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  1. @Jaay Yes it is
  2. Would be helpful if the download was just one .zip file Edit : He liked it but its not fixed yet
  3. +1 you good, I don't have much feedback, except to not yell random shit over mic as dog said
  4. +1 knows the rules and has shown that he can control a server. He is likeable and it is fun to play when he is ct'ing
  5. @veX It's been an issue since Operation Hydra. Doesn't seem to fix itself
  6. It's only been a month and a half since you became trusted, and I don't think that's enough time to judge how well you would be in a staff position -1
  7. @Trusted @KULIN I think this is for you
  8. @Cloud ☁ Jump off top of lighthouse on Island -> surf on one of the rock ledges -> backstab victim -> still 100hp
  9. Edited with poll
  10. Because 4Head Admin best Admin
  11. If you do each image individually, not in an album
  12. Looking at your chatlogs, you abused a lot of players on at the time, and him throwing a flashbang at you is not an RDM and is not worth a slay, let alone a !call You also have 10 sourcebans prior to this one, and looks like you haven't improved
  13. Don't those count as props, and could cause fps lag, probably not the greatest thing for an awp map. i dont really know though, I'm not an sdk guy
  14. Theme: hentai Name: awp_98 whats in the map: pretty self explanatory other suggestions: lots of hentai
  15. Free DLC? Catch 4 EA CEO