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  1. [Combat] ✪ Greifyy's Admin Application

    Really swell guy! Great fun to play with on the server. Friendly with all players and helps out where ever he can. +1 xx
  2. [ACCEPTED] OSKsurprise's Admin Application

    Lovely person to play with. Engages with all the players on the server in a really friendly way. A few times you've messaged me about hackers and such on the server when i haven't been on which shows that you care about the community and want to see the servers stay clean and fair for all. +1 for you xx
  3. [ACCEPTED] Jaeger's Admin Application

    Really nice guy, comes across quite mature. Would love to see what he could do as an admin on the server. Availability is fantastic! Exactly what we need for the server. Many times he has messaged me about people on the servers breaking the rules so he has shown he is keen to keep the community clean. I think he would make a great addition to the Combat team! +1 xx
  4. What do you want to see next?

    yaaaaaas FFA!!!!!
  5. New map bug

    This is a @KULIN issue
  6. I'm sorry i don't know anything about the problem you're having. Good luck with sorting out your issue xx