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  1. Rules Draft

    @veX I would imagine it is the same as it originally was, so the answer would be yes 2.3 should be - GUARDS should have a working and clear microphone
  2. @Eza What the heck you like it but dont give it man
  3. I deserve moderator i have been apart of this club since day 1 and i am an old school member and im retarded staff so please thanks
  4. Jailbreak Mapping Contest

    @Jaay Yes it is
  5. [COMPLETED] Jb_battlements_final_1

    Would be helpful if the download was just one .zip file Edit : He liked it but its not fixed yet
  6. +1 you good, I don't have much feedback, except to not yell random shit over mic as dog said
  7. +1 knows the rules and has shown that he can control a server. He is likeable and it is fun to play when he is ct'ing
  8. No Hand

    @veX It's been an issue since Operation Hydra. Doesn't seem to fix itself
  9. [Jailbreak] SaveTheSheep's Admin Application [DENIED]

    It's only been a month and a half since you became trusted, and I don't think that's enough time to judge how well you would be in a staff position -1
  10. Jailbreak Contest Project

    @Trusted @KULIN I think this is for you
  11. Edited with poll
  12. Because 4Head Admin best Admin
  13. [WiP] jb_battlements

    If you do each image individually, not in an album
  14. [EXPIRED] Lopez Tai's Ban Appeal

    Looking at your chatlogs, you abused a lot of players on at the time, and him throwing a flashbang at you is not an RDM and is not worth a slay, let alone a !call You also have 10 sourcebans prior to this one, and looks like you haven't improved
  15. [Early Dev] Awp Map

    Don't those count as props, and could cause fps lag, probably not the greatest thing for an awp map. i dont really know though, I'm not an sdk guy