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  1. [WiP] jb_lab?

    When you give me a file I can decompile, all of them are shite. I've had quite a few concerns about the corridor and I'd like to address a few things: The Flora is not clipped. Surf ramps on the sides for efficiency and speed. It's bigger than it looks, could fit about 4-ish T's side to side It will lead to: A P250 for Rebelling. Minefield, Wipeout and Colours. True, True. So in the main Cell Block I've added 3 Skylights to decrease the abnormal amount of lights, although throughout the rest of the map the lights will remain as a stylistic choice. Still would like a name for the map, The placeholder name currently is: jb_labrat Current progress: Complete Planned Bhop Main Cell Block Pool CarGame!!! Wipeout Medic Minefield Colours Roullette Disco A proper armoury Some more rebelling oppurtunites I have also added the Infamous Hunger Games, from JB_BATTLEMENTS which was a unique and great success among players who've played it. Disclaimer An amount of Map games and various things are borrowed prefabs, I'll be linking all contributors when I publish the map.
  2. [WiP] jb_lab?

    Have no clue Will add an intricate ventilation system that leads to the armoury and other key areas in the map. Yeah, it's a placeholder. Thanks Goose
  3. [WiP] jb_lab?

    The map is still in early development. Hello everyone, I'm currently creating a Laboratory themed map. As I did previously with Jb_Battlements, I will be referring to the BH community for your valuable input and suggestions, any critical analysis from early stages of development is very much appreciated. I'd like a name for the map. Any suggestions and critique Unique twists. Early Screenshots
  4. Best Admin Bodes Best Trusted Member Smally Best CT He's not on the list lmao Best T Trusted Best Abuser G00se Most Entertaining Player Turtle Best Forum Content Project Barebones, rejuvenated the server n shiet Best Overall Jailbreak Player Not on the list, again... Best Non-Staff Member Can we nominate ourselves?? Most Helpful Player SavetehShep Best Map Peanut There shouldn't be a nomination list imo, because there are so many dissenting opinions.
  5. Jailbreak Update

    A lil meme for ya'll https://www.gofundme.com/banhammer-electricglobal-appeal
  6. Jailbreak Update

    Lmao where's LateKo???
  7. Destiny 2

    Is it coming out on DSi?
  8. Hi, my name is Zing and I like to speedrun

    If this vid blew up it would be hella good for publicity for the servers.
  9. Rip Immunity #RoadtoProness

    Date Map Result Score VS team 17.03.2016 inferno lose 11 - 16 Virtus.pro 17.03.2016 dust2 lose 11 - 16 Virtus.pro 18.10.2015 cache lose 9 - 16 Renegades 26.09.2015 train lose 12 - 16 Dignitas 26.09.2015 mirage win 16 - 11 Dignitas 26.09.2015 inferno lose 12 - 16 Dignitas 22.09.2015 cache lose 5 - 16 Dignitas 22.09.2015 inferno lose 12 - 16 Dignitas 20.08.2015 cbble lose 8 - 16 Virtus.pro 16.05.2015 cache lose 2 - 16 EnVyUs 16.05.2015 dust2 lose 3 - 16 EnVyUs 16.05.2015 cache lose 7 - 16 Virtus.pro 16.05.2015 mirage lose 4 - 16 Virtus.pro 15.05.2015 train lose 2 - 16 Cloud9 15.05.2015 cache lose 6 - 16 Cloud9 15.05.2015 mirage lose 17 - 19 ex-Titan 15.05.2015 inferno lose 1 - 16 ex-Titan 02.05.2015 inferno lose 8 - 16 Liquid 02.05.2015 cache win 16 - 13 Liquid 02.05.2015 mirage win 16 - 14 Liquid
  10. [COMPLETED] Jb_battlements_final_1

    Jb_battlements_final_2 This new version addresses most concerns raised with the first release. There is a new vent that leads to armory, giving rebelling T's a wide array of options. All doors have been properly "lipped". (Wall glitch) I was going to address the gloomy lighting, but i decided that i liked it, it gave a rainy, sad and abandoned feeling to the map. It's an aesthetic choice. This version is also properly packed and all the textures and custom sounds will work (Hopefully). Its also in a zip file for @Goose http://www.mediafire.com/file/0vcad9b05nxrtso/jb_battlements_final_2.zip
  11. [COMPLETED] Jb_battlements_final_1

    I've tried fixing that multiple times. Did some study and found out what was wrong, will fix Simple, Will fix Jump through the tree, i will make an alternate route though, will fix
  12. [COMPLETED] Jb_battlements_final_1

    I contacted Kulin, but due to miscommunications it never made it to the dev server, so instead i compromised and hosted it locally with about 7 maptesters, they found bugs and helped alot. Sure, any time. Basic concept is: CT's hurl decoys at the T's who have their Hp set to 1 (By the map), though some "Favoritism" issues were raised I'm sure a creative warden can find a different use for the arena as it is multi-functional.
  13. [COMPLETED] Jb_battlements_final_1

    First Finished Release Due to political instability in Sicilly, an old castle was re-purposed, to be a prison... After nearly 2 months, Jb_battlements has been finished, it has gone massive idea changes and after thorough map testing, i have released the first stable version. I hope that if the community deems my map worthy it could potentially be added into the map pool. I have kindly asked @`Fillipé and @mikenolan if they could approve my map, and they agreed to. Introducing a brand new map game: DodgeBall -Colours -Climb -Wipeout -Dice -Pool -Disco: 4 Songs -Medic -Hunger Games -And plenty of rebelling spots... .bsp : http://www.mediafire.com/file/3x14tem55o2jo4s/jb_battlements_final_1.bsp .nav: http://www.mediafire.com/file/lnocs3mazywnl6l/jb_battlements_final_1.nav Radar files: http://www.mediafire.com/file/33l1ppfh24cn1ba/jb_battlements_final_1.txt http://www.mediafire.com/file/f87rqydreclulng/jb_battlements_final_1_radar.dds