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  1. Rip Immunity #RoadtoProness

    Date Map Result Score VS team 17.03.2016 inferno lose 11 - 16 Virtus.pro 17.03.2016 dust2 lose 11 - 16 Virtus.pro 18.10.2015 cache lose 9 - 16 Renegades 26.09.2015 train lose 12 - 16 Dignitas 26.09.2015 mirage win 16 - 11 Dignitas 26.09.2015 inferno lose 12 - 16 Dignitas 22.09.2015 cache lose 5 - 16 Dignitas 22.09.2015 inferno lose 12 - 16 Dignitas 20.08.2015 cbble lose 8 - 16 Virtus.pro 16.05.2015 cache lose 2 - 16 EnVyUs 16.05.2015 dust2 lose 3 - 16 EnVyUs 16.05.2015 cache lose 7 - 16 Virtus.pro 16.05.2015 mirage lose 4 - 16 Virtus.pro 15.05.2015 train lose 2 - 16 Cloud9 15.05.2015 cache lose 6 - 16 Cloud9 15.05.2015 mirage lose 17 - 19 ex-Titan 15.05.2015 inferno lose 1 - 16 ex-Titan 02.05.2015 inferno lose 8 - 16 Liquid 02.05.2015 cache win 16 - 13 Liquid 02.05.2015 mirage win 16 - 14 Liquid
  2. [COMPLETED] Jb_battlements_final_1

    Jb_battlements_final_2 This new version addresses most concerns raised with the first release. There is a new vent that leads to armory, giving rebelling T's a wide array of options. All doors have been properly "lipped". (Wall glitch) I was going to address the gloomy lighting, but i decided that i liked it, it gave a rainy, sad and abandoned feeling to the map. It's an aesthetic choice. This version is also properly packed and all the textures and custom sounds will work (Hopefully). Its also in a zip file for @Goose http://www.mediafire.com/file/0vcad9b05nxrtso/jb_battlements_final_2.zip
  3. [COMPLETED] Jb_battlements_final_1

    I've tried fixing that multiple times. Did some study and found out what was wrong, will fix Simple, Will fix Jump through the tree, i will make an alternate route though, will fix
  4. [COMPLETED] Jb_battlements_final_1

    I contacted Kulin, but due to miscommunications it never made it to the dev server, so instead i compromised and hosted it locally with about 7 maptesters, they found bugs and helped alot. Sure, any time. Basic concept is: CT's hurl decoys at the T's who have their Hp set to 1 (By the map), though some "Favoritism" issues were raised I'm sure a creative warden can find a different use for the arena as it is multi-functional.
  5. [COMPLETED] Jb_battlements_final_1

    First Finished Release Due to political instability in Sicilly, an old castle was re-purposed, to be a prison... After nearly 2 months, Jb_battlements has been finished, it has gone massive idea changes and after thorough map testing, i have released the first stable version. I hope that if the community deems my map worthy it could potentially be added into the map pool. I have kindly asked @`Fillipé and @mikenolan if they could approve my map, and they agreed to. Introducing a brand new map game: DodgeBall -Colours -Climb -Wipeout -Dice -Pool -Disco: 4 Songs -Medic -Hunger Games -And plenty of rebelling spots... .bsp : http://www.mediafire.com/file/3x14tem55o2jo4s/jb_battlements_final_1.bsp .nav: http://www.mediafire.com/file/lnocs3mazywnl6l/jb_battlements_final_1.nav Radar files: http://www.mediafire.com/file/33l1ppfh24cn1ba/jb_battlements_final_1.txt http://www.mediafire.com/file/f87rqydreclulng/jb_battlements_final_1_radar.dds
  6. [Jailbreak] Snapz's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    +1 Snapz is an enthusiastic and friendly JB player. He has a comprehensive understanding of the rules and I'm sure that he would make a capable Trusted/Admin
  7. [Jailbreak] Jordan's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    Massive +1 He's an efficient and mature trusted and i strongly believe he would suit the Admin role. Good Luck
  8. Jailbreak Contest Project

    This sounds like a fantastic idea, count me in.
  9. [Jailbreak] DiamondEdge's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Neutral I've had limited interactions with you. You seem mature enough, from what i have seen.
  10. Added.

    I believe that there is quite an abundance of such servers over in the east coast. Perth's 1v1 server is basically catering to the entirety of Perth. Though the server is dead, it has a huge potential, if someone found a way to revive it, Perth's 1v1 just needs some tender loving attention, that's all.
  11. [WiP] jb_battlements

    3rd Official Beta Release- 5/11/17 Map Progress So Far Green = Added Red = Removed Purple = Modified Added Dice, Dice is a mini-game where a ball is placed under a cup and randomly shuffled. Added Colours Added Connect4 Added Wipeout Added BHOP Added 3D Inferno Skybox Refined Pool and Disco Refined CT Spawn Refined Dodgeball Fixed lag issues Removed "Red Room" Teleports Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/Uuutv They didn't embed idk?
  12. Be Resilient. Take it easy buddy. <3
  13. [Early Dev] Awp Map

    I don't know much about Awp maps, but anything "Urban" would look sick, think garbage skips and big run down apartment complexes, etc. Well that's just my opinion anyway...
  14. TTT maps

    I know I hold an unpopular opinion but I really enjoyed ttt_CrummyCradle when it was in the map pool. It was fast paced and a lot of fun.