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  1. I've had alot of people tell me that they've wanted a FFA DM server
  2. there are other players who are inactive who have more. BUT with that much playtime and experience, you would be a good candidate. (thanks for finding the playtime tho xeeno) From the time I've been playing on the AWP and Retake server I have noticed your maturity and you also pointed out a cheater to me which I banned NEUTRAL
  3. @Raphi Message Q4, Kulin or Nighthawk about this
  4. It's a great map with a lot of different map games, good job @Sami. Would be very exciting if this was added :D
  5. +1 knows rules as if he made them, love this guy defs homo xxx
  6. +1 dont know why he isnt admin
  7. +1 of course, very active, good trusted and a good friend. gl dude.
  8. As Catch has stated, we will not tolerate map exploiting. Your first offence will be a slay and a warning, if you do it again with intent you will be banned to the admins' discretion. We are reinstating prop-surfing for your benefit, don't ruin it for yourself or other people for your own personal gain. Looking forward to seeing you all on the servers.
  9. -1 no effort in the app and only 11 hours on the server, if you play more and get more admins to vouch for you, you could have a chance in the future.
  10. Yes pls prop surfing is the best, we would have to work out a limitation to prevent exploits i.e. say bye to subway
  11. I agree with all of these maps, yea craftroom is already on the server. Also I would like ttt_minecraft_ub_a6 to added as it is a highly rated map whenever I put on a vote.
  12. Nice gravedig ur getting demoted lol
  13. +1 Enforces the rules without the use of powers, would be a good trusted. gl
  14. It looks like an awesome map @Sami, sorry I couldn't test it with you there were players on TTT and I had to stay there. Anyway, if you are testing it in the future send me a message and I'll hop on. Also, you may want to add labels to the buttons cause a lot can go wrong from that... IT EVEN HAS THE BH LOGO SO CUTE.