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  1. Decompiling Maps

    the thought of meridian being banned is appealing +1
  2. Bris LF Team

  3. "[To clarify: it is also not acceptable to provide players with custom models and/or weapon skins that do not exist in the CS:GO ecosystem]" RIP zombie mod?
  4. Server idea

    zombie server we had wasn't ZE or ZM, it was just a zombie riot server with players vs comps. +1
  5. [TTT] Praeda's Admin Application

    One of the friendliest and nicest guys I've ever played with. Would make an excellent addition to the Ban-Hammer administration team!!!! +1
  6. Wolfs admin application.

    During the limited amount of time I've played I've seen you as a pretty cool and collected player. Am still unsure about whether you have changed your attitude from the way it was displayed during the scamming controversy, but I do believe people can change. +1 from me. Best of luck.
  7. Roman's Skill Surf Applicationz.

    +1 reminds me of me when i was a young mod on TTT
  8. Some people don't want to spend $50 or just don't play enough so it wouldn't be worth it (like many of the people on JB/MM). If you own a nice skin, that's cool, you can show it off by having it equipped and standing out in match making, unless you bought it for the sole purpose of showing off in which case that's pretty sad. This entire thing is just for increased revenue by Valve anyways.
  9. Ranks?

    am LE will forever be LE rank before inflation was DMG
  10. Jailbreak

    Ignoring the belligerent recent behaviour and abuse of admins Jailbreak is a complex game, there's a reason it has so many rules. The rules you suggested removing just wouldn't work. Would T's just run around and not follow orders? It's not the our fault you got caught by some trickword or something, that's the aim of the game, to get rid of most of the T's and win the round. The community's already grown around these rules, new people join all the time.
  11. Tips on making it to LE

    complete lie im the best if u need a boost to DMG hmu $15 a rank
  12. Tips on making it to LE

    have you tried getting to DMG first?
  13. Ranks?

    was mge, gave up am not ranked atm