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  1. good guy, helps out when necessary +1
  2. +1 active, knows rules, good luck comrade
  3. Aye my boi sheep, This guy 1000000% deserves a position of power on JB, this is due to his maturity and attitude towards the server. you better get admin or trusted. <33 +1
  4. I understand that Kaz but we recieve many complaints which are giving us a better insight of what people want, we want to provide for the majority community not individuals.
  5. the new admin command is very useful. the plugin that puts unidentified/alive players at the top of the score board is also very nice.
  6. TTT is going through a phase of "minor but major" updates at the moment and the player models may be removed. We are trying to enhance the TTT experience for everyone. Thanks for the concern Ladz.
  7. You are definitely the most suitable candidate for the admin position. You are one of the most respectful and mature people I have ever met on BH and as I have watched you perform your role as a trusted member I have acquired enough of a reason you give you this answer. You have improved so much and have a full understanding of the server and the rules that you enforce with the powers that have been bestowed upon you. I believe you have had enough time as trusted to step up to the admin role. Good luck mate. +1
  8. Clue
  9. WOOOOOOOT WE LOVE YOU Q4 Leaning in the direction of Gmod, I believe is the best solution.
  10. Neutral leaning to +1 is active enforces rules
  11. Neutral for admin +1 for trusted, enforces rules and is active
  12. Neutral leaning to +1, Active just needs a bit more time.
  13. +1 active enforces rules, great trusted, laddd
  14. I dont think it is an issue with the map, probs just the ct and t knifing issue or maybe just a coincidental vital plugin crash.
  15. @Anthonyy It would be worse for an admin to change everyone's POV. It's just the same as the director's "force name change" plugin, where it works individually but when they try to toggle all the servers name's and it just scrambles them into random things like jdpiajwdpw and iw9jd9wa. @Dr. Kittens :3