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  1. Rustycraft is the shiznat over 13k subs its perfect More lego and mine craft because why the fuck not 😉 In reality lego is 95% always a hit cause the texture packs are so limited and not much work needed
  2. Rustycraft #1 only map needed
  3. Updated to Version 8 View change log for * New * additions
  4. What have you done wrong on the server to cop this action
  5. Version has been updated to V5 with the following fixes + add's Ramp Texture changed Removed spawn points " Nighthawk will Add them via server " Added a Hidden Deagle that takes roughtly 450HP damage to get it
  6. Here is a map ive made for the awp server, Its a minecraft based theme " i know another minecraft map " The map has no advantage for either side. It does have, Limited Hide spots Above and Under sections Scouts on the roof x2 Hidden Deagle * New * 27 CT & T spawn points * New * Reworked undergound with every block breakable * New * Overall its a good map to play on Workshop Link - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=857340869
  7. Title: [H] STEAM GIFTS [W] CSGO SKINS Description: After buying my new pc i was given some Intel codes that gives me some steam games for free Part of the JW computers & intel starter kit program im looking to trade these games for csgo skins Found here Starterpack.intel.com Far Cry 3 - http://store.steampowered.com/app/220240/ Ashes of the Singularity - http://store.steampowered.com/app/228880/ Warface " $20 worth of in-game content " World of Warships - New users receive $25 worth of in-game content World of Tanks - New users receive $25 worth of in-game content
  8. You basically have, Applying for admin you have 33.3% chance to get Denied 33.3% to get Trusted and 33.3% Chance to get Admin Either way Ill support you in your endeavor to get Staff on awp server.
  9. I would love to +1 your application as i have seen you many times on the server doing well i think i've only had an issue with you once in the whole time i've played with you. But i do believe that you would fit Trusted before Admin, I'm only saying this until you get the feel of how the role of a staff member works then soon after follow onto Admin roll instead of being thrown into the deep I'm sure either way if you get admin or trusted you will be a great asset Trusted +1
  10. How good are they @Blur
  11. BLUE About 60ish % blue could be more Wear: 8.844% INSPECTION https://opsk.in/i/dt9du Im just wondering what this could be worth. I didn't pay market value. As you can see
  12. you have no signs in that area? that ain't loading correctly.