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  1. [Combat] ✪ Greifyy's Admin Application

    +1 pre cool dud, good candidate, enforces rules, giv him admin. Has a wife so knows how to handle problems
  2. [ACCEPTED] OSKsurprise's Admin Application

    After more review I have decided to change my stance on this application. Russell is a very friendly member of the Ban-Hammer community, he often helps people when necessary and is often alerting admins that a certain someone is interrupting the flow of the game. Good job mate and good luck. ( +1 )
  3. [ACCEPTED] OSKsurprise's Admin Application

    I believe the stats page is incorrect due to the fact that many people who play alot, only have 1 day pf playtime. I haven't had too much experience with you giving me insufficient evidence to give a rating. I will be watching you and will make a decision once I feel I have a basic understanding of what type of person you are and if you are fit for the admin position. Neutral..For now
  4. Hi, my name is Zing and I like to speedrun

    *in distance* Hey come back! I can't pass the FIRST STAGE!!!!
  5. [ACCEPTED] Jaeger's Admin Application

    https://ban-hammer.net/forums/index.php?/announcement/56-regarding-application-board/ A few people should read this before they comment..... Only Community admins and above should be commenting on whether or not the applicant has met the pre-requisites for being a candidate for admin. +1, Really nice, friendly guy, very active, reports hackers to me often, nuff said.
  6. How is his lyranx still working??

  7. Yeet

  8. Bad at application to get admin so im afraid im going to deny your application xD. DENIED *DAB*
  9. What do you want to see next?

    I've had alot of people tell me that they've wanted a FFA DM server
  10. [Combat] POiSON's Admin Application

    there are other players who are inactive who have more. BUT with that much playtime and experience, you would be a good candidate. (thanks for finding the playtime tho xeeno) From the time I've been playing on the AWP and Retake server I have noticed your maturity and you also pointed out a cheater to me which I banned NEUTRAL
  11. Jailbreak Contest Project

    @Raphi Message Q4, Kulin or Nighthawk about this
  12. [COMPLETED] Jb_battlements_final_1

    It's a great map with a lot of different map games, good job @Sami. Would be very exciting if this was added :D
  13. [Jailbreak] Snapz's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    +1 knows rules as if he made them, love this guy defs homo xxx
  14. [Jailbreak] Jordan's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    +1 dont know why he isnt admin