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  1. Lens Flare's Admin App

    +1 Lens Flare is responsible and understands the rules fully and i think he would make a wonderful asset to the Ban Hammer community
  2. Mango`s admin application ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I can't wait to see mango admin on ts +1 he forgot some important credentials: -Best fruit 2012 -Most liked openly homosexual community member -Not actually real but a figment of gReeN's alter ego
  3. ph00n's admin application (from when i come back from china)

    +1 Great detail and effort shown in this admin application and he is very active in the forums
  4. Lens Flare's Admin App for when I come back from LA

    This is your steam id STEAM_0:1:63343290
  5. Crazybean Admin Application

    Roman, we all know you are secretly a silver elite master
  6. Crazybean Admin Application

    Aw shucks Rossage, so kind :3
  7. Crazybean Admin Application

    Alias In-game: Crazybean Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:40958126 Which server I am applying for: Jailbreak My Server Playtime: 7 Days 03:16:10 hours I am at least age 16 or older: I am turning 17 on January the 13th Not abuse admin abilities: I'd never abuse admin because doing so ruins the experience of the people inside the server and would probably get me instantly banned. Follow the server rules perfectly: I try my hardest to follow the rules and slay when a mistake is made, I also try to help other people when/if they get the rules wrong. Not giving friends 'special treatment': I will never give friends special treatment because, as previously stated, it ruins the experience of everyone. Be active on the forums & the server: I am quite active on the forums and the server having 7 days total time in game and also having a almost two month old forum account with 27 forum posts. Do you have a clear, working microphone: I do have a clear and working microphone. Which players on the server/forums would vouch for me: Mango Meridian Roman Ab Green & others Why do you want to be an admin: The reason why I want to be a admin in the jailbreak server is during those times after 10:30 or before 5pm there are sometimes no admins online and people start to free kill and break the rules, with admin I could take the appropriate steps to enforce the server rules and generally help the community. With admin I can also help the server by giving suggestions and helping new people who join the server. What time(s) do you normally play: In the holidays generally any time however, during school times I can be on anytime from 4pm - 12am. Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience: I have been a admin and moderator on a couple of Australian pvp minecraft servers. Are you familiar with using Source Mod: Not entirely but I can learn.
  8. BH Competitive Tournament

    I wouldn't mind joining
  9. CT and Warden overhaul

    I honestly think that most of the problems currently occurring in jailbreak could be solved if there was a CT whitelist, i am sure this has been mentioned before and i have talked to Green and Rossage about it. Think about it, the cts must be approved by a admin and they can investigate whether or not a person is suitable to be a warden. The whitelist will prevent random people going into ct without a mic and/or mass freekilling people. While this may reduce the amount of players coming onto the server by 5% give or take i think it will increase the quality of the server thus attracting more players or even giving incentive for people to stay. That's just my opinion though, i used to play on a server called DTK in css and the whitelist worked fine. Any more suggestions would be welcome
  10. Peace's | Admin Application

    Peace is a great guy, definitely would love him as a admin. He's kind and can control the prisoners without yelling into his mic.When he is confronted about free killing he always apologies and tries to compensate via slaying. +1