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  1. i didn't leave a +1 or a -1 as they generally mean nothing apart from serving as a community popularity contest. making statements about someones age & their ability to mentally process things doesn't make me harsh, it makes me a realist, i'd take a less optimistic 20 something over a kid most days of the week, there can always be exceptions. Sure, it's an ok staff application with terrible color coding, this doesn't show maturity. i tend to believe the opposite, the more stress you put on young people who are "trying to be mature" the harder it's going to be for them in real life, this is a video game community & you should not force yourself to grow up just so you can hold a position of power. Everyone can learn & retain information at any age, you should be keeping up with school & filling those heads with useful shit & not made up community rules. Honestly, over all i think you believe being a staff member for Ban-Hammer to be far more important then it actually is.
  2. Everyone's staffed Minecraft servers oh lord. You mention sometimes you get mad & can't control your temper well, given your age this is sort of normal it's important to note that video games are just video games & if you need to you're able to step away from the computer. Something you'll have to note is that when you are staff you'll attract a lot of "friends" who only want to be friends with a "staff member" so they can attempt to gain favor, i believe due to your age if you experience this it'll impact you in a rather large way. you generally mature with age but i'm glad to hear you're making an active effort, your playtime is standard & sustainable which is good. Going to repeat what i posted on Lightens admin application because it generally applies to all new applications. "I'm going to be ignoring playtime since as others have noted jailbreak essentially became the same thing over & over due to rule restrictions & with Trusted & Bare Bones project all the rules would essentially go out the window, for the reason above i'm going to value someones gut & ability to communicate & maintain flow. " most of my concern sits with your age, as i say above in the quoted section without the explicitly detailed rules, you need to have a gut you can trust & the firmness to put your foot down when people try to find a way around the rules -it's not written in the rules so it's okay!- if you encounter that you should pimp slap the person saying it with the force of Q4's forehead, because it's stupid & lead to the extensive rule list we have today that has been said puts many players off.
  3. For once i actually agree with trusted, this shit hurts my eyes. I'm going to be ignoring playtime since as others have noted jailbreak essentially became the same thing over & over due to rule restrictions & with Trusted & Bare Bones project all the rules would essentially go out the window, for the reason above i'm going to value someones gut & ability to communicate & maintain flow. I don't think I've ever seen you in game -mostly my fault, i hardly ever play jailbreak- but the above is still relevant for people to think about when writing their own comments / Trusted finally picking staff. I did enjoy some bullrush or "shark bait" -basically bullrush in the swimming pool- so you get points for making me remember fond memories, i think your hearts in the right place & i like that. The times you normally play will be unsustainable as you get older, i'd consider changing them so you can better cope with real life things that pop up, i don't recognize many of the names on the "who will support your application" & i guess that's good & bad, good because "new" players for BH bad because i get a little sad about some great friends no longer being part of the community. i believe your prior admin experience in minecraft to be irreverent due to the pace of CSGO being much higher then MC, also given your very limited time as Trusted i'm very skeptical to throw you into the deep end with so much banking on the server given BH's current state, however i believe your hearts in the right place & with the right guidance you'll make a great addition to the staff team. Soz for super long post Also pls no more orange
  4. Do you remember me Kakashi senpai? I'm here to haunt you for 1337 content count

  5. Long before your time young pleblord.
  6. Hold up mates, how about you know, you make your own fun? nearly all of the fun times i had with jailbreak had been user led, the shitty tower game who i honestly cannot remember made, (honestly a great creative warden can do wonders, i'd come back but i'd honestly get banned for being "too nazi") get creative, i can understand if you feel maps to be stale because you've played them quite a bit & that's a fair call but honestly you create your own fun.
  7. I'm assuming they mean CS GunGame, classic fast paced quake inspired GunGame. That was some good shit, i'd really love a custom GG gamemode, small speed boosts when you level up & quake sounds for kills & such please, fuck i might die from excitement.
  8. Honestly i see where you are coming from & i understand it but i disagree with you completely & think the idea won't work. Introducing short term "Trial mods" with the intent of attempting to make the community understand what being a staff member is like & how stressful it can be would just introduce new issues. I understand wanting them to be "Hand picked" but the role is basically a very quickly expiring "taste" & that just adds a lot more work for Current staff & Directors.
  9. Trusted is "mod" as i understand it there is no "Mod" & "Admin" For sourcemod, only "Admin" Trusted is basically mini admin with restricted powers.
  10. I urge you to give the admin application requirements post a read through How do you feel that you'll be an asset to the multimode admin team? In the multimode section of the linked post it states you must have "Significant community support" you've listed "no one that you know of" under who would support your application. I'd be curious to hear about your previous moderator or administrator experience, was it in CS using sourcemod? I'm also a little confused as to how you can "maybe" be familiar with sourcemod
  11. Legitimately this. Fuck this so much. Honestly it's kinda funny having played TTT when it first came to BH & seeing all the different sets of people forming their own little communities within the gamemode, people will come & go, play different things or lose interest all together, communities are always fluctuating with a constant flow of new people joining & old people leaving or becoming about as active as that potato you forgot about in the back of your cupboard. Fun fact, it's never actually about the video games. it's about the people you experience them with so don't be a cunt & try to have a good time.
  12. ttt

    TTT as a gamemode just loses a lot of it's replay-ability if you're playing with randoms, it's much like murder in the sense that the enjoyment comes from playing with friends & honestly nearly everyone i knew doesn't seem to play anymore hence why i don't really play anymore.
  13. Welcome to the forums ^-^
  14. I have no doubt that you meet the requirements & i understand that awp is your favorite server but Combat admins cover more then one server. You assume admins are unwilling to jump on the server to sort out issues, in most cases i believe this to be incorrect if you post in the shoutbox or do !call an admin will come. in regards to cheaters all servers have demos, you are well within your power to make a ban request. Admins have lives too, don't toot your own horn claiming you'll be super active because the role takes a toll & everyone needs time off. "Rising up the ranks of BH" Personally i don't like this at all, nothing wrong with it from a neutral standpoint i just don't like it. Which Gmod DarkRp server did you staff on? Also don't use the term "fag" it's not nice, furthermore don't try to make yourself sound more adult by shitting on games with a high population of young players. Neutral because i haven't seen them in game at all Slight edit, i've been informed that only Zombie, TTT & JB have demos please ignore any comments relating to demos, users are still able to capture evidence of hackers via recordings on their client-side
  15. I'm moving house tomorrow & won't be able to play until worst case the 21st will also shit talk Brandos for being a Mong