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  1. +1 great admin material tbh
  2. MoSt rELiaBlE adMin

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Spodeyy


      CaN I eAt yoUr ASs

    3. Softdrinks


      only if u joe connor dick and say mike oxlon

    4. zach
  3. Every time I see him on awp, he's been a charm. He even stood up for me when I was getting shit talked on (lol). All the best +1
  4. +1 love this guy! Very helpful and would like to see him on the team.
  5. Immature and also same reason on Late's app. -1
  6. -1 same reason with Late's app
  7. Late mate, like the other Trusteds, I don't think you guys are ready for a promotion to admin yet as you've recently received the role of Trusted meaning I haven't seen how well you guys cope with your roles yet. -1
  8. keen for murder. hell yeah
  9. +1 Top bloke and chill guy.
  10. Pretty chill and nice bloke, completely changed from a dickhead he used to be, but I don't feel like he deserve admin yet. I was thinking more of giving him the Trusted role. Neutral
  11. +1 Good knowledge of rules, someone I had been seeing as admin material for a long time
  12. Hey! I know you're keen on updating us with your work, but please keep it to one thread instead of posting another. (Great work btw)
  13. Known sabre for ages. I never see any negativity in sabre, he's always chill and willing to help. Pure admin material in my eyes. I honestly would like to see him on the admin/trusted team. Goodluck +1
  14. say it to ab's face I'd like to see a wide variety of map games, possibly making up some new map games. Climb/surf/bhop is getting pretty boring ay.