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  1. Map Progress So Far Green = Added Red = Removed Purple = Modified "Red Room" has limited teleport points, and added ladder where CT's can quickly counter rebels. Lighting is more consistent, and matches with the sun in skybox. Added more Cobblestone themed imagery, including castle towers, castle towers will be utilized as WARDAY, in later stages of dev. Now to the Important bit. Map Games... Map Games that will be added: Skipping Colours Climb Map Games that I'm testing: I reached out to @Lighten about map games. Lighten had some very unique map ideas, that I'll be using. They have never been tried before. I won't be unveiling them just yet, as they are still very broken. Screenshots aren't that impressive, Still early dev tho.
  2. Thanks Chawk, I 'll tell you how it goes. -Much love
  3. Map Progress So Far Green = Added Red = Removed Purple = Modified Added Medic Added Vents, which lead to "RED ROOM", Red room has teleports that can teleport the Rebelling Prisoner to places in the map, Rebel also receives Tec 9 with only one clip. Removed Police Car and Tank, since unsuitable for map aesthetic. Modified Main Cell Block, Cells. They now have appropriate props, such as Toilet, etc. Fire and Dead body in Broken cell. Added Disco with 5 songs, (Currently not working, "SDK cannot find mixer file") Thanks for all your suggestions and ideas. Do i create new posts or continue commenting on the original?
  4. MAP IN EXTREMELY EARLY STAGES OF DEV Here are the core map design aspects, It's going to be based loosely on the Cobblestone and Inferno (oldferno) aesthetic. So far I've completed the basic design of the Main cell block and Gun-room (I'm adding another floor to gun-room). Lots of Pillars and stoneworks. Plan on adding statues. I've brought this map to the forums because I would like you guys to help me with a name for the map Criticism and Critique Ideas for mapgames and last of all, help with a custom sky-box, using sky_camera. I make the sky-box but it always appears above the player and not to the side of the map. Thank You, All help and feedback is very appreciated, since I'm fairly new to SDK.
  5. +1 Why isn't he already admin yet.
  6. Avalanche isn't the best. What do you suggest we replace it with if it is removed? Also i suggest you should put up a poll to get the communities feedback.
  7. Sounds interesting, lots of prisoner autonomy, i like it.
  8. @Bodes is a  "a hefty young chap"

  9. +1 He's a very well established player in the community who is always using his initiative to improve the server.