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  2. As shitterlord as mentioned above, you do not meet the requirements to apply for admin. Your application will be denied. Do not make another admin app until you do meet all of the requirements. Application Denied.
  3. Clearly you don't know the rules enough to reapply. You will be post banned for 4 months for making another app. Application denied and User Forum banned for 4 months.
  4. Based on your recent ban history, my personal observations and your 1 post, I am strongly denying this application. You MUST ask permission to have members support your application and show you are willing to help others without breaking any rules. You may be able to apply again after you have followed the criteria, and have shown the community a different side. Application Denied
  5. Ive fixed this. Resolved
  6. Congratulations KAZ, WE DID IT. Welcome to the TTT Administration team! With your recent Trusted experience, you have gained enough skills to handle a fully loaded server with all its glory!
  7. As rossage has pointed out, you have blatantly copy pasted another members admin request. You are here by banned from making an admin app for 6 months. Denied
  8. Which doors?
  9. Not sure why this map was never added into map pool. (Maybe precache limit a while back) Its fine to be added imo. We should look into all the maps we put aside because of the precache.
  10. Currently with population of servers going up and down, this would effectively kill BH-JB. When we started up we considered which type of JB would be better. Non prewarn and the current configuration were our two options, Clearly the current setup would be better and it has been for the past few years and we don't want to change something that has made this community rise upon others. Making this a special day will cause even more problems that there already are. We would have to make separate rules for a game mode that is just a nerfed jb. I see this as a server killer and a pointless idea. NightHawk Co-Founder of Ban-Hammer Community Director
  11. Sorry we will not be proceeding with your application at this time. Your application lacks detail and consistency that we require from applicants. Thank you for applying and we hope you do better in the future. Good Luck
  12. 4 days was a bit harsh but it was all of a sudden, i will reduce it to 2 days (1 more day from now) Ban Resolved
  13. Eat me http://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/LQznd6
  14. Nice Googleing Anyway updated it, was weird prices weren't showing up :S http://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/dptm3F
  15. MichelinMan, That doesnt have the prices for the case/gpu/psu/OS