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  1. jb space map

    need people to test and review for improvements and shit, still not complete but around 70-80% done. https://www.mediafire.com/file/q3r5ok6c3cdp3al/spacemaptest.bsp it has .nav in the map, set sv_airaccelerate 1500 or use this sv_cheats 1; sv_infinite_ammo 1; sv_grenade_trajectory 1; sv_grenade_trajectory_dash 1; sv_grenade_trajectory_thickness 1; mp_roundtime 60; mp_roundtime_defuse 60; mp_restartgame 1; bot_kick; mp_roundtime 60; mp_warmup_end; sv_airaccelerate 1500 kthanks
  2. Jailbreak Contest Project

    🤔 Money u say
  3. Mangaroons Prison | Ideas and Feedback

    Updated Main Post.
  4. Jailbreak Rules

    UPDATED RULES SNAPSHOT 2nd MAY 2016! THESE RULES ARE FOR TESTING, THE TESTING PHASE WILL LAST 2 WEEK TO SEE HOW THEY GO. ( THESE RULES MIGHT BE CHANGED IN THE COMING WEEKS ) Guard/Counter-Terrorist/Warden (CT) Rules 2.32 GUARDS cannot play First Reaction or Simon Says during ANY day. Prisoner/Terrorist Rules (T) 3.0 PRISONERS may not purposely kill each other (using things such as jump rope, etc.) unless instructed (such as pressing buttons on deathrun, controlling a car).
  5. Jailbreak Map Voting

    I agree 100% and I would also like to see that 2 and 3 removed or not bound to a map vote.
  6. [JailBreak] Angelina the Wog Cat's Admin Application [DENIED]

    You haven't even ask me if I wanted to support you or not, but instead you just post my name up there. Can you please take my name off. - gReeN
  7. Jailbreak Rules

    UPDATED RULES SNAPSHOT 29th APRIL 2016! Guard/Counter-Terrorist/Warden (CT) Rules 2.7 GUARDS orders must be clear and must allow for reasonable time (eg. 3 seconds) for completion by PRISONERS, while any reasonable requests for a repeat of orders must be adhered too. 2.12 GUARDS can only play map games which are exitable at any point in time during the LR period, this is when all T's are in LR's. 2.14 GUARDS may not break and enter any vents (UNLESS IT IS DONE DURING A HUNGER GAMES DAY OR ZOMBIE DAY). However, GUARDS can follow a PRISONERs into the vent to clear that vent. Guard's may enter a vent ONLY if the vent is open. Deliberate camping of vents/teleporters (in and out) is not allowed. 2.26 GUARDS must order lone PRISONERS by name. You must have sight of a player to order a lone PRISONER, you cannot order PRISONERS on a FREEDAY. 2.28 GUARDS cannot plant/give guns to Prisoners, unless it is needed in game situation (e.g guntoss). This includes guns without ammo. 2.45 WARDENS cannot give orders that apply for the whole round, excluding orders regarding beacons/markers/bullet shots or knifing/breaking vents. 2.46 GUARDS are ONLY to use their left click (slash) for all special days, excluding Zombie Day and Hungergames. 2.47 GUARDS cannot remove/interact with guns placed around the map excluding gunroom. They may be removable after a PRISONER has interacted with it and/or in LR period
  8. Mangaroons Prison | Ideas and Feedback

    Updated main post. - gReeN
  9. Mangaroons Prison | Ideas and Feedback

    When i get to making it i will explain it in better detail, but i was thinking of having it so its pressed activated only or having it that only CT's will be able to press the buttons at the start of the map then lets say 2 mins into the round T's will be able to activate the button.
  10. Mangaroons Prison | Ideas and Feedback

    Good Idea about moving soccer around so I have more room to place the map games and I can always add soccer in the new area. The 3D skybox I probably wont be adding one but i will look into it and see how it goes. I might put a poll up and see what people think about adding guncell back, but the Texture atm will not change due to the fact that it will take me a VERY LONG TIME to change them. Never really thought of this but i will try it out and see how it goes. I can add the CZ and probably remove the P90 due to the fact noone uses it. Can easily add the R8 and I already had the thought of removing the Dak Dak and the Negav. Also about being able to grab the Dak Dak through the medic wall it was never meant to be like that. The Wall Crusher is a different version of Jaays one and the Shape dodger is something like this: Not sure what you mean about the current Dak Dak being unfair for t's? and I probably will be adding Trivia back UPDATED MAIN POST - gReeN
  11. Hello there i'm going to add more areas / games to the map and just wanted to see what would need changing and what you guys would like to see in the new update. What I have Planned: -> Adding an Easy and Hard "modes" on Climb -> Adding more traps in Maze -> Adding 1 more trap in Race ( and fixing the pink laser ) -> Changing Wipeout and Skipping speeds and adding Auto to them -> Adding an Easy and Hard "modes" on Cannon -> Something in Disco -> More guns in Gunroom ( give me ideas what guns you want ) -> More Secrets -> Might be adding a teleporting system where the cage is. ( Teles to different areas and/or might tele you to a map game ) -> Changing Lr room to a Warday Game am adding to new areas: -> Slide -> Air Strafe -> Hole in a Wall -> Drop Down -> Wall Crusher -> Run Crusher ( the one on banteroonies ) -> Bhop -> Laser game -> New LR area -> Fun cannon Example of what i'm trying to achieve : If you any suggestions or ideas please post them here so I can get an idea what you guys what. ps. I might change the disco music so pm music you might what but please keep the posting to map ideas and not just music links. Updated: 17-4-2016 | 10:41 PM Community Ideas: -> Moving Soccer around to make room for map games -> Making pole to see if people want the gun cell back -> Adding the CZ and R8 -> probably removing the Dak Dak and Negav -> Adding Trivia back -> Might test to see how the 3D skybox and Night version of my map goes. Updated: 23-4-2016 | 11:22 PM New Ideas / fixes -> Updated map layout -> Adding "Tele Systems" around the map so you don't have to walk for 2+ minutes to get to somewhere -> Adding more Medic around the map as well -> Just having one "mode" for Bhop instead of having multiply because of the brush limit increasing Updated: 3-5-2016 | 8:40 PM So I have added the new area to the map to see if it would compile (Thank Jesus himself it did ) and to finalize the new area, Adding details, Props, Paths, Secrets, and what not. Added more Screenshots so you can have a look. Things to do: -> Update previous map games and fix some. -> Making Tele System to help the player base move around the map easier. -> Adding more medics around the map -> testing (Probs will invite people so dont even ask to test because i will not even invite you) Screenshots : Slide Airstrafe Hole-In-A-Wall Drop Down Wall Crusher Bhop Crusher Moved Soccer Laser Game Overview (UPDATED) - gReeN
  12. Thank you from all my heart @gReeN i hope to meet you on the Awp server. I play only weekends

  13. New Map Showcase

  14. Warcraft Source Server?

    I would love to see something like this be made, the only downside is the amount of work you would need to put into this. Making custom classes and what not if you were going to do a VIP system.