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  1. [Combat] ✪ Greifyy's Admin Application

    +1 A charismatic, friendly dude who I believe would be a valuable addition to the highly illustrious combat admin team. He would greatly service the Admin teams ability to provide moderation of the combat servers.
  2. In-Game Name: Jaeger Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:22731636 Age: 23 Server Playtime: 04:59:03 hours (has reset multiple times) - written by Eza Which Server are you applying for? Combat Why would you like to become an admin? To help in the operation of the AWP server, which is regularly going offline, or has no one able to admin whilst other admins are away. I also regularly find myself having to contact admins in order to remove hackers and rule abusers, I believe that with my time availability I can deal with these cases. I also want to aid in expanding the community through promotion and engagement with users on the Servers. What time(s) do you normally play? All Week, 9am - 2am Who will support your application? Meli, Jithr, Master, Eza Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? L4 Servers. We ran the most popular Battlefield 3 Rush server, and multiple Conquest and Rush servers for Battlefield 4. Our community died after the poor launch of Battlefield 4. Are you familiar with Sourcemod? Yes