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  1. [ACCEPTED] OSKsurprise's Admin Application

    With how little you come on the server Michaeltheboy11 i dont think you should comment on anyone's app +1 for this guy tho , i have had the last 2 weeks off work so i have been on the combat servers a lot and Russel is on the server more than the current combat admins and he can spot the hackers , im saying this because of what happened the other day , im not going to say names but i was on the awp server while an admin was on and there was also a waller on at the same time , now i noticed but the admin did not , the admin left after about 30 mins on the server and never noticed he was playing with a hacker , i got another admin to come on and ban him , We need admins that are willing to be watching the players , not just waiting for someone on the servers to tell them to do there job. Russel does enforce the rules and help people if he can but you can only do so much when you are not an admin
  2. [Combat] POiSON's Admin Application

    -1 I know for a fact a lot of players don't like you on the retake server because of your attitude , you get pissed off and irritated at people for small things . It is a community server people go there to mess around and have fun , until you change your attitude towards the other players i will stay as -1 , the amount of hours on the server means nothing if you have a bad reputation .
  3. Added.

    awp _ Pocu needs to be removed , just crashes the server when loading map and lego fort you can get out of the map so needs to be fixed
  4. Added.

    Dropping some of the less played maps and adding these maps would good even if its just a test run to see if the players like them or not.
  5. [Jailbreak] The fastest man alive's Admin Application [DENIED]

    -1 , You cant say you will change if you get Admin , that is not the way it works , you need to be a trusted and respected player that follows the rules and helps others before you even apply , It was only a few days ago you came on the awp server spamming music over the mic the second you joined , so its a hell no from me
  6. [Combat] Chosen's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1 , Has done a good job as TRUSTED and i think he is ready for admin on the combat servers
  7. why do I get the kick??

    ghosting while in spectate , i think that is worth a kick
  8. [Combat] Master's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    @Tracy If you played the combat server you would understand why im trying to push the topic , My own benefit hmm if you had taken the time to play on the server and get to know me like everyone else has then you would understand how stupid that comment sounds
  9. [Combat] Master's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    Well its looks like the community has finished commenting there opinions about me and my application ......... so who gets to slap the ACCEPTED or DENIED on my application
  10. [Combat] Master's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    Im sorry that some people see this as im being forced to apply , Trust me when i say i can not be forced to do anything if i do not want to . i did not apply sooner because others had already put there application in for Admin so i did not see the point if other active players were going to be looking after the combat servers and sorry if it seemed like i rushed my application , i have always been a man of few words and say what is needed and not just talk for the sake of it .
  11. [Combat] Master's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    i have been on everyday since i made an account on the forums , can not see how that is not active ?
  12. In-Game Name: Master Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:26167775 Age: 27 Server Playtime: 572 hours Which Server are you applying for? Combat Why would you like to become an admin? Let me start of by saying that Broseph ( Community Director ) asked my to apply for admin and that i did not have to wait the full 30 days or have the 10 posts on the forums . I em the most active player on the awp server and i have seen a lot of hackers come and go without being banned because there was no admin , my only reason for applying is simply to stop that from happening . Just having an admin on the server will stop a lot of people from mic spamming , ghosting and delaying . I want to help keep the awp server friendly and fun for all that come online ...... Guys i must say you need to lower this 300 words on the application like im trying to drag this out so it has more words but im running out of things to say its really not hard to say why you want admin in less then 100 words. What time(s) do you normally play? 7 days a week after i finish work , any time from 2pm until 11pm Who will support your application? Broseph , Eza , Queeno , VelxinOne , Bodes , Chosen , Binnzy , Michaeltheboy11 , salar_elite , Naga , SovraxiS < i could list a lot of players on the awp server but i dont know if they have a forums account so i will just leave it at that . Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? Yes i do , I use to run a GunGame server on CSS for about 2 years Are you familiar with Sourcemod? yes

    sorry guys , i forgot i had my profile on private , got sick of scammers trying to add me , you should be able to have a look now
  14. Losing Knife Bug

    we get this on the awp server too , does not happen much and we still have the sounds , you just cant see awp or knife

    be real guys , the karambit is worth $320 and the butterfly $200 but mine is worth more with the amount of fade it has , looking for an awp Madusa