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  1. What do you want to see next?

    Honestly i think BH should start branching out into other things that aren't CSGO i've been sinking all my hours into Squad https://joinsquad.com/ http://steamcharts.com/app/393380 The games super small at the moment but it's a heavily committed community with very few Australian servers, i think Ban-Hammer isn't doing enough to capitalize on it's name. CSGO isn't the game it used to be & i'm seeing more & more people i know from TTT & across the OCE gaming scene in Squad, the player base tends to also be older and more likely to donate & support their favorite server. Just my two cents, i think CSGO has mostly run it's course.
  2. No Hand

    if it's the same bug then that "should" work or at least it did some time ago. Always verify your cache and ensure you have the required textures
  3. No Hand

    Picking up a weapons & swapping between the two should fix, always verify your game cache with issues like this because you might me missing a texture
  4. Tricking While Transporting

    Wasn't it just added in again like due to a poll or something? if i'm remembering correctly. then this just screams of salt & people complaining when the warden decides to run a tight ship? from my understanding the current meta of Jailbreak is >Open cells > Move the Ts somewhere > maybe play a map game & kill them, when i played for a little bit it was the same old same old with every single person wardening? i'd honestly like to run some rounds like i used to way back during my super nazi days, if i did that & didn't get instabanned for "being too nazi" you would see people begging for the old rules back. the TL;DR is People are impatient & don't know what they want, they are also unable to grasp the concept of stepping away from your computer when you die to do real life shit. Kakashi misses going to !LR right out of cells because people decided to test the "Button Freeze" order by moving thinking i would not kill them. Do whatever you feel like, i miss the old JB.
  5. [TTT] Avex's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Everyone is always changing damn names. i was very confused but always a +1 for .comrade
  6. Phase 3 Rule Poll

    So, can i chip in my opinion on map guns? I personally agree with @55coby55 RE:Hidden guns v just map guns. CT's should be able to move or "clear" most guns, does no one rebel by bhopping to a CT when they're not paying attention? guns that are in minigames, stuff like surf etc should remain there because they require some effort for the Ts to get, guns that are just laying around the place should be allowed to be move, if you look at jailbreak at it's core it's a "prison RP" & in Prison RP the prisoners don't just walk into a room & find an m4, from what i saw with jailbreak it's just rinse & repeat with what the wardens order & no one seems to change it up due to either not knowing how or being afraid of dying if they don't follow the steps. Honestly i'm looking forward to giving CT a go again once the rule set changes. -pls no ban my nazi ass- all above is just my opinion
  7. Project Bare-Bones Phase 3

    @dog it was more or less an add on to the current rule, primary's would remain kos under the current rule, this would just give CTs a way to get Ts to remove their secondary's & kill them if they refuse even if they have it holstered
  8. Project Bare-Bones Phase 3

    i'm going go go through the rules one by one & list the ones i think should be changed or removed Guards 2.0 "Cells must be open by 11:30" this should be changed to 11 to give more time for the guards to orient themselves & it should stop people from making a sound that is basically four sentences swooshed into one & everyone just doing what's muscle memory 2.9 "Guards must allow for a minimum of 5 seconds for prisoners to exit their cells, before closing cell doors" I think this should be upped to 10 seconds because it seems that jb players can't count, also accounts for lag etc. 2.16 "Guards can shoot a prisoner holding their primary on sight, or if they're shooting a secondary" should be changed to guards can request a prisoner disarm & remove any primary & secondary weapons failure to do so will be classed as rebelling 2.27 "Guards cannot kill prisoners after the round ends, as it would be considered a freekill" The rounds over, if you're that uppity about stats you're playing the wrong gamemode 2.35 "Guards cannot trick prisoners in any way when transporting prisoners across the map" it is your job as a prisoner to pay attention to the active orders, it's a little finicky at the moment because it sounds like every warden is eating a big ol piece of garlic bread every time they give orders but it'll work. 2.36 "The warden cannot use trick words outside of games" this should be removed for the same reason above 2.40 "Wardens cannot give orders that apply for the whole round, excluding orders regarding beacons / markers / bullet shots or knifing / breaking vents" This should be changed i think no orders at all should apply for the duration of the round because it encourages lazy wardening the only thing i'd be okay with being a round thing would be a statement such as "Prisoners found knifing vents or attempting to escape cells will be shot" something along those lines. I believe the jailbreak game rules need to be changed too. Ill start with bullrush Remove the rule "Guards are not allowed to stab, right click" & replace it with something along the lines of "the person playing the bull can only use left or right click, they cannot use a combination of both. The Warden can specify a time period for either click to be active or make them change after x deaths I'd also re-word it or change it so spot the #### & the Trust game can be played with more then 4 people, this would be done by having multiple games going, where all games are paused until the warden attends the game. Simon Says "Simon cannot give orders which will persist in future simon says orders " excluding default positions" This should apply to all, once you set a default it's the default for the game no changing it. i'm also not a fan of stringing orders along until it's as convoluted & complicated as a hipster cafe "Simon cannot give more than 3 specifications for 1 single order" See above "Simon cannot refer back to a previous default positions" Also see above "when simon states a new default position" once again see above" That would be your fault though because you auto pilot ran to a beacon instead of waiting for orders, the issue here isn't with the rule existing or being removed the issue is with you. Take it on the chin & enjoy your time waiting until the next round to get up & grab a drink or stretch your legs. if that makes you salty you would hate to see me warden. I mostly agree with Cloud here, with the exception of Wardens having the complete each & every order being removed as it stands people just make sounds that are meant to be sentences because they either are following a script or they don't have enough time to get orders out, when i played yesterday or the day before most of the wardens lacked confidence in what they said & hardly got it out in understandable English. "New Rule: Unproficient guards may be swapped off at the admins discretion. there would obviously have to be a guideline to that, e.g. 3 failed rounds due to the same guard, etc. nobody wants to spend 1 minute outside of cells then restart the round 5 rounds in a row, and this does happen a lot at times." +1 for LateKO i like this addition & think it would be nice, if you really do plan to bring it back the server would require more direct admin oversight & assistance. -Editing a post i already posted so i can't quote properly soz fam- "Rebelling t's must actively hunt the guards, this is upto admins discretion. there have literally been rounds where an afk t is in cells camping while they're the last t alive. it's annoying and prevents the flow of gameplay. if someone wants to play map games without interruption they can load the map offline and do whatever they want." Personally i am against the above, if you are a T and you are rebelling you can do whatever you want really. I agree with Robert on "2.41 GUARDs cannot remove/interact with guns placed around the map excluding gunroom. They may be removable after a PRISONER has interacted with it and/or in LR period." i remember the days of getting your fellow CT's to clear guns from the map before cells opened.
  9. [Jailbreak] LateKO's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    i didn't leave a +1 or a -1 as they generally mean nothing apart from serving as a community popularity contest. making statements about someones age & their ability to mentally process things doesn't make me harsh, it makes me a realist, i'd take a less optimistic 20 something over a kid most days of the week, there can always be exceptions. Sure, it's an ok staff application with terrible color coding, this doesn't show maturity. i tend to believe the opposite, the more stress you put on young people who are "trying to be mature" the harder it's going to be for them in real life, this is a video game community & you should not force yourself to grow up just so you can hold a position of power. Everyone can learn & retain information at any age, you should be keeping up with school & filling those heads with useful shit & not made up community rules. Honestly, over all i think you believe being a staff member for Ban-Hammer to be far more important then it actually is.
  10. [Jailbreak] LateKO's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    Everyone's staffed Minecraft servers oh lord. You mention sometimes you get mad & can't control your temper well, given your age this is sort of normal it's important to note that video games are just video games & if you need to you're able to step away from the computer. Something you'll have to note is that when you are staff you'll attract a lot of "friends" who only want to be friends with a "staff member" so they can attempt to gain favor, i believe due to your age if you experience this it'll impact you in a rather large way. you generally mature with age but i'm glad to hear you're making an active effort, your playtime is standard & sustainable which is good. Going to repeat what i posted on Lightens admin application because it generally applies to all new applications. "I'm going to be ignoring playtime since as others have noted jailbreak essentially became the same thing over & over due to rule restrictions & with Trusted & Bare Bones project all the rules would essentially go out the window, for the reason above i'm going to value someones gut & ability to communicate & maintain flow. " most of my concern sits with your age, as i say above in the quoted section without the explicitly detailed rules, you need to have a gut you can trust & the firmness to put your foot down when people try to find a way around the rules -it's not written in the rules so it's okay!- if you encounter that you should pimp slap the person saying it with the force of Q4's forehead, because it's stupid & lead to the extensive rule list we have today that has been said puts many players off.
  11. [Jailbreak] Lighten's Admin Application [DENIED]

    For once i actually agree with trusted, this shit hurts my eyes. I'm going to be ignoring playtime since as others have noted jailbreak essentially became the same thing over & over due to rule restrictions & with Trusted & Bare Bones project all the rules would essentially go out the window, for the reason above i'm going to value someones gut & ability to communicate & maintain flow. I don't think I've ever seen you in game -mostly my fault, i hardly ever play jailbreak- but the above is still relevant for people to think about when writing their own comments / Trusted finally picking staff. I did enjoy some bullrush or "shark bait" -basically bullrush in the swimming pool- so you get points for making me remember fond memories, i think your hearts in the right place & i like that. The times you normally play will be unsustainable as you get older, i'd consider changing them so you can better cope with real life things that pop up, i don't recognize many of the names on the "who will support your application" & i guess that's good & bad, good because "new" players for BH bad because i get a little sad about some great friends no longer being part of the community. i believe your prior admin experience in minecraft to be irreverent due to the pace of CSGO being much higher then MC, also given your very limited time as Trusted i'm very skeptical to throw you into the deep end with so much banking on the server given BH's current state, however i believe your hearts in the right place & with the right guidance you'll make a great addition to the staff team. Soz for super long post Also pls no more orange
  12. Do you remember me Kakashi senpai? I'm here to haunt you for 1337 content count

  13. BH Jailbreak's current state

    Long before your time young pleblord.
  14. BH Jailbreak's current state

    Hold up mates, how about you know, you make your own fun? nearly all of the fun times i had with jailbreak had been user led, the shitty tower game who i honestly cannot remember made, (honestly a great creative warden can do wonders, i'd come back but i'd honestly get banned for being "too nazi") get creative, i can understand if you feel maps to be stale because you've played them quite a bit & that's a fair call but honestly you create your own fun.
  15. Gun Game

    I'm assuming they mean CS GunGame, classic fast paced quake inspired GunGame. That was some good shit, i'd really love a custom GG gamemode, small speed boosts when you level up & quake sounds for kills & such please, fuck i might die from excitement.