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  1. [PUBG]Highlights

    Yep Esports ready
  2. [ACCEPTED] Chooniey's Admin Application

    +1 Active player, tries to help everyone and like RWBY
  3. TTT

    Hi Dinked, I see where your coming from. I can try my best to be on weekends between those times, but due to me having a full-time job I will not be able to get on at those times during weekdays.
  4. [ACCEPTED] Bodes's Admin Application

    Sorry I'm gonna be that guy. -1, for I have seen (now I know that isn't much) you are only truly serious about your role when you or a mate is the victim and don't when a random person is the victim. Just an opinion, no hate.
  5. [ACCEPTED] brand0s's Admin Application

    I completely agree with Slasher here. You try your hardest to help the staff but sometimes you yourself can be breaking rules.
  6. Then there won't be any admins, hell Nighthawk and Q4 having it is bad enough.
  7. [TTT] Mumblesxoxo's Admin Application

    Lets just say a couple of people weren't very happy with my activity. If was like a break-up where they are both like, yeah this isn't working anymore.
  8. [TTT] Mumblesxoxo's Admin Application

    Well I asked for it last night and Q4 was like "Sorry did you just ask for Director?" So I have a feeling I'm gonna have to take director just for the TTT server.
  9. In-Game Name: Mumblesxoxo Steam ID: STEAM_ Age: 21 Server Playtime: Old member Which Server are you applying for? TTT Why would you like to become an admin? TTT. It was the birthday of Ban-Hammer and was the game where I meet Q4. I made many great friends when Ban-Hammer released a TTT server for the 2nd time, just to name a few, Trace, Tabby, Lanthios, Kakashi, Watson, Muffins, Pickles, This guy named Nighthawk (don't know him that well I swear), this guy named Brendan and JJ the one that doesn't speak. I want to help others create the same memories I had. What time(s) do you normally play? When Archeage and Work isn't taking over my life. Who will support your application? Hahahahahaha I believe there might be a couple of people Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? Naaaa just Director Are you familiar with Sourcemod? Well we know a did very little on JB
  10. [TTT] Praeda's Admin Application

    +3 Old member.
  11. [TTT] Praeda's Admin Application

    Why is this not closed???? Clearly a yes. +1
  12. PUG Signup

    I'm in
  13. CSGO Comp Tournament

    Im in
  14. DiamondEdge's Admin Application

    DiamondEdge, on this occasion you have been unsuccessful. Although you are a well known member we feel that you could improve yourself to more reflect becoming an admin.
  15. Piglets admin Application

    Whilst having full support on your admin application by the community, the management team are still unsure of weather you fit the requirements to be apart of the administration team so at this time you are unsuccessful. We hope that this doesn't effect you opinion about Ban-Hammer. I hope to see you around.