidentified/alive players at the top of the score board is also very nice.
  14. TTT is going through a phase of "minor but major" updates at the moment and the player models may be removed. We are trying to enhance the TTT experience for everyone. Thanks for the concern Ladz.