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  1. +1 good trusted, active knows what hes doing
  2. +1 for admin knows rules always doing right thing on server
  3. Knows the rules well. I see you on trying to re-populate the server when no players on. But could work on confidence like xeeno said. +1
  4. ye prop surf is hell gangsta on lighthouse but shouldnt be slayable but shouldnt be encouraged
  5. In-Game Name: Fastest Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:146766336 Age: 16 Server Playtime: Roughly 14k min Which Server are you applying for? Jailbreak Why would you like to become an admin? I think i would be a great addition to the admin team i have recently been very inappropriate but i am ready to change my actions if i got admin. On jailbreak i see a lot of rule breakers and people ruining other peoples jailbreak experiences and i hate it i want to change this and be able to help. I also want to help with people like when there is 5 people on and no ct and we are stuck in cells i would like to noclip out and open cells and make the server a more enjoyable place for people to play. I know all the rules back to front and even tho i have been banned a couple times and i do regret these mistakes it was all because i thought i was addicted and couldn't stop myself from playing and since i will start playing again with my addiction why not put it into good use and help the server out. I have a lot of friends on the server that like me and support what i do, i am very friendly and donate credits when people need it. I ct frequently and love the ban hammer community. I think i would be a great admin who would make the server a good place and so do these well known players as well - TKFROMDOWNUNDER, Yung Mud,Kingzy, Malala What time(s) do you normally play? I play all days and on weekdays i play usally about 5 to 9(NZD) and on weekends i'll be on in the day if others on or mainly around 6 to 10(NZD) Who will support your application? TKFROMDOWNUNDER, Yung Mud,Kingzy, Malala and myself Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? Yes i have admin on many mine craft servers where i had to lay the ban hammer on lots of abusing and hacking players. Also i have been a trail trusted on a 1v1 server on csgo mythical which is now dead. Are you familiar with Sourcemod? No but i am eager to learn and hopefully i will in the near future